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Mirror of The Witch, Episode 15

It’s been long established that Hong Joo’s problem solving skill is questionable. Why anyone would believe her words is one of those mysteries because evidence is piling up against her. So, Heo Joon still has to work hard to make these evidence incontestable before the King and make sure his words hold value.

Potion 101: Don’t leave your cauldron unattended during processing to make sure that there is neither tampering nor contamination

There are moments, when it looks like Heo Joon & Co.’s effort is going to end in vain, in which one is tempted to switch off the screen and screams “No! Not again…!” because these failures could have been avoided had they do or not do such-and-such. The series seems to make a point that, in an absence of a grand plan or strategy, this “trial and error” approach may not be that bad after all. I should say that, pushed too far, it would hurt common sense though.

“I’m trying to do my best for this country, you know…”

King Soenjo

The highlight of this episode is the King opening up about his insecurities, with the help of a potion. His illness may have been psychosomatic and made worse by black magic. Well, we may have got ideas already but it is still quite heartbreaking to see how he loathes being useless and powerless in his position.

I particularly enjoy the scenes in which Heo Joon tries to get through a remote-controlled Choi Hyeon-Seo for answers.

The lowlight is Poong Yeon, although some reservation about him falling deeper into Hong Joo’s deception still holds. It may look like he is doing her bidding to eliminate the Princess. But like his father before him, Poong Yeon may be pulling a trick on her.

Let’s count how many times Hong Joo has attempted to kill Seo Ri so far. Now adds another attempt using holy flame ignited by Poong Yeon. Hey, Lady, It had once failed you! Shouldn’t you check first if the Princess is really inside the shed? Or that the holy flame really gives the effect you desire? Coming back to the “trial and error” approach, I realise I wouldn’t mind it if both parties are equally exposed to its benefits and drawbacks.

Potion 101: Behave in lab, boys! There are dangerous chemicals and instruments.


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