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Cinderella and Four Knights, Episode 2

This episode talks strikingly about homes. Grandpa wishes a home for his grandsons though he goes about it in unusual and appalling ways, through coercion under grandpa-knows-best excuses. Eun Ha-Won also seems to wish for a home where she can live peacefully with dad, her stepmother, and stepsister. But she has been denied this luxury from long ago so she has nothing to lose now. Or does she?

Sky House: When a house is not a home

“You need money that badly?” Ji-Woon lets the stash of money on his hands fall.

Hyun-Min takes one note. “Don’t you dare mistreat my woman,” Hyun-Min says and puts the note in Ji-Woon’s jacket inside pocket.

‘My woman’?” Ji-Woon is affronted. Tension escalates as the two boys get head to head with eyes set on the other’s until Hye-Jin snaps them out of it and walks out. Ji-Woon follows her.

… And then it strikes midnight

Are you in some kind of angst contest, perhaps?

‘Are you in some kind of angst contest, perhaps?’

Ha-Won stops Ji-Woon to return the money he has thrown at her. “You can easily throw around money but there are plenty who can’t.”

Ji-Woon says nothing and is about to walk away again. Yet, she insists. So he pins her to the nearest wall and challenges her. “Who are you?! I’ve no interest in what you’ve got to say. So get lost!” Ji-Woon says menacingly. He also warns her to stay away from Hyun-Min else things get nasty.

Ha-Won fights back and turns their position around. Now, he is pinned to the wall. “Don’t speak about things you know nothing about!” She also warns him not to touch her ever again for that will be his last day breathing. They stay in silence glaring at each other until Ji-Woon takes her hand off him and walks away.

Ji-Woon finds Hye-Ji sitting and crying near his motorbike. She gets up as he comes near. He puts a helmet on her.

the wedding crashers, crashed...

the wedding crashers, crashed…

Hyun-Min goes out to find Ha-Won. “Are you upset?” He asks. Ha-Won answers back with a question. “Do I look that easy to you?” Hyun-Min tries to placate her but Ha-Won silently takes off the accessories she has worn. She strips her gown’s tail and laces while Hyun-Min is looking at her apologetically. She dumps them on him and then, after one last sad angry look at him, walks away.

In just a couple of steps, she almost slips, a reminder of the one last item to remove. She takes off one shoe and throws it at Hyun-Min. She throws away the other. Walking barefoot in the little white dress, she is clearly feeling the cold.

Hyun-Min takes the shoe and remarks, “looks like the magic has worn off…”

Ji-Woon, on his motorcycle with Hye-Ji behind him, passes by her.

note #1

  • you need to take the first step to start any adventure...

    “you need to take the first step to start any adventure…”

  • That's it. Hold your head up high, Girl!

    That’s it. Hold your head up high, Girl!

Ji-Woon takes Hye-Ji home. In front of her house, he wonders why she likes Hyun-Min so much when he doesn’t even give her a look. She tells Ji-Woon not to worry for she will make Hyun-Min look at her, no matter what. Ji-Woon gives a wistful look.

* * *

Crashing Grandpa’s wedding results in immediate repercussion. In return for his ‘wedding present’ Grandpa has prepared a gift: a real fiancée for Hyun-Min, the granddaughter of K Group’s chairman. He is to meet the young lady tomorrow. “You better make a good impression,” Lee Yoon-Sung says. Hyun-Min is clearly not happy about his arranged marriage and shows reluctance so Lee Yoon-Sung follows the order with a threat: he better goes to meet her were he to remain heir of Sky Group. Lee Yoon-Sung walks out as Hyun-Min throws a pillow (?) at him.

* * *

Lee Yoon-Sung greets Grandpa who seems to be in good mood. “Yesterday was best wedding I’ve ever had,” he says while sipping his morning tea. He’d seen an amusing spectacle of Ha-Won standing up to his grandsons’ shenanigans. He orders Lee Yoon-Sung to look her up.

* * *

At Eun household, Ha-Won is greeted by a grumpy Stepmother who whines because Ha-Won hasn’t made her breakfast. “I’m sorry I got up late,” Ha-Won says and promises to whip up a meal.

Ha-Won then approach Stepmother for a favour. She asks for a loan to cover her first semester tuition fee. Yet Stepmother spins her words as to suggest that Ha-Won had willed Yoo-Na to fail entering college so she can have Yoo-Na’s college money. “Are you out of your mind?!” Stepmother shouts that makes Yoo-Na shout to shush them. Stepmother tells Ha-Won to get out.

like mother like daughter

like mother like daughter…

The news of Hyun-Min’s fiancee and her identity has gripped the nation. She is billed the “National Lottery Winner” for landing such a catch. Watching a vague picture of them on TV, Stepmother thinks she looks like Ha-Won. Yoo-Na dismisses Mom’s comment and asks Mom not to irritate her further.

A call from Dad immediately prompts mom to paint a perfect picture of happy sisters going to school together. “They are inseparable!” When Dad says he is coming home tomorrow, both mother and daughter look apprehensive.

At work, Ha-Won approaches Boss, who’s miffed by government in general, to ask for next month’s payment in advance. She prepares to work harder to return the favour. But Boss dismisses her. “Work and then get paid!” In that order.

* * *

Lee Yoon-Sung briefs Chairman Kang on Eun Ha-Won. She basically works round the clock: first at the convenience store, and then at a café, a restaurant, a cinema, walking dogs, and at amusement park. She is currently working ten part-time jobs. Even though she is not the backbone of her family, she has to provide for herself. Lee Yoon-Sung explains her family and living situation, of a father who is a truck driver and comes home once every few months, a stepmother, a stepsister who is of her age, and their finance which is only enough to send one of the daughters to college. Eun Ha-Won is doing her best to provide for her own college fee.

Chairman Kang seems to approve of her. He concludes that it’s better to get someone mature who is closer in age to handle the boys rather than someone who succumbs to the boys’ whims.


Ha-Won examines her savings. After paying for her mother’s crematorium bills, it depletes to 800 won. Having exhausted her options of getting enough money to enrol to college before deadline, she pacifies herself that she can try again next year. “I’ll earn enough in no time! No. I’ll earn more than enough so Mom wouldn’t worry.” She puts a note on her saving book, “Let’s start again!”

When she wonders why Dad hasn’t called yet, she realises that the phone isn’t hers. “Was it switched at the hotel?” She goes out to find out but Lee Yoon-Sung intercepts. “There’s someone who wishes to meet you.” He brings her to meet Grandpa Kang.

Ha-Won bows a greeting that snaps Grandpa out of reading a book. He plays a trick to get her to bow for the second time unintentionally. She commends his sense of humour. She apologizes for what happened at his wedding and asks why he wants to see her.

A meeting of the minds

know your enemy better...

know your enemy better…

“I’m sorry for I’ve been intruding your privacy,” Grandpa nods at the book at hand indicating he’s been observing her. “It’s the first time I see someone your age having similar tastes in books as I do.” He brings up the book on Sun Tzu’s Thirty-Six Stratagems.

“Mom told me that Sun Tzu’s teachings will get me far.”

Grandpa nods in approval. “Would you lend me some of that wisdom, then?”

Lee Yoon-Sung comes forward to explain. Sky House, basically an architectural wonder entrenched in state-of-the-art security, is the place where Chairman Kang’s grandsons have been living together for year. Kang Hyun-Min is the eldest, who seeks to spread the love he’s received to many people — “A total player!” Grandpa interrupts. The second eldest is Kang Ji-Woon, who challenges boundaries and can’t be tamed — “A total thug!” Grandpa exclaims. Kang Seo-Woo, the youngest, is a multi-talented singer-songwriter star — “A good-for-nothing!” Grandma says. It’s for these cousins that Chairman Kang makes a proposition. He asks her to transform them into decent human beings.

“You mean I should conduct lessons on decorum?” She asks in confusion.

“In a way.”

“And here I thought rich people were brought up to behave unkindly for a purpose!” She muses, “So they wouldn’t donate all their money.”

“Then will you change them for me?” Grandpa asks. He has prepared a guideline that she shall carry out for three months. Ha-Won chuckles. “How can I change them?!” Grandpa encourages her to do it. If she agrees to do it, he will pay for her college tuition or even send her abroad. “I’ll give you everything you ask.”

For a moment, Ha-Won listens to his words in awe and hope. “College?”

Grandpa nods. “I can change your life, Ms Ha-Won.”

Sun Tzu rap battle? Why not!

Sun Tzu rap battle? Why not!

She stays silent, digesting the offer. Then she tells him that he almost manages to sway her. In the end, she doesn’t think she is the right person for the job. “I am sorry.” She gets up to leave.

Grandpa immediately engages her in a battle of wits. “Thirty-Six Stratagems, chapter 1, section 5. ‘Loot a Burning House’!” He reminds her that this is an opportunity worth seizing.

Ha-Won brings up chapter 3, section 14, ‘Borrow a Corpse to Resurrect the Soul’. She implies that Grandpa’s venture “is sort of hopeless…”

Chairman Kang brings up chapter 3, section 18, ‘Capture the Ringleader to Catch the Bandits’. Whether it will succeed or not, the outcome has not yet set in stone. “You must see for yourself whether this is a hopeless venture or an opportunity of a lifetime.”

She brings up chapter 6, section 36, ‘If All Else Fails, Retreat’. She considers this is her best option at the moment. Ha-Won gets up, bows, and leaves.

Chairman Kang lets out a sigh of annoyance. Lee Yoon-Sung questions the offer, whether he should go to such lengths for her. Chairman Kang tells him that it is easy to change a person’s life.

Hyun-Min gives in to Grandpa’s order. He goes to meet the woman he should mary at their hotel’s cafe. He starts his player routine which is met with indifference.

She mentions the rumour about the woman he had brought to his grandfather’s wedding. “It is not a rumour,” he says, “you should have done a thorough research on me.” She did. She just didn’t expect he would behave in such a way at this meeting. “Is this part of your strategy?”

He questions the necessity of a strategy when he is just meeting a woman. “Let’s just have fun!”

“I was told I would be meeting a business partner. I guess it is not you, then.”

Right then, Hye-Ji appears through the door, looking busy reading a book while listening to music. When Hye-Jin gets to their seat, Hyun-Min gets up and hugs her. “What took you so long!” Both Hye-Ji and the fiancée are shocked. Hyun-Min clearly feels a pang of guilt but he continues even further by kissing Hye-Ji.

The fiancée gets up in dismay. She remarks that their negotiation has fallen through and hopes they will not meet again. She walks out.

The kiss lasts longer. But it comes to a sudden halt as Hyun-Min pulls back abruptly. When Hye-Ji’s eyes open and meet his in confusion, he apologizes. He walks out of the cafe with Hye-Ji following him.

running away, are we?

running away, are we?

“What are you doing?” Hye-Ji calls him out. “Don’t use people…”

“That’s why I apologized.”

Hye-Ji presses him to tell her what she means to him. Hyun-Min nonchalantly says that they used to be friends. That’s all. “Don’t tell me you are going to bring up the past again!” He says calmly. She does bring up the past, seemingly referring to an incident that affected and then changed him. He brushes it off that people change, more so after ten years.

Hye-Ji agrees. She has changed too. But he has just done something so off-putting that he, of the old days, wouldn’t have thought of. She still believes that parts of him, of the old days, are still buried in him. She then leaves him.

A hotel employee approaches Hyun-Min, bringing Ha-Won’s uniform, and reminds him that he’d forgotten it. Hyun-Min refuses to claim it at first. But the sight of the name-tag changes his mind. At a distance, a man takes a picture of him holding the uniform.

what to do with a school uniform...

what to do with a school uniform…

As Hyun-Min drives his car away from the hotel, Ha-Won comes in to it searching for her phone. She inquires whether there has been a phone lost or found. The hotel employee refuses to give her information or allow her entry to let her probe further. “Only paying guests can enter, Miss.” She questions such policy for she had been allowed entry to the hotel suite. The hotel employee pointedly mentions that the guest, with whom she had come yesterday, was the reason she’d been allowed in. The hotel employee basically shoos her out.

Kang Ji-Woon, who happens to be there, [#2] sees her and listens in their exchanges. To the difficult hotel employee, he implies that she is there with him. He helps her gain access to the hotel suite. The room-service lady doesn’t help as she recounts no one has claimed that a phone had been swapped. She also has not seen either tattered school uniform or bouquet of flower left behind.

As they get out of the hotel, Ha-Won thanks Ji-Woon for his help. She’ll repay his kindness. Ji-Woon tells her to ask Hyun-Min to buy her whatever she’s lost. “That’s why you’re seeing him, right?” Acting proud and then taking gifts is the game girls like her would play. He warns her never to appear in front of him again.

He gets on his motorcycle and is about to wear his helmet when Ha-Won whacks his head. “What about guys like you, then?” She lumps him with the kind who acts cool yet treats girls like trash. She leaves him.

* * *

At work, Ha-Won tries to reach her phone, which is currently in Seo-Woo’s hand, but he is busy doing concert. Her co-worker friend Ja-Young is excited that she is the “national lottery winner” in question. She scolds Ha-Won for refusing to live at Sky House. “This is an opportunity to change your sad life!” Ha-Won defends herself that despite her unglamorous background, she’s got pride. “I’ll protect my own life.”

After the concert, Seo-Woo realises that the phone isn’t his. He calls his phone but as fate would have it, it runs out of battery.

* * *

Crews of reporter has entered Eun household in search for “national lottery winner” girl. They are forced to cover Yoo-Na who is hosting and recording — vlogging — for her beauty channel in her room. The two crews realise Yoo-Na isn’t the one.

Attention shifts as Ha-Won returns home. The crews immediately ask to confirm whether she is the “national lottery winner” girl. Stepmother interferes and debunks it. But the crews insists that Ha-Won is Hyun-Min’s fiancée. “It was not what you think it was..” Ha-Won disclaims. That’s enough to confirm that indeed, she was the girl Hyun-Min has brought to the party. Stepmother immediately sends the reporters away.

Yoo-Na is furious. She demands explanation why and how it is that Ha-Won went to the party as Hyun-Min’s fiancée. “Things…happened, ” Ha-Won reluctantly answers. She explains that she went to the party not because she wanted to. Yoo-Na readily concludes that it’s exactly Ha-Won’s intention: seducing rich boys to escape her miserable life. Ha-Won refuses Yoo-Na’s statement and insists she is not going to take advantage of anyone. Yoo-Na angrily splashes some of her beauty cream on Ha-Won and yells at her to get out. “Aren’t you leeching on us, now?”

“But aren’t we family?” Ha-Won reminds her. Yoo-Na proclaims that she has never considered Ha-Won a family. She pushes Ha-Won out of the house, slams and locks the door. Mom nervously reminds her that Dad is coming home tomorrow. “Are you really going to kick her out?” Yoo-Na whines for realising it too late.

* * *

That night, Hye-Ji’s words that she believed his former self still exists somewhere, weigh on Hyun-Min. He takes an old photograph of three children: Hyun-Min, Hye-Ji, and another boy.


Ji-Woon loses his accommodation for the night. He’s been checked out of the hotel. When he checks in for another room, his card is rejected. Lee Yoon-Sung informs him that Chairman Kang wants him to return to Sky House. He refuses. “Then you’ll lose privileges of being connected to Sky Group,” Yoon-Sung warns him. He tells Yoon-Sung that he’ll get by without it.

Lee Yoon-Sung tells Chairman Kang that Ji-Woon is too wounded to listen. His experience of Sky House has not been pleasant as well. Chairman Kang insists that Ji-Woon should be brought to Sky House. He has a plan.

* * *

So much cheese, it’s… cheesy?

Another unintentional encounter...

Another unintentional encounter…

After she finishes work at the cinema, Ha-Won gets in an empty theatre #3 to see a movie with a co-worker, who later has to leave to answer a call. For a while, no one is present. Then Jin-Woo comes in and takes the seat on the same row as hers. She begins to doze off as he takes notice and recognises her. [#2]

She wakes up and realises Ji-Woon is watching her. She tries to get away silently but then asks herself why she should run away. She is ambushed by Ji-Woon before she can return to her seat. “Do you have any money?” he asks.

Outside the theatre, she makes fun of his request for money. “Aren’t you rich? Yet you don’t even have 10000 won?” He tells her to just tell him whether she’s got money. She scolds him that she would have if he had paid for the items he purchased at the convenience store. He feels bad about it.

Then she takes out a note. “Look! a 5000 won!” she exclaims as if it comes out of nowhere. Ji-Woon comments grudgingly on how much money (and implicitly, how little) she’s got. “Forget it! If you won’t help then say so!” He walks away but then his stomach cries a different story.

“Your words sure do contradict your actions,” she muses. She tells him to wait for her to change. Her 5000 won will take care of his hungry stomach.

The Battle for Cheese

The Battle for Cheese

They eat instant noodles at the convenience store. With this, she calls her debt to him, for helping her at the hotel, is settled. “Don’t you dare say otherwise!”

He scoffs at how little she values his help. “It’s worth 1500 won, you say?” She mentions the extra cheese which should make it 2500 won. Ji-Woon responds that he taught her the merit of adding extra cheese. She counters that she’s already known the trick, she just forgot it for a moment. If he won’t include the cheese on the cost, Ha-Won demands him return the cheese.

The sight of Grandpa’s car kills Ji-Woon’s mood. Thinking that her nagging made him lose appetite, she apologizes and urges him to finish his meal.

* * *

After taking care of the remnants of dinner, she finds Ji-Woon has left. She asks the convenience store attendant for a chance to recharge the phone. But the attendant is afraid Boss will find out and get angry at her. “You know how he is!” Ha-Won asks to borrow the girl’s phone.

Inside a car, somewhere, Ji-Woon tells Grandpa that cutting him off financially will not affect him. Grandpa just says he can do much worse if it means Ji-Woon will return home. Ji-Woon says that will never happen. He wants to return to how he was before. Grandpa reminds Ji-Woon that he can wield power that will turn Ji-Woon’s world upside down. It’s a power that soon will be Ji-Woon’s.

Ji-Woon tells Grandpa that he doesn’t need that kind of power. He also tells Grandpa to stop looking for him. He will live as Ha Ji-Woon. He gets out of the car and leaves.

Lee Yoon-Sung wonders if it’s all right to leave Ji-Woon alone. Chairman Kang nods. He confidently believes Ji-Woon will come back with his own two feet.

* * *

Ha-Won is finally able to contact Seo-Woo. He mentions that she’s got a lot of messages. She worries if it’s from home and asks him to read the messages.

After unlocking the phone, Seo-Woo reads the messages. They are from Yoo-Na and contain abusive words. He sums it up for Ha-Won, leaving out the nasty bits. “Your dad is coming home so you are to come for dinner tomorrow.”

They agree to meet to swap their phones back. When Seo-Woo realises it’s Ha-Won, he immediately deletes the abusive messages. He lies that he had accidentally deleted the messages when Ha-Won asks. “But it’s true, right? Dad is really coming home tomorrow?” Ha-Won happily asks for confimation. Seo-Woo nods, “of course.”

Ha-Won thanks him for taking care of her phone and leaves. Seo-Woo feels uneasy for her.

Ha-Won spends the night at a bath house. She tries to text Dad, asking whether he’s really coming home or why he hasn’t answered her messages, but is discouraged. She settles with a “see you tomorrow.”

* * *

The next day, Ha-Won finds that reporters and journalists have gathered outside her workplace. They have been waiting for the “national lottery winner”. They immediately swarm around her, asking questions about her and Hyun-Min. She denies any relationship with Hyun-Min and asks them to leave. But they won’t leave, of course, for Hyun-Min then comes to the rescue. He takes her to his car and they leave the vicinity.

“Aren’t I awesome?!” He says after stopping the car. He sums up her change of fortune after she met him: billed as national lottery winner, got famous, and even got a man to rescue her from crowd.

The Awesome Me to the rescue...

The Awesome Me to the rescue…

Ha-Won brings him back to her reality. “Don’t you realise how grave it is?” His lies have brought her nothing but troubles. She asks him to declare to the world that they are not in any relationship.

“Is that what you want?” Hyun-Min asks.

“It is!” She says.

“Fine, then.” Hyun-Min immediately makes call to the nation’s number one news portal’s owner. He mentions the news on his fiancée that should constitute defamation and libel. He demands they take down everything related to “Kang Hyun-Min’s fiancée” or else he’ll pull off ads from their site.

Throughout the conversation, Ha-Won is watching him with growing disbelief. He takes in her expression. “You fell for me, right?” Hyun-Min rejoices. “Of course you would! Otherwise you’re not human!” He admits he even thought he was cool.

“How is it possible?” Ha-Won wonders aloud. Thinking it is about him, Hyun-Min continues singing his own praises. “Of course, it is impossible for others,” but not him. He was so amazing that he gets goosebumps.

Ha-Won, however, has different chain of thoughts. She has heard that one can control portal sites with enough money. But she never thought it was actually true. She can’t believe how much she has trusted those sites. And Hyun-Min can’t believe she is thinking about such stuff.

“I just thought of one thing money can’t buy,” he says. “Your smile.”

Taking it as his usual womanising ways, Ha-Won takes no heed. She thanks him for taking her photos down from the internet. She gets out of his car.

One problem down, another arises. She gets call that informs her that Dad has taken her mother’s ashes.

* * *

Ji-Woon learns the extent of power that Grandpa has wielded to force him back to Sky House. Grandpa has given money to his colleagues and boss at the mechanic shop to severe ties with him.

“What a lot of money!” the colleague is amazed, “changing lives must have been child’s play for Sky Group.”

“Of course you should get a lot of money!” Ji-Woon sarcastically commends him for selling him out.

It’s another brooding session by the river for Ji-Woon. Lee Yoon-Sung comes to warn him. “He will erase everything you hold dear if he must.” Ji-Woon can no longer live as he pleases.

* * *

At the hotel’s bar, Hyun-Min has a round of drinks with his friends. They inform him that the K-Group heiress has been going around to make sure he won’t be able to do business anymore. Hyun-Min doesn’t care.

They warn him of his carefree attitude. It may put his position as heir at risk. There are Kang Seo-Woo and Kang Jin-Woo now. Hyun-Min has to compete with them. That gets his attention.

* * *

At home, Grandpa brings up his intention to get Ha-Won to live at Sky House. His wife asks why he likes her a lot. Grandpa wonders whether it’s him or money that is really in charge. Ha-Won doesn’t budge at his offering her money. He thinks she is more than worthy of keeping around the boys.

Lee Yoon-Sung reports his progress in dealing with Ji-Woon. He has assigned someone to watch over Ha-Won yet he doubts she will change her mind. That only strengthens Grandpa’s resolve to keep her.

* * *

Ha-Won returns home and is greeted by overly sweet Stepmother and Yoo-Na at dinner table. She finally meets Dad and demands for her mother’s ashes.

Ha-Won goes to the balcony to find her stuff gone. She finds her mother’s ashes. She goes back to dinner table. She asks why Dad didn’t pay for the crematorium fee.

“Why spend so much money on a dead person!” Dad angrily retorts.

“But she was your wife,” Ha-Won says.

He tells her to stop making such a big deal over mere ashes. Ha-Won gets angry, “how can I do nothing when she lost her resting place and cast aside?!”

Dad brings up her manners, clinging on her mother instead of warming up to Stepmother.

Stepmother tries to placate Dad by showing that she cares for Ha-Won’s plight. She has money that she saved for Yoo-Na and Ha-Won’s college fee.

Ha-Won contradicts Stepmother. “You said you could only afford to send one of us to college.” But Stepmom keeps up appearance by insinuating that Ha-Won’s lying because she’s angry. Ha-Won asks for her belonging which is usually at the balcony. Stepmother mentions that it is where it always has been, in the sisters’ room. Ha-Won stands her ground. “No. My room is the balcony.”

a grim family dinner

a grim family dinner…

Stepmother looks offended and accuses Ha-Won trying to paint her as the bad-guy in front of Dad. But Ha-Won insists that she is just stating the facts. Dad bangs the table and scolds Ha-Won for raising her voice at Stepmother. “You don’t appreciate her for raising you with kindness. Now you accuse her of lying?!”

“You don’t believe me, don’t you!” Ha-Won angrily snaps at Dad. He slaps her. Everyone is shocked.

“I should never have gone and raised another’s child,” Dad says. That shocks everyone even further. “Your mother had you with another man!”

“I am not your daughter?” Ha-Won is confused. The rest welcome this development with excitement. “So she is not even family!” Yoo-Na exclaimed.

Ha-Won turns to get out of the house but Stepmother stops her. “Your father said such terrible things because he was upset,” she says. But she whispers different words to Ha-Won’s ear when no one else’s listening. “Right. It’s better that you’re gone.”

Ha-Won goes away with Mom’s ashes under the rain. She tries to call Ja-Young but cancels it after a while. Then Chairman Kang calls. He reminds her that Sky House is open for her. His offer still stands.

She gets to Sky House as do the cousins. “And there’s one rule,” Lee Yoon-Sung adds as he is holding the umbrella for her. “Dating is forbidden in Sky House.”

the killjoy with an umbrella

the killjoy with an umbrella


Just rambling…

I seriously think this is where episode one should have ended: Ha-Won walking away alone, the equivalent of Cinderella’s clock striking at midnight that dispels the magic, a return to reality. This would’ve tied up nicely with the beginning of it in which Ha-Won recounts the Cinderella story and comments on its ‘unrealistic’ nature. Since I also like symmetry, this supposed ending of episode one would mirror the ending of episode two: everyone goes their separate ways in episode one and everyone is coming together in episode two.

I get it that Ji-Woon is set to be the knight in shining armour (perhaps he’s got saviour complex? seeing his righteous anger on Hye-Ji’s behalf) and to see Ha-Won in various state of distress so that he can help her, however reluctantly. But the randomness of their chance (in other words random) encounters is quite staggering: the hotel — he stayed there apparently; the cinema — and how did he go to the cinema if he’s supposed to be short on the money? Cinema coupons? Not to mention those in episode one. Tut-tut…

Please, cut the brooding and angst-ing Ji-Woon. I am developing an unhealthy urge to throw something every time he is shown in silent pity party. “Ooh… the poor and pitiful me” my left foot! He needs perspective.

And let’s not talk about the music.


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