When the Maths doesn’t add up, it’s probably not a Maths problem. It’s an editing problem.

What’s happening?

I am sure this must have been brought up somewhere in the internet although I cannot seem to find it.

… Is anyone bothered by it? I am.

This feels like the equivalent of a plot hole in kdramas. Those ‘wait, what did you say?’ and ‘where was I?’ thoughts kept nagging while I was recapping the sixth episode.

It doesn’t diminish my enjoyment in watching Youn’s Kitchen’ so far. But I felt like pulling my hair out — a la Jeong Yu-Mi in episode 4 — trying to make sure that headers like ‘Youn’s Kitchen’s Fourth Day Still Continues…’ were not a mistake.

A Probable Problem

It started with a scene in episode 5 which was captioned “가라치코에서 맞는, 여섯 번째 아침” = “Right from Garachico, The Sixth Morning” to introduce the morning in which Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon went to the sea. Yet, somehow the brain couldn’t stop buzzing.

“The Sixth Morning in Garachico” (Youn’s Kitchen, season 2 episode 5)

The sixth morning? Surely if yesterday is the fourth day of business, today is the fifth day. Thus, this is the sixth morning for Youn’s Kitchen opened on the day of the second morning.

Tomorrow's Business Day Count = Today's Morning Count

But, tomorrow is Friday, the day of reservation for the get-together. Friday’s business day should be the seventh day of business since Youn’s Kitchen opened last Saturday. If tomorrow is the seventh day of business then this morning should be the seventh morning.

But, if tomorrow is supposed to be the seventh day of business, why is today the fifth?

Are you following? Nope? Me neither. Pulling one’s hair is understandably inevitable. So I checked from episode 1 to current episode 6 (per 18 Feb), to see if I missed anything.

Unfortunately, there is no day and date indicator for each business day. There are dialogues like ‘we are opening on Saturday’ and Seo-Jin listing their earnings. There are the day’s events like Sunday Noon Mass which marks a Sunday, and St Andrew’s festival on the 29th of November. A customer’s blogging about visiting ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ also helps. With these as ‘markers’, a ‘guide’ can be constructed to get a picture of Youn’s Kitchen’s business days and 5W+H.



An Episode Guide to Youn’s Kitchen Season 2

Day Morning Episode Description
Business Day
Thu, 23 1 (na)
1 Arrived in Garachico in the afternoon
Fri, 24 1st 1 Experimenting with vegetable cuts
1 Pre-opening menu evaluation
Sat, 25 2nd 1 Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon go to work earlier than Boss Youn and Seo-Jin for the first time
1st 1, 2 Opening Day; The Great Kimchijeon incident
Sun, 26 3rd 2 Going to work together
2nd 2, 3 Anticipating large crowd post-Sunday-Mass; Selling Japchae for the first time.
Mon, 27 4th
11 The Missing Day? This is possibly the day the casts went to the restaurant by the sea for lunch
Tue, 28 5th 3 Yu-Mi had braided hair
3rd 3, 4 Selling Chicken Gangjeong for the first time; Ms Grace, one of the customers of the day, posted on her blog on the day she visited Youn’s Kitchen.
Wed, 29 6th 4 Oxtail soup for breakfast; Yu-Mi messed up with the egg garnish.
4th 4, 5 Selling Galbi for the first time; The ‘lost’ order of the German couple
Thu, 30 7th 5 Swimming and Diving in the morning
5th 6 Introducing Set Menu; Seo-Jin listed their previous days’ earnings: €70, €120, €150, €240. With the day’s €265, Youn’s Kitchen had been operating for five business days.
Fri, 1 8th 6 Breakfast by the Town Square; Boss Youn sees a doctor.
6th 6, 7, 8 The ‘rival’ restaurant’s get-together at Youn’s Kitchen
Sat, 2 9th 8 Free time for everyone. Yu-Mi goes shopping to the city, Seo-Joon goes to Masca, Boss Youn and Seo-Joon enjoy food and drinks by the seafront.

7th 8, 9 Opening at night at 18:00.
Sun, 3 10th 9
8th 9, 10 Reservation at 2:30 PM (expressed in ep.6); The last business day of Youn’s Kitchen in Garachico?

 Notes:  updated as ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ series progresses.


‘I Kinda Know What Happened Last Winter’ — A Probable Conclusion

As the ‘guide’ shows, the morning of swimming and diving takes place on Thursday, the 30th of November, ie. the seventh morning, not the sixth, in Garachico.

I suspect that on Monday the 27th of November 2017, Youn’s Kitchen had a day off. Perhaps, the casts and crews were too exhausted from the previous nights’ developing new menus, an activity which may also have extended to Monday the 27th. This may explain the footage of Seo-Joon and Yu-Mi going to the bar the night before the third day of business. They went on Monday night, not on Sunday night.

Or… anyone had a theory? Or an inside information about what happened?


Anyway, this is just to put a restlessness to rest. As mentioned above, this doesn’t distract me from enjoying the show.