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My Mister, First (Week) Impression

A suspected wasp freaks a female employee in a construction firm office which draws everyone’s attention. Except Lee Ji-An (Lee…

In Search of A Missing Day — Youn’s Kitchen Season 2

When the Maths doesn’t add up, it’s probably not a Maths problem. It’s an editing problem.

That ‘Journey’ Flavour — Kang’s Kitchen (tvN, 2017-2018)

‘Kang’s Kitchen’ brings that distinctive ‘Journey’ flavour to the table of drama, comedy, and variety.

Currently Waiting for “Kang’s Kitchen” Where The Boss Eats More… (premiere Dec. 5)

As the Journey continues with its spin-offs, the premiere of “Kang’s Kitchen” draws near. And at last, a preview and trailers.

10 Films in 2017 I Want To See

2017 may turn out to be quite an exciting year since a number of favourite directors’ works will see the light of day this year. I am even more thrilled that there is only one superhero film in this list.

Currently Watching: August 2016

What’s in store in august? At the moment, I don’t have anything specific in mind. There’s the usual catching up with korean dramas and japanese dramas I’d started some weeks ago. New dramas will start in august, but let’s see if any catches my attention.

Currently Watching: July 2016

A little note on what I’ve been watching in July 2016…

The “Rational” Yours TrulySignal (시그널, tvN 2016)

I could not help musing about the aspect ratio used in “Signal”. Is there a significance to it?

Profiling “Criminal Minds” and Getting Out of It

After a marathon of Criminal Minds from season one to ten, all I could say is this: thank goodness for…

Midway Impression & Thoughts — “Answer Me 1988” (응답하라 1988) Up to Episode 14

Jeong-hwan or Taek?

When a show messes up your mind, you ramble…

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