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Cinderella and Four Knights, Episode 3

Nothing really happens in episode three that hasn’t been featured in previous episode, recurring events like Ji-Woon being Hye-Ji’s pillar in her weakest moments, the usual “misunderstanding” among the supposed love quadrangle. Peppered around them are Ha-Won’s reactions to various aspects of living at Sky House while trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

The upside of episode three is Lee Yoon-Sung, beyond the rigid right-hand man of Chairman Kang and the exposition device. I think it would be fun to have a featurette titled “A day in the life of Lee Yoon-Sung” with him running around to fix things a la Eddie Mannix in ‘Hail, Caesar!’

Of Monsieur Exposition Extraordinaire

Ha-Won enters Sky House. Seeing her drenched from head to toe, Yoon-Sung takes off his jacket and puts it on her.

In a bathroom, Ha-won replayed the scenes at her family’s dinner table, particularly the bit in which her father said that she is not her father’s daughter. Overwhelmed, she submerges her head in the bathtub.

Lee Yoon-Sung, the messenger aka Monsieur Exposition Extraordinaire

Lee Yoon-Sung, the messenger aka Monsieur Exposition Extraordinaire

Lee Yoon-Sung gathers the boys to ‘relay’ the Chairman’s words: starting today, Eun Ha-Won will live with them at Sky House. The announcement is met with incredulity, suspicion, and worries from the three cousins.

Hyun-Min, though, asks if Ji-Woon is included in the clause. He wonders why they bother bringing in someone who doesn’t want to be there. Ji-Woon retorts that it doesn’t make sense to keep Hyun-Min and his fiancée under one roof. Seo-Woo whines that the two cousins begin ripping each other again. Yoon-Sung throws in the ‘sacred words’: “That’s what the Chairman wants.”

“It’ll be uncomfortable living with a girl, ” Seo-Woo whines. “What is he thinking!”

Yoon-Sung simply says the Chairman has got a plan. Ji-Woon doubts it, as does Hyun-Min. Yoon-Sung continues reciting the main rule: no dating in Sky House.

Seo-Woo then wonders how ‘no-dating’ is possible with Ha-Won being Hyun-Min’s girlfriend. Ji-Woon remarks that Kang Hyun-Min has a lot of girlfriends. “Indeed, there is that,” Hyun-Min looks alarmed. Lee Yoon-Sung is about to reveal that Ha-Won is not Hyun-Min’s fiancée but Hyun-Min immediately stops him and pulls him out of the living room.

Yoon-Sung advises Hyun-Min to tell the others the truth. Hyun-Min doesn’t want to. He reasons that it would be safer for Ha-Won if the other boys believe that she is his fiancée. “Think about it.” The other boys’d go crazy for anything dressed in skirt. Yoon-Sung calls his bluff with a smile, “that is you!” and insists to tell the truth.

Let's haggle...

Let’s haggle…

“Just go along with my story, Hyung!” Hyun-Min pleads. He promises that he’ll keep the others from breaking the rule. Then he strikes a deal with Yoon-Sung: should anything happen, he’ll give up his credit cards. Yoon-Sung takes the bait, “You better keep your end of this deal.” Hyun-Min assures him that he will.

When they return to the living room, Ji-Woon has left. “You know how he is,” Seo-Woo comments while playing with his gadget. Lee Yoon-Sung repeats that there will be no-dating in Sky House. He warns Hyun-Min, in particular, to behave.

* * *

Ha-Won dries her clothes with hair dryer. She takes her mother’s ashes and keeps it under a table. She tells Mom that she’ll be fine at Sky House until Dad isn’t angry anymore. Then her stomache growls.

It’s brooding time (again) for Ji-Woon, who enters his room, gives it a sweeping look, touches things here and there, and then gets out of it. Lee Yoon-Sung reminds him that he has chosen to live as Kang Ji-Woon. Ji-Woon corrects him that it isn’t a choice. Besides, he wants to know his history, why his father left his mother and him, why he must live as Ha Ji-Woon. Yoon-Sung just warns him not to defy the Chairman’s will.

Ha-Won begins tour of Sky House. There’s the large dining table, seating 10 people — “Why so big when there are only three people?” She enters the kitchen and takes a look at the refrigerator.

She is surprised by a middle-aged woman, Ms Beolgyo for she comes from Beolgyo, who thinks she is a new addition to the staff. Ms Beolgyo takes her out to a cottage outside Sky House, a much smaller yet warmer interior. Ms Beolgyo tells Ha-Won that she can live there.

Lee Yoon-Sung comes and is surprised when he finds Ha-Won at the cottage. He tells Ms Beolgyo that Ha-Won is to live at Sky House as Chairman’s special guest. Ms Beolgyo immediately bows in apology and addresses Ha-Won in formal tone although Ha-Won doesn’t mind them being casual with each other. Lee Yoon-Sung brings Ha-Won back to Sky House.

  • Monsieur Exposition Extraordinaire in action

    Monsieur Exposition Extraordinaire in action

  • ... so he can cook too, ay?

    …so he can cook too, ay?

On the way back, Ha-Won argues the necessity of Ms Beolgyo using such formalities towards her since she is working at Sky House as well. Lee Yoon-Sung holds that it is the wish of the Chairman to have her treated as special guest, not an employee. “It’s Chairman’s command,” he repeats, a number of times — apparently his mantra to repel disobedience.

Then Ha-Won’s stomach growls. “Haven’t you eaten, yet?” Lee Yoon-Sung asks and immediately addresses the problem. He cooks full course meal for her.

Ha-Won gives it a taste and praises his cooking. He smiles. She then eats heartily until she realises that he’s watching. “Shouldn’t we eat some together?” She asks, a little too late.

* * *

Continuing her tour of the house, Ha-Won approaces the living room. Hyun-Min immediately takes her hand and brings her to a corner. He asks her to feign that they are still engaged. She refuses.

He plays the role of a concerned man for her being the only girl living in a house full of men. “It’s safer if you live here as my fiancée.” She tells him to let it go. Asked if she’ll tell everyone that she’d posed as his fiancée for money, Ha-Won says she doesn’t mind since that is the truth. Besides, “dating is forbidden.”

...a conspiracy.

…a conspiracy.

“I am not asking you to date. Just pretend to be my fiancée,” Hyun-Min insists.

“Why do I need to pose as your fiancée?” Ha-Won asks. Hyun-Min doesn’t answer and instead wonders if she won’t cooperate because she didn’t get paid. He takes her hand, “shall I pay you more?”

“I don’t need your money,” Ha-Won says.

Hyun-Min is delighted. “Then you’ll do it for free? Have you fallen for me?”

Ha-Won almost laughs from his self-adoration. She tells him to raise his hands. He does so to the level of her chest so she orders him to raise them higher. She propels for a punch but he dodges. This makes her lose balance. He catches her and swings her around. She is shocked. Hyun-Min smiles, “didn’t I say that I’ll protect you?” She quickly recovers her with and says, “didn’t I tell you to stop sprouting nonsense!”

She runs away as Hyun-Min calls, “yo, Girlfriend! Thanks!”

'it's not nice to meet you too, you know...'

‘it’s not nice to meet you too, you know…’

At another part of the house, she meets Ji-Woon. “How much money did you get for this?” He asks with contempt then leaves. She lets out a sigh and watches him leaving.

Returning to her room, she gets into bed, trying to sleep. she recalls the night encounters with the three Kang boys. She scoffs at the no-dating rule. “As if I would date any of them!”

She gets up and sees a space under a table. She collects the blanket and pillow, and gets inside the spot. Happy with the cozier arrangement, she falls asleep.

* * *

Hyun-Min and Ji-Woon accidentally meet while each one is taking a night walk. “Let’s just not cross each other’s path,” Ji-Woon says. He takes a sidestep to pass Hyun-Min but Hyun-Min, on purpose, takes the same direction. “I thought you didn’t want to come back. Let’s see as little of each other as possible.”

“That, I agree.” Ji-Woon continues walking.

Hyun-Min shouts, “but why did you come back?”

“Mind your own business,” Ji-Woon retorts.

Ji-Woon goes to neglected room which is blocked by tall grasses. The room houses hardware and tool-kits, covered in dusty plastic wrap. He takes a box from a table drawer. In it, he finds negative films and a photograph of his mother and a boy Jin-Woo.

* * *

Sky House, in the morning

Sky House, in the morning

It’s a new day at Sky House, and Ha-Won wakes up after an alarm rang. She exchanges messages with her friend, Hong Ja-Yeong. She tells Ja-Yeong about her currently living at Sky House and sends some pictures.

She comes outside to look around. She is shocked to find out that her room has been in a semi-transparent state that anyone could easily see through it. Moreover, it sits next to Hyun-Min’s and Ji-Woon’s.

She comes to the dining room, all set and ready with breakfast, though no one is around. When Lee Yoon-Sung comes, he suggests she eats since no one will come. The three cousins never sit down to eat together.

“Then what about all these? Such a waste!” She gestures at the feast in front of her. Yoon-Sung encourages her to eat all to her heart’s content.

A video call from Chairman Kang comes in. He issues her first mission: get the three cousins to eat together.

Then Lee Yoon-Sung and Ha-Won discuss her contract. She’ll be given bonus for every mission she manages to accomplish. “The reward will be proportional to the mission’s difficulties,” Yoon-Sung explains. However, she should leave Sky House if she fails her mission. Once again, Yoon-Sung emphasises that golden rule: dating is forbidden in Sky House.

* * *

At the Eun’s house, Dad prepares to leave for work. He mentions to Stepmother that Ha-Won probably will not last a week. “Don’t let her back in,” Dad orders and Stepmother welcomes it. She tries to bring up his first wife’s affair but Dad doesn’t want to talk about it.

Inside his truck, Dad answers a call. The caller is responding to a flyer Dad has put regarding a man named Kang Yeong-Jin that once lived at an apartment ten years ago. He asks to met.

'should we shoot the messenger?'

‘should we shoot the messenger?’

Meanwhile, Lee Yoon-Sung comes to the Eun’s house to take Ha-Won’s belonging. His visit raises questions. Stepmother asks how Ha-Won can live at Sky House. Lee Yoon-Sung mentions that Ha-Won received invitation to live at Sky House from Sky Group’s Chairman Kang Jong-Du. The news shocks both mother and daughter. Before he leaves, Yoon-Sung asks about Ha-Won’s father.

* * *

Ha-Won welcomes her first mission with excitement. “I feel like I’m doing important work.” In the living room, she wonders how getting the three cousins can be that hard. Then she notices that she hasn’t seen any family photo in the house.

Seo-Woo comes and hands her the bouquet she’d left at the hotel. He probes about last night, whether something happened to Ha-Won. “I thought you looked like you’d been crying,” he says. Ha-Won denies crying, “It was because of the rain.”

Seo-Woo looks relieved since he thought she got into trouble with her family. Ha-Won realises that Seo-Woo must have deleted the messages on purpose yesterday. “Were they that bad?”

Seo-Woo finally admits that he did deleted those messages. They were so bad, he thought they would hurt her feelings. “Is that Yoo-Na really your family? I’ve never seen such relationship between sisters.” But Ha-Won tells Seo-Woo that her relationship with Yoo-Na is at least better than the Kang cousins’s that they have never eaten together. “What kind of family is that!” Hers still ate together.

“What about you guys eating together?” She brings up the idea. Then Ji-Woon walks pass them and snaps, “what are you looking at?!” Seo-Woo points at him and tells Ha-Won that her idea wouldn’t work since Ji-Woon wouldn’t want to eat together.

Ha-Won follows Ji-Woon to the deserted room.

At the same time, Lee Yoon-Sung, who’s bringing Ha-Won’s belonging, gets a call. It must have been important because he immediately runs and leaves Ha-Won suitcase right then and there, unattended. [1]

* * *

Ha-Won looks around the deserted room. “Is trespassing other people’s private space your hobby?” Ji-Woon taunts. “You shouldn’t be here!”.

Ha-Won doesn’t care and approaches a table. “What’s so special about this space?”

Ji-Woon stops her. “Have you lost your mind?!” He reprimands her. He asks why she lives in Sky House. “I’ve got my reasons,” Ha-Won simply answers. He warns her that living in Sky House will be difficult and she has no idea how it is. She defends herself that she’s got to protect something. “That will be money, right?” He concludes. She insists it is not about money.

“Then, are you going to seduce me? Or anything?” He asks. She thinks he is out of his mind.

an almost fatal encounter...

an almost fatal encounter…

She is about to leave but he takes her hand and turns her around. For a moment they are standing close and their closeness unnerves her. She pulls back immediately. “Didn’t I warn you not to touch me?!” She runs out of the room as fast as she can.

It turns out that Ji-Woon’s turning her around was an attempt to prevent her from bumping to a sharp end of a saw.

And instead, Ha-Won bumps right into her own luggage and belongings that had been left by Lee Yoon-Sung. Her luggage and stuff are thrown into a small stream, in disarray. She tries to pick them all, down to the smallest pieces. “Right. These are my real life!” She tells herself as she looks at her belongings.

Her picking up the pieces catches Hyun-Min’s and Seo-Woo’s attention, who happen to be out and nearby. “What are you doing?” Seo-Woo asks. Hyun-Min sees the debris and asks, “what are these rubbish?” With a tinge of embarrassment, she declares that they are her belongings. They tell her to let it go. “You’re going to catch a cold like this.” She insists she’ll be fine and tell them to leave her.

Seo-Woo goes to get a sort of pole skimmer to help while Hyun-Min looks uncomfortable watching the whole thing. Meanwhile, Ji-Woon who has gotten out of the deserted room, sees her ominous bouquet floating off. He recalls the scene in which he’d seen Ha-Won clutching the bouquet while begging at the funeral home. When Seo-Woo returns, she gets out of the pond.

When he sees Ha-Won and the other boys, Ji-Woon, as usual, bites, “is this the sort of treatment that you’ve signed for?” Hyun-Min’s expression grows stern at that comment. Ji-Woon hands her the bouquet. He then says, “take care of your things well so you don’t have to make others worry, will you?”

Hyun-Min puts his arm around Ha-Won’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about her,” he says, “I’ll be the one who will worry about her.” Ji-Woon tells him to make sure she will not be within his sight. “Or just get lost,” Jin-Woon says to Ha-Won. But Hyun-Min turns those words to himself. Ji-Woon questions him about Ha-Won being his new play thing. “If so, do you want it?” Hyun-Min challenges.

Ha-Won heaves a sigh. Seo-Woo tells the two Kangs to stop their spat. “Don’t worry about them. They always have a go at each other,” Seo-Woo tells Ha-Won. Ha-Won lets go of Hyun-Min’s arm. “Just leave me alone, all of you.” She yells. She goes to drag her luggage.

Ha-Won gets to her room and catches a glimpse of Ji-Woon. His trousers’ lower ends and shoes are wet. He must have gotten into the water to get her bouquet.

* * *

Ha-Won, once again, uses hair dryer to dry her clothes. At a knock on the door, she opens it to find Lee Yoon-Sung apologising for mistreating her belongings. At the sight of the state of her things, his mind works on a plan (I’d say). Ha-Won just thanks him for bringing her things.

Yoon-Sung urges her to come with him. “The car is waiting.”

“Go to where?” Ha-Won asks.

A boutique.

Ha-Won asks amusingly whether they are filming ‘Pretty Woman’. To which Yoon-Sung spells his divine mantra, “it’s the Chairman’s order.” She insists that she doesn’t need new clothes. So Yoon-Sung decides to chose some for her. “It’s…”

Guess what! He laughs too!

Guess what! He laughs too!

‘It’s the Chairman’s command’,” she finishes the sentence for him. “Right?” He laughs a little. If he insists, she will return whatever he buys for her. He tells her to go out to a cafe and stays there until he finishes. She reluctantly agrees.

When she goes out looking around, she collides with a lady, her bag fallen to the ground. The lady complains that her three-thousand dollar crocodile skin bag now has scratches. She demands compensation.

“Really?” Hye-Ji interferes. She takes the bag and examines it. If it’s genuine, it should has more stitches on both sides of the logo. “Yours doesn’t have them,” she returns the bag to the lady. She pointedly remarks that the bag isn’t even a best quality replica.

The lady has got enough and decided to leave.

Ha-Won and Hye-Ji sit at the cafe. Ha-Won thanks her for her help with the bag lady and asks how she knows that the bag was a fake. “People who do needlework know those things.” Hye-Ji mentions her interest in fashion and her plan to major in fashion design. “No wonder you always dress so fine,” Ha-Won compliments her style.

Hye-Ji observes that Ha-Won too doesn’t seem to come from “their world”, the world of money and privelege. The remark gets Ha-Won’s attention. “You are not either?” She had thought Hye-Ji must have been one of them.

a friendly encounter?

a friendly encounter?

Hye-Ji explains that she and Hyun-Min haven been neighbours since they were kids. “We have been close since then.” She asks how Ha-Won meets Hyun-Min. Ha-Won awkwardly explains the encounter at the convenience store.

Hye-Ji thinks her questions must have made Ha-Won uncomfortable so she apologises for prying. Knowing that Hyun-Min usually plays around women, she is curious why Hyun-Min suddenly introduces a fiancée to the world. Hye-Ji pries further though. She thinks Ha-Won must have been happy to be officially dating Hyun-Min. Ha-Won gets more uncomfortable.

Then Lee Yoon-Sung comes into the cafe with a handful of shopping bags to Hye-Ji’s surprise. “Why do you do shopping for her?” She asks Ha-Won whether Hyun-Min ordered Yoon-Sung to do it. “No,” Yoon-Sung interrupts. He explains that since Eun Ha-Won is living at Sky House, he takes care of her.

“So you were waiting for Yoon-Sung Oppa?” Hye-Ji asks, rattled by the turn of event. “I’m sorry I have to go.” She walks out on them.

Seeing the many things he had bought, Ha-Won slightly reproaches him, “I’ve told you I’ll return them all!” He uses his ‘it’s-the-chairman’s-command’ mantra on her and smiles, “I too have duties I’ve got to fulfil.” Still, she thinks it’s too much.

Yoon-Sung mentions the difficulties she must have encountered living with the Kang cousins. He promises to take care of her. He also apologises on behalf of those boys. His serious take on his duty must have made Ha-Won feel bad. She decides to take just one bag of clothes. “I’ll feel bad if I should accept all these.” She urges him to return the rest of the purchase.

* * *

A case for ignorance-is-bliss variety

A case for ignorance-is-bliss variety

Yoo-Na visits the cafe workplace to meet Ha-Won’s friend Hong Ja-Yeong. She wants to know about Ha-Won living at Sky House. Ja-Yeong unconvincingly states her ignorance so Yoo-Na takes her phone. She sees the photos Ha-Won has sent to Ja-Yeong. She couldn’t believe it was true.

“You must feel envious, right?” Ja-Yeong says. Yoo-Na denies it. Ja-Yeong takes back her phone. But Yoo-Na wants to see more, “how do you know for sure it is the Sky House?” Ja-Yeong refuses to play along. “I am busy!”

Attempting to snatch her phone, her hand instead reaches into a bag of suspiciously unknown substance. “What is this…?” Yoo-Na asks even though she is dreading the answer. “Three day old used toilet papers, perhaps?” Ja-Yeong teases.

Yoo-Na bowls and cries for mom.

* * *

Seo-Woo spots a savings book on the floor and picks it up. It’s Ha-Won’s. He peeks inside and finds out the amount she has left.

* * *

Ha-Won, sporting a new tracksuit, and Yoon-Sung go for a stroll after shopping. She asks him not to worry. She does various jobs, including at Sky House, to earn money so she won’t feel hurt by the boys. “I’ve experienced far worse.” But Yoon-Sung tells her that she is not just working part-time, she is a precious guest at Sky House.

She smiles that makes him smile. She promises to do whatever the Chairman asks her to do before she leaves Sky House. Her life depends on it.

* * *

Hye-Ji is troubled by the news that Ha-Won is living at Sky House. At an art museum (or a photography exhibition) she and Ji-Woon meet.

“I don’t understand it,” she says, looking at a photograph of trees. Ji-Woon knows she talks about something else. “Did something happen?”

“Can I ask you something?” She asks.

They sit at a bench outside the museum. She asks him about Hyun-Min’s fiancée living at Sky House. He confirms it is true. [2]

Hye-Ji suddenly gets up. She doesn’t think Ji-Woon will tell her so she is going to ask Hyun-Min herself.

* * *

Seo-Woo returns the savings book to Ha-Won. He apologises that he has looked inside. “I have to! How would I know to whom it belongs if I hadn’t peeked inside?” She points out that it should be obvious judging by the tattered look of the book.

Yet, somehow Seo-Woo keeps learning about her secrets. This time, it’s her financial situation. Though he comments that it is natural for a high school student to have little money.

“Then what are you guys?” She asks in jest. Seo-Woo doesn’t know how to answer it so she lets it go. They have their own world and she has hers. “Our worlds meet for a while.” He remarks that her words make him feel sad. She points out that the bank book is her reality that she should not forget.

But Seo-Woo means the bit about the brief encounter of their worlds . “Are you saying you are going to break up your engagement with Hyun-Min?”

Ha-Won is lost for words, unable to explain. “Don’t tell me you are the better player than Hyun-Min?” He teases her. Ha-Won just tells him to stop prying. “Or you’ll get hurt.”

* * *

Ha-Won finds a set of cosmetics on her table inside her room. She wonders if it’s Lee Yoon-Sung’s doing. Then Hyun-Min calls but she rejects it. She gets under the table to sleep.

Hyun-Min texts her to tell her to come to his room. “I’ve got something for you.” She refuses to comply. He keeps persuading her. Then she just stops texting and ignore him.

Hyun-Min gets out to her room and knocks. She answers the door. He orders her to stay at the door. Then he goes to his room. When he comes out, he uses one hand to dangle the school uniform that she has left at the hotel. Another hand is hidden behind his back, holding a scissor.

“That’s my uniform,” she recognises it, “give it back to me!”

“Come and get it if you can,” Hyun-Min says. He asks if he should cut the sleeves since summer is coming. Then he shows her the scissor. She panics. “No! I have to wear it to my graduation!”

She comes closer while Hyun-Min is retreating back. He orders her to calm down. He then runs to his room. She chases him although she stops at the door.

“Are you holding my uniform as hostage?!” She asks in disbelief. He agrees. He shows movement of going to cut the sleeves.

Alarmed, she gets inside his room to stop him. He points out then that she is the first girl to enter his room. She apologises but moves forwards. He backs off. He asks her to eat ramen together before she goes, “we can put caviar in it!”

Ha-Won mentions the types of customers that goes to convinience store at four in the morning: those who go to work early and those good-for-nothings who stay out late partying. Hyun-Min reminds her of the worst of the latter type. “How come you compare your sweetheart with those guys!” He looks insulted.

“Do you know what I do with them?” Ha-Won continues moving forwards and he moving backwards, until they stand by the window. “Equal treatment,” she says, “poor manners for poor manners, violence for violence!”

“So you are going for me?” Hyun-Min asks, looking apprehensive. She nods. She puts her hands on him and comes closer. Her lips are going for his. But then she knocks his head with hers. She smiles, “was I being too forward?”

“You are unpredictable, Eun Ha-Won,” Hyun-Min says, nursing his wound. He brandishes her uniform. “Here.”

Ha-Won moves to get it, but Hyun-Min, once more, sidesteps her, resulting in her losing balance and swung into his arm. Then they stand close face to face, his palm caressing her cheek. Hyun-Min stares into her eyes. “You have become even more amusing.” He smiles and brings his head down to kiss her.

At that moment, Hye-Ji and Ji-Woon come to that part of the house. Ji-Woon sees what is happening through Hyun-Min’s window. He faces Hye-Ji to block the view from her vision.

The obvious dilemma! Duh!

The obvious dilemma! Duh!


Really? Leaving the luggage out in the open, unattended, Lee Yoon-Sung? You could have asked a staff to get it to the house.

Should Hye-Ji ask confirmation about Ha-Won living at Sky House when minutes before the information comes directly from Lee Yoon-Sung?

I must say, the second week is not giving me incentives to keep watching, other than wishing to see Eun Ha-Won succeed in her missions. Knowing the supposed ending (or maybe it will surprise viewers? taking different route from the source material?) takes the steam off these supposedly fluttering moments and what-not.

The thing with Ji-Woon and Ha-Won is that it gets no where, or if it does, it moves excruciatingly slow. Four episodes in it still revolves around the same thing: misunderstanding of the other’s nature, and excessive one-liners. I see that it’s trying to impose that there is tension between them. But the lack of subtlety in these silences or long glances makes them feel forced. There are more wittier dialogues between Hyun-Min and Ha-Won that I think I can watch them just talking all day.

Another cringe-inducing device is the use of slow motion in framing close encounters and scenes of romantic nature. Sure, it meant to hype up the swooning factor. Yet it comes across as trying too hard.


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