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Any TV programmes (dramas, series, documentaries, etc) I find interesting, old and new.

Kang’s Kitchen, Fourth Episode (Part 1)

Which is better? The Kitchen or The Hall? Min-Ho shall decide for himself. Either way, the third day proves as difficult as ever.

Kang’s Kitchen, Third Episode (Part 2)

Kang’s Kitchen’s third day is here. Will it be easier for the ‘Journey’ members? With ramyeon on the menu and role switches, will Kang’s Kitchen be happier?

Kang’s Kitchen, Third Episode (Part 1)

Oh, the drama! Or what would’ve looked and felt like in any other show. Fortunately, laughter abounds in Kang’s Kitchen.

Kang’s Kitchen, Second Episode (Part 2)

On the second day, Kang’s Kitchen runs the business at full scale. Will they make it through the day still in harmony?

Kang’s Kitchen, Second Episode (Part 1)

The opening day of Kang’s Kitchen has gone well on general. Is it time to expand the menu?

Kang’s Kitchen, First Episode

A new adventure for the ‘New Journey To The West’ squad begins. Kang’s Kitchen is finally open. It’s the usual…

Currently Waiting for “Kang’s Kitchen” Where The Boss Eats More… (premiere Dec. 5)

As the Journey continues with its spin-offs, the premiere of “Kang’s Kitchen” draws near. And at last, a preview and trailers.

Circle: Two Connected Worlds, Episode 3

Can you handle the truth? You know, when it’s not really out there? Woo-Jin’s discovery that there’s truth to his…

Circle: Two Connected Worlds, Episode 2

How do you keep a memory? And how do you define memory? Photos? Scars? Photos and scars, mental or physical,…

Circle: Two Connected Worlds, Episode 1

Three timelines, two brothers, an alien, and ‘code zero’. Well. I’m in. Twin brothers Kim Woo-Jin and Kim Beom-Gyoon had…

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