Just when you thought the end of episode 4 might have moved things into certain direction, this happens…

  • the sweet gesture

  • …of sharing an umbrella

  • “Could it be…?”

  • with an almost perfect background…

  • Oh, no! Emergency!

  • It’s a life-threatening situation…!

  • …what the…

  • Thank goodness it’s all right!

  • “When it could have been us…”

How did you decide who should get the umbrella?

Out of the two, who would be more affected by the rain. Of course, the camera would be damaged if it’s exposed to rain.

It’s an instantaneous decision.

Baek Seung Chan, the romantically-challenged rookie PD

This is gold.

On a side note, I have got similar scenes written down a number of times on my sketches that I would suspect the writer copying or plagiarising my idea had I not put away my sketches to the shady corners of my room.

Nonetheless, this scene speaks a lot to the audience too. It pokes fun at the audience for their tendency to analyse everything from a romantic angle, read too much into it, and bring unnecessary clues, hints and what-nots. Just as Cindy (IU) is forced to stop reading too much into Seung-Chan’s (Kim Soo-Hyeon) seemingly romantic gestures when all there is to it is of pragmatic reasons.