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Queen of Mystery 2, Episode 1

Queen of Mystery

Season 2 Episode 1

Casts: Choi Gang-Hee, Kwon Sang-Woo, Park Byeong-Eun, Lee Da-Hee, Kim Hyeong-Sook; Director: Choi Yoon-Seok; Writer: Lee Seong-Min

Queen of Mystery, Season 2 Episode 1

The second season of Queen of Mystery starts with Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Gang-Hee), ready for her wedding, asking her doting mother-in-law-to-be, “is he here yet?”

Somewhere on the city, Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang-Woo) is fighting a losing battle with the traffic jam, upset that he’s going to be late. “Why isn’t she picking my calls?” He is frustrated. “How come she did this to me!”

Today, Yoo Seol-Ok is getting married to another man. Just as the wedding ring is to be put around Seol-Ok’s finger, the ballroom’s doors burst open. Detective Ha walks in, screaming objection to her marriage. He is going to stop it. Is he finally admitting his feelings for her?

But why is Seol-Ok marrying another man? And who is he anyway? Let’s rewind to five months before the wedding …


The neighbourhood cops, the convenient store ahjumma, now ex Mum-in-law — “she is as good as a daughter to me!” Park Kyeong-Sook (Park Joon-Geum) says — with her gossiping friend show up at Kim Kyung-Mi’s (Kim Hyeon-Sook) cafe. They are here to watch the morning show on TV in which profiler Inspector Woo Seong-Ha (Park Byeong-Eun) is making appearance. He informs the public about the arrest of the duct-tape serial killer. His capture was made possible with help from a certain civilian, a housewife from Baebang-dong who’s got brilliant reasoning.

Too bad, the civilian’s face is blurred and voice altered. “To protect her privacy,” Inspector Woo says. “But why are they always together?” ex mum-in-law is ticked as Seol-Ok is seen on TV with Detective Ha, who is also watching the show on TVs at an electronics booth. He and Team Leader Bae Gwang-Tae (Ahn Gil-Gang) are on a stakeout, looking for a suspect of a credit card scam. “Does she look chubbier because her face is pixelated?” Detective Ha wonders aloud.

Now divorced, Seol-Ok is free to meet a someone new, of course. Considering the various activities, real and imagined, that the neighbourhood people have seen Seol-Ok and Detective Ha do together — Detective Ha even moves to the house across the street! — suspicions have been building up: are they dating?

“No!” Seol-Ok denies the allegation, which draws sigh of relief from ex-mum-in-law but, to almost everyone else, heightens suspicion. Seol-Ok insists she and Detective Ha meet to discuss cases.

One call from Detective Ha leads to one such meeting at the shopping mall. They are stalking investigating a couple splurging suspiciously. They argue about differences in men and women’s shopping style, deduct and conclude the nature of the couple’s behaviour. When Detective Ha asks to check their credit card, which bears the name ‘Cho Su-Jin’, the couple try to run away. But they are easily apprehended.

Something nags at Seol-Ok: it’s an authentic credit card, not a duplicate. They are not scammers, the suspicious man says. “Why did you run then?” Detective Ha points out. Are they thieves? If so, why hasn’t the credit card owner reported it?



Over a spoilt lunch — Seol-Ok’s kimbab lunch box is too simple for their taste buds — Team Leader Bae advises Wan-Seung to stop flirting with Seol-Ok and step up their game. He, now in a relationship with Kyung-Mi, is experienced in this stuff. If saying ‘I like you, I love you’ gives the creeps then express it in action. “Arrest her! Put handcuffs on her!” or capture her heart and put a ring on her finger. That ring! Wan-Seung’s mind recalls Seol-Ok’s choice of ring earlier at the jewelry shop during stakeout.

Similarly, Kyung-Mi advises Seol-Ok on dating and men in general and Wan-Seung in particular during a physical training at children playground. Men make a move once they are absolutely sure of no rejection. Seol-Ok must give the right signals. Tips, like how to flaunt her gaze, are shared.

Of course it’s all easier said and planned than done. On a date-slash-investigation-update, Wan-Seung spends a good amount of time trying to pluck up the courage to give the ring to Seol-Ok as she too tries to initiate hand-holding. But both miss the timings and lose momentum so they seek courage, or take refuge, in booze.

They get drunk enough to bring up each other’s misery. She mentions ‘Seo Hyeon-Soo’ to his face — “how can you wait faithfully for one woman for 17 years while some men have affairs when they already have a wife!” He subtly shows concern for her while alluding to her ex’s infidelity — “did he give you a hard time?”

Pressed if he ever had another woman, Wan-Seung looks at her in silence for quite some time until he excuses himself to the restroom. There, he makes up his mind to just accost Seol-Ok and give the ring.

What happens next that night is a mystery. Seol-Ok wakes up upset by the night’s foray — “what a player!” she recalls seeing the ring on someone else’s finger. Wan-Seung too is annoyed by her ignoring him even after taking the ring — “it costs me a fortune!” He seethes. Something is amiss about last night and the ring. They meet in hostility that morning, sniping at each other.

But their bickering should stop. The credit card owner, Cho Su-Jin, has been found, dead.


In a suspected suicide, Cho Su-Jin presumably jumped into the Han river. Along with the body, a limited edition designer bag is also retrieved and, inside it, a group photo of the woman’s recent wedding. What had driven the woman to suicide when she was supposed to be a happy newlywed? Something far more sinister is afoot. And where is the husband?

The husband is spotted to have married another woman, who also sports the same limited edition designer bag that has intrigued Seol-Ok. She thinks they have encountered an organised marriage scam as she also found matches in the police wanted list of faces from Cho Su-Jin’s wedding photo. From the new wife, Detective Ha and Seol-Ok learn that she met the husband through his mother, whom she met at a beauty centre.

So Seol-Ok goes to said beauty centre, threading to get into the mother’s radar. A query to criminal database reveals that the mother, Nam Bok-Soon, is a known fraudster who has dabbled in almost every possible field. Now, she ventures into “marriage” territory, preying on young women who are alone in the world with no known relatives. Seol-Ok and the mother get along well that the husband divorces his new wife and retakes the designer bag per mum’s request.

Seol-Ok must have impressed the mother for she now receives the designer bag in exchange for the impressive painting she brings to the mother’s house. She’s there to search the house as Detective Ha then distracts Nam Bok-Soon by crashing his car to hers.

As Nam Bok-Soon goes outside to see the damage on the car, Seol-Ok searches the mother’s suspicious old bag that mother always keeps close. In it, she finds Cho Su-Jin’s and other women’s ID cards as well as bank books of accounts under their names. After marrying them to her son, they legally opened those bank accounts and use the credit cards to the limit. The amount of debt must have driven Cho Su-Jin to suicide.

Ignoring Detective Ha urging her to get out, Seol-Ok goes to the upper floor and finds a suspiciously locked room. She easily guesses the security lock number with Nam Bok-Soon’s penchant for 7853 — it’s the car’s plate number and Cho-Su-Jin’s bank account’s last four numbers. In the room, wedding group photos hang on the wall, with red crosses on the brides. This is a hall of fame of the marriage scam that Nam Bok-Soon operates.

Seol-Ok manages to go down in time for the mother returning inside the house. Then the son comes in. “I’ve told you right? This is my son,” Nam Bok-Soon says.



…And that’s how, three weeks later, Seol-Ok’s wedding comes about. Detective Ha crashes the wedding to arrest Nam Bok-Soon and her gang for their crimes.

But these thugs have no fear for police, alone or otherwise — Team leader Bae gets there with arrest warrant and reinforcement. A fight breaks out. Amidst the chaos, mother and family manage to escape the venue, dragging Seol-Ok along — “she’s mine!” Detective Ha gives chase. When she proves difficult to handle, they abandon her and get away in cars.

Detective Ha’s car sudden break down stops them from chasing Nam Bok-Soon. But the son’s passing them on a motorbike — “that’s my groom!” Seol-Ok says — presents a chance. A timely door opening crashes with the bike, sending the groom away. While Detective Ha is handcuffing the groom to his car’s steering wheel, Seol-Ok picks up a helmet, strips her gown’s skirt, and urges Detective Ha to get on the bike. After a little squabble about driving licence, he gets a matching helmet and gets on the bike behind her.

They chase Nam Bok-Soon’s getaway car, tailing it in no time. They survive Nam Bok-Soon’s potential truck of doom by running a red light. As they get side by side with the car, Detective Ha hits its windscreen until it cracks. The driver to lose control and the car stops on a bridge. The sudden stop causes pile-up. Thugs get out of nearby cars to face Detective Ha. A coming car — it’s the handcuffed groom driving Detective Ha’s — crashes the bike. Thankfully, Detective Ha manages to get Seol-Ok off it in time.

It’s another round of street fight between Detective Ha and the thugs — he manages just fine and even impresses bystanders — before Nam Bok-Soon charges forwards and pulls his hair. This prompts Seol-Ok to pull Nam Bok-Soon’s hair, and Nam Bok-Soon’s husband, Mr Lee, to pull Seol-Ok’s. Detective Ha’s pulling Mr Lee’s hair surprises everyone present for it’s a fake. “You even lie about your hair!”

Mr Lee runs away, Detectve Ha chases him, Nam Book-Soon and Seol-Ok engage in another hair pulling stunt until police reinforcement come. It’s over for Nam Book-Soon’s Gang. “Do you like money so much that you sacrifice lives?” Seol-Ok gives her some last words.

Seol-Ok watches the police taking them away, empathising with the dead women who got scammed when they must have wished for a happy marriage. Detective Ha gives her his jacket to cover her leg. She refuses it for he will use it to bug her. “Exposing your legs is a crime,” he makes that up. She calls it a defamation. He gets another cop to take her home.


Detective Ha visits a property broker — he is moving to Joongjin-dong — and asks the broker’s help to transfer him to JoongJin Police Station. He will follow the trail of the notorious Mr Kim via the police station’s Chief Shin. The murderer they caught was killed. “This must be related to Seo Hyeon-Soo’s death,” he says. The realtor looks shocked.

In the cafe, Seol-Ok checks the result of police academy admission screening. “Did you make it?” Kyung-Mi asks.

In the police station, Detective Ha is told that a woman came to find him just moments ago. She left a name card, and on it, ‘Seo Hyeon-Soo’ is written. Detective Ha runs outside to find her. He doesn’t see her, sitting in a car watching him looking around for her.

Some notes…

It’s obvious that the whole episode was built up for the car chase, for the image of Seol-Ok and Wan-Seung with ‘couple’ helmets in matching bridal fashion — foreshadowing their ending in marriage? — on the bike. Because really… you can plan a detailed wedding yet cannot come up with sound ambush scenarios and plan an arrest?


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