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Mirror of The Witch, Episode 16

It’s about time to address the elephant in the room, or the zombie in the white robe.

But first, let’s toast to Poong Yeon! He deserves it because…

Hello? Anybody there?

Among the highlights is watching Hong Joo’s excitement and sweet anticipation turning into irritation and tantrum as her scheme to burn the Princess is thwarted. Again!

Shouting “I told you so!” mainly to myself as Poong Yeon turns out fine after all. Let’s hope that Poong Yeon has a plan to infiltrate Hong Joo’s lair and learn as much as he can about her and her magic (on behalf of this audience). In his position, he has the advantage to move about in both camps almost freely. He will also need an exit strategy if he ever were caught in the act or cornered by Hong Joo. And he does!

Since it’s unlikely for Seo Ri or Heo Joon to knock on Hong Joo’s door for tea and cakes and ask questions, information is extracted, and interaction done, in a roundabout way: via a remote-controlled Choi Hyeon Seo. While his days are numbered, he may still be useful to both Hong Joo and Seo Ri. But, now that he is openly and actively causing harm even though he is no longer able to control his actions, what are they going to do with him? Moreover, the zombie suddenly mimics the trademark smirk and smile.


Three remaining candles to fit into four remaining episodes…

I don’t count how many candles are left to light but somehow I think there is one with the word “Hong Joo” written on it.


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