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Kang’s Kitchen, Third Episode (Part 2)

Kang’s Kitchen’s third day is here. Will it be easier for the ‘Journey’ members? With ramyeon on the menu and role switches, will Kang’s Kitchen be happier?

On the way home, Ji-Won, Jae-Hyeon, and Min-Ho talk about the new ramyeon, whether tomorrow they should sell it and how to sell it. “It doesn’t go with the bread,” Jae-Hyeon says. While they are discussing it, Ho-Dong pulls out his handphone and starts video recording. It’s a ‘Kang Ho-Dong’s future broadcast’. (“A sitcom,” a caption says).

Soo-Geun is puzzled. Ji-Won tells him not to worry, “this is to be broadcast in 2080!” Ho-Dong asks Soo-Geun to say a few words. Soo-Geun greets the future audience and wonder if Ho-Dong has not yet expired (he’ll be 111 years old). Ho-Dong says he will stick to the end, like paints on the wall.

Ho-Dong turns to the people at the back. Ji-Won explains that they are currently in a flying car. They’ve come flying to Jeju from Seoul. “A four-wheel car? We haven’t seen one for quite some time!” Soo-Geun says. Min-Ho looks surprised that there was such thing as a four-wheel car. Even Ji-Won gets his first driving licence on a flying car. “The second generation SKY AUTO!” Soo-Geun says. They laugh.

Hello 2080! We’re flying!

Ho-Dong tells them to make some noise. They cheer weakly. “Once more!” He says. They scream louder until Ji-Won tells Ho-Dong to stop. They are tired.

They reach home. The future broadcast will end. Ji-Won impatiently asks for the automatic to be opened. He is ready to go out. “You’ve got your parachute?” Ho-Dong reminds him. Min-Ho asserts that they’re in the future. He can just jump because he wears winged jumper. Ji-Won and Soo-Geun jump out of the flying car. Min-Ho, with his winged bag, follows. Jae-Hyeon, an elf who doesn’t need wings or parachute, jumps next. “See you later, Hyung!”


Inside the house, Na PD asks Jae-Hyeon, who is sitting alone in the dark living room, why the others haven’t come inside. “They’re doing future broadcast,” Jae-Hyeon says.

“Won’t you appear in it?”

“I need to put my parachute in order and then join them.”



A Night of Miscellaneous Talks

The near future is set though: another meat beating and spreading session. But they’re used to it by now. They (including Na PD) get it done in an hour. They end preparation for tomorrow early.

They gather by the dining table, having late night supper. The “headquarter” has given them meal as a treat. It’s 방어, the yellowtail jack fish Ho-Dong craved (episode 2).

They have a talk. Ho-Dong says he feels one year younger every time he sees Min-Ho. He learns new words from Min-Ho. They talk about the day’s biggest problem, the takeaways, which had thrown them into chaos.

Min-Ho has expressed wishes to work in the kitchen. Jae-Hyeon warns him that there are a lot of works in there. “Even during breaks, I have to keep moving,” Soo-Geun says. If tomorrow Min-Ho can’t go on or experiences diffulties, “just send me an SOS,” Soo-Geun says, and he will help. Soo-Geun and Min-Ho will switch roles tomorrow.

Late night snack and discussion…

Soo-Geun is excited to leave the kitchen. He is confident he will do well in the Hall and can change it for the better. However, Hall manager Ji-Won feels uneasy. And immediately, they get into disagreement. Ho-Dong is sure they will fight tomorrow.


While the older members have a heated discussion, Min-Ho resumes drawing on a canvas. It is one of six canvases that are on display on the wall of the third and fourth tables in Kang’s Kitchen. Min-Ho has been drawing on it after the restaurant closes and bringing it home to continue drawing. When asked whether he went to art school, Min-Ho tells Na PD that he did in elementary school. It wasn’t until last year that he has been able to do his art at all.

“Who is that?” Soo-Geun asks about his drawing. A caption reads, “it’s Boss Kang of course!” Min-Ho doesn’t answer at first but then he says, “it’s just a happy person.” He continues drawing silently next to the other members who are deep in talk. Until some time later, he finishes drawing the first canvas.

‘Happiness’ by Song Min-Ho

A series of captions introduce the drawing. There is a happy person who may or may not be Ho-Dong but definitely a Ho-Dong look-alike. There is a paper boat floating on a ‘happy’ cup of latte. There is a quokka-like animal holding a fruit-based device of the latest model. There are cute Mysterious Power agents. Perhaps this is a drawing of objects that make Min-Ho happy.

How do customers react to Min-Ho’s drawing? Put on the wall of Kang’s Kitchen, it is an arresting sight. Some wonder who made it, some wonder how he did it. Soo-Geun proudly tells them that it’s ‘our youngest’ Min-Ho’s drawing that he finished yesterday. They applaud his creativity and imagination.

From the menu he draws, Kang’s Kitchen brand identity he designs, the latte art he makes, and now the drawings on the canvases he does, Song-Art enhances the aesthetics of Kang’s Kitchen.

That’s one canvas. There are more to come.


A Morning of New Beginning

Now. A new morning has arrived.

It’s the same sequence. At seven in the morning, Jae-Hyeon gets up first and showers. At 7:20, he wakes up Min-Ho. But last night, Min-Ho dreamt that Soo-Geun had a very difficult day in the Hall. “It may not be a dream at all,” Jae-Hyeon says.

Twenty minutes later, Ho-Dong wakes up screaming. His leg jerks and feels numb but he can’t describe it to Soo-Geun, who is waken up by his scream and concerned. “It felt awful,” Ho-Dong says.

By eight o’clock, Ho-Dong is dressed and ready to go, carrying their precious meat cool box. Soo-Geun comes with the car. “This feels like a rerun broadcast, right?”

Ho-Dong suggests they open the outdoor for business as well. He stretches his hand outside the car window. “Look, there is no wind,” He says. Soo-Geun is against it. “You’ll get sick being outdoors.” On the way to the restaurant, they talk and argue about dos or don’ts, which to do first and whether soup and rice should be put in the Hall to enhance service.

They arrive at the restaurant at 8:20 am.


The kitchen team enters first. Jae-Hyeon prepares his cooking attire. Min-Ho puts his drawing on the display wall. the Hall team goes shopping. Ho-Dong tells Jae-Hyeon they need to prepare everything in larger quantity. They have new menu. They should also anticipate a busier day than yesterday.

Ho-Dong washes his hands and prepares his recipe papers. “We have no roux!” Ho-Dong starts with that.

Min-Ho comes to the kitchen offering coffee. Hearing Ho-Dong’s bemoaning their lack of roux, he asks. “What is roux?” Seeing Ho-Dong handling the flour he thinks it’s the roo in ‘milkaroo’ for flour. “Something similar,” Ho-Dong says.

a student and his teachers…

Min-Ho begins his first day in the kitchen, learning about roux. Ho-Dong is now his teacher. Just don’t neglect the roux-to-be that is cooking. Min-Ho gets to stir the mix. Jae-Hyeon tells him to stir it steadily for ten minutes. A caption indicates that this is the first of a hundred missions to do in the kitchen. He does it in silence.

The second mission is stirring omurice sauce for 20 minutes. While doing it, Min-Ho asks if he’s really helping the kitchen. “Of course!” Jae-Hyeon and Ho-Dong answer. At one time, the boiling sauce gets to him. But with heat adjustment he is doing fine.

“Should we make this kitchen a hip-hop kitchen, now that you are here?” Ho-Dong suggests. Min-Ho then does some hip-hop moves while stirring the sauce. Ho-Dong offers occasional hip-hop screams. “We’re alive!” a caption says, paraphrasing.

Jae-Hyeon interrupts to warn Ho-Dong that the fire is too strong. Ho-Dong applauds Jae-Hyeon’s timing and manner in giving the warning. If it had been him, he would have acted rashly. “I love you, younger brothers. I love you Jae-Hyeon.” Ho-Dong feels the kitchen will be very different than it had been.

The Eggs Problem

It will be different than, say, how the Hall team, who go shopping, resolve the eggs problem. To keep them safe, Ji-Won insists on stacking them on front passenger seat and use the safety belt to keep them from falling. Soo-Geun puts them on the floor of the seat, which is probably the more sensible approach.


Min-Ho’s next mission is stirring the soup. He begins to wonder if Soo-Geun also did this. Ho-Dong tells him that Soo-Geun never came near the fire, which makes Min-Ho in a better position, like a promotion. Min-Ho looks excited.

Ho-Dong asks if Min-Ho can do dish-washing. Min-Ho says he is good at it. So, it is Min-Ho’s fourth mission: washing dishes.

It’s Soo-Geun who suffers from separation anxiety. He still worries about dish-washing. He still shreds cabbages (for the last time, today). How can he leave when the guy who replaces him knows nothing? Teach the guy, of course! Shredding cabbage is Min-Ho’s eighth mission. But don’t expect him to be perfect on his first try. “Perhaps, I should do it just for today?” Soo-Geun asks.

Cabbage shredding, just for today!


Meanwhile in the Hall, Ji-Won cleans all corners and edges.


Today’s employee’s breakfast is cooked by The Boss. It’s the new menu, a fusion of tang-soo-yook and ramyeon. They prepare the ingredients and start cooking the seasoning. The onions and chilli powder make brief attack to the kitchen staffs’s eyes. The meat cuts also get fried. Once the ramyeon is cooked, Ho-Dong asks Ji-Won to act as a customer and try it.

Ji-Won thinks the seasoning is off. Ho-Dong should make it again. Ho-Dong, expecting his approval, is shocked. He asks Ji-Won to speak clearly whether it’s bland and boring or too spicy, be specific.

The First Pork-Ramyeon.

“It’s delicious,” Ji-Won says. Ho-Dong looks relieved. “I was shocked!” Ho-Dong tells him off. The other members join in and try it.

Jae-Hyeon tells the crew that the tang-soo-yook’s sweet and sour taste blends well with the broth. Ji-Won thinks this is a new thing, a one-of-a-kind. Min-Ho thinks it is an art. “I’ll buy it,” Min-Ho says.

The new menu has a name, invented during the last night talk. It should reflect its character: Jeju Island, pork, homemade sauce, and ramyeon. Soo-Geun created “Jeju hearty pork-ramyeon” (제주 많은 돼지라면). Ji-Won approved of it, it’s easy to pronounce. So it’s now listed as such, “Jeju hearty pork-ramyeon”, and sold at $6.

Ho-Dong, Soo-Geun, and Ji-Won have a little row about the new menu’s preparation. But all is well in the end. Everyone will help.

The kitchen gets busy. Ho-Dong fries the meat cuts for the pork-ramyeon and puts it aside. They rearrange stuff in the kitchen to make way for the new menu. Soo-Geun still helps since Min-Ho still needs pointers and guidance. Ho-Dong gives words of encouragement to all. In the Hall, Ji-Won turns on calming music, Bach’s Ave Maria, and uses mixer to mix the eggs.



Five minutes before opening, Ho-Dong asks Min-Ho if he’s ready. “Yeah!” Ho-Dong gives him instructions. In the hall, Ji-Won shares service details with Soo-Geun and gets him familiar with the hall. Soo-Geun takes the serving apron. “I’ll fly in this,” he says.

Soo-Geun asks Ji-Won to make him an iced Americano. Ho-Dong, who hears the request, shouts from the kitchen that this is not the time to drink iced americano.

One minute to opening hour, Ho-Dong stacks ramyeon nearby. Ji-Won arranges slippers.

Kang’s Kitchen third day begins at 12 PM.


Kang’s Kitchen Third Day

However, at opening time, rice is not ready yet. Because of the larger amount of rice, it takes longer to cook. Jae-Hyeon informs the hall and asks Soo-Geun to buy them more time, like giving longer opening act, chit-chat or introduction. Soo-Geun laughs at the request but he’ll do what he can.

rice is not ready yet…

Soo-Geun greets the first customers of the day with gusto. He directs them to the farthest table, the fifth on the terrace. He engages with them in small talks. Two pairs of customers arrive and Ji-Won takes them to the third and fourth tables. Another pair takes the first table. “Please, take your time…” Soo-Geun says to all.

In the kitchen, Jae-Hyeon is still worried about the rice. Min-Ho arrives at the gate of the dish-washing hell. Ho-Dong talks to himself about many things (blaming the new menu, asking and questioning about kitchenwares) which amuses Min-Ho.

In the hall, Soo-Geun slowly explains the menu to the fifth table customers and cracks some jokes. He begins taking order. Ji-Won gives the kitchen their first order, which requires two serving of rice. Ho-Dong asks Min-Ho to ask the Hall to stall rice-related orders for ten minutes.

Ji-Won informs the fifth table on the rice situation and asks whether they would like coffee. They do. Ji-Won prepares their iced americanos.

Ho-Dong prepares the first ramyeon order. Ji-Won hands it to Soo-Geun to take it to the fifth table on the terrace. On the way, his foot bumps into the the door frame. He jolts a bit, leaving a slipper behind. Ji-Won laughs at his act. The customers also laugh. Soo-Geun tries to keep calm and cool as if nothing happens. This prompts further laugh from Ji-Won.

Extended opening act…

The fifth table customers love the ramyeon.

Soo-Geun also gets disoriented. He reads a request in a tone he uses at addressing Jae-Hyeon when it’s Ji-Won in the Hall. Ji-Won cannot stop laughing while making coffee.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hyeon waits by the rice-cooker faithfully. He has prepared other ingredients for omurice orders. If only the rice is ready…

A pair with two twin babies on their wraps get the first table.

Min-Ho informs the hall that the kitchen will do donkatsu orders first. The omurices must wait until the rice is cooked. Ho-Dong, tensed, laughs when Soo-Geun casually asks for three ramyeon for later. He chants “happy happy” and forces a smile.

Another makjang drama ost is heard along the credit sequences, which ends with a generic conflicting tension-rising shot.

the obligatory love triangle…


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