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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 10

Youn’s Kitchen’s last day has arrived. Another adventure comes to an end. More people they have come to know visit as Youn’s Kitchen’s second restaurant in Garachico opens for the last time.

The outdoor tables are all occupied within thirty minutes of opening, while the Hall is seeing two group of customers and another table reserved.

The first customers are the Belgian and Danish couple, Jeffrey and Stina, and their dogs, who take the first outdoor table. At the farthest outdoor table is the second customers, two Taiwanese ladies. The third customers, taking the table nearest the kitchen window, are a family of three from the neighbourhood. The fourth customers, by the window, are a local family of three. The fifth customers of the day, taking the middle table outside, are a family of three wearing a matching chequered outfits.

Youn’s Kitchen’s Last Day of Business Continues…

The chequered outfit family reads the menu thoroughly as they want meal that the daughter can enjoy. One of the Taiwanese ladies recommends Japchae. Dad brings the girl to the restroom and Mum orders chicken gangjeong, japchae, and bulgogi bibimbab.

Seo-Jin informs Seo-Joon about the order, who goes out to set the fourth customers’ table. While setting the table, one of the napkins gets blown away and picked by one of the Taiwanese ladies, who returns it to Seo-Joon. As Seo-Joon walks past them, the first customers, Jeffrey and Stina, order more beers, which are served immediately.

Runaway napkin…

Waiting for their food, the little girl with chequered outfit plays with two white stones. Mum says she feels this is a deja vu, she’s been here before. “And what’s next?” Dad says, “did I do this?” Dad makes faces and noises that daughter then tries to copy. Daughter bangs the stones to the table. “Be careful,” Dad says.


Inside, the third customers try the Japchae, which they deem delicious. The daughter wants spicy sauce and Dad asks Seo-Joon for it. Seo-Joon brings them the gochujang paste. Asked whether it’s hot, Seo-Joon tells to try it. So the daughter tries a bit and thinks it’s not that spicy. She scoops a lot of gochujang to try it with Japchae. As usual, the spiciness takes time to kicks in. She makes a gesture of flicking an invisible lighter and breathing fire.


When Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare the next order, two portions of kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong, an incident occurs. Boss Youn fails to flip one of the four kimchijeon being fried. Panic, she asks Yu-Mi to save it. Yu-Mi calmly flips the one and manages to save it. Soon the dishes are ready.

Seo-Joon brings one kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong to the family of three in the Hall, one kimchijeon to the customers by the window, and one chicken gangjeong to the chequered outfit family. Mum of the chequered outfit family loves the chicken gangjeong. Dad also feeds the daughter some bites that’s been screened. Daughter wants more but Dad tells her to finish the food in her mouth and asks for more. He also feeds Mum a chicken cut. Nearby, the Taiwanese ladies observe the family and finds the daughter cute. “The father too,” one of them says. Mum wants more chicken gangjeong and persuades Dad to agree to order more.


After some time, Seo-Joon approaches Jeffrey and Stina. They want to order dessert, one for each, and another beer. Seo-Jin, who’s clearing the table of the Taiwanese ladies, also takes their orde for one hotteok and two lattes. Stina thinks it’s interesting how the locals are willing to try and enjoy the Korean food. Jeffrey is interested in Youn’s Kitchen’s customers’ demographics.

The cute little girl in chequered outfits approaches Stina’s little white dog. She likes playing with dogs.



The kitchen finishes two bibimbab and is preparing one more. Seo-Joon brings one bibimbab to the family of three in the Hall, and one to customers by the window. Another bibimbab is ready and is brought to the chequered outfit family.

Dad wonders if he should mix it all together. “Yes,” Seo-Joon says. They mix it after Dad puts aside a small plate of rice. He gives rice to the daughter who eats it with gusto. One of the Taiwanese ladies comments that rice are liked by children everywhere, with which Dad agrees. For the daughter, he brings out a small spoon so she can eat the rice with it. The family likes bibimbab.


Galbi, ready to be served…

After one Galbi is done and served to the customers by the window, Seo-Joon and Yu-Mi decide on what the kitchen should cook next. Yu-Mi cooks kimchi fried rice, Boss Youn cooks Japchar, and Seo-Joon prepares five hotteok doughs (and showing off musles while at it, a caption complains). Soon, Seo-Jin serves the kimchi fried rice to the family of three in the Hall. Seo-Joon brings the Japchae to the family of three in chequered outfits outside.

The family of three talk about the hardworking Korean who can spend up to twelve hours a day working for multinational companies. The daughter has different philosophy about working. “I’d rather spend time doing what I want,” she says.

Outside, the little girl lets out a series of sneezes, which Dad responds with “salud!” (for health!). Then Dad shows her the magic noodle, Japchae, and the fun way of eating it. Daughter opens her mouth wide, and Dad feeds her some. She copies Dad’s finger licking gestures. He gives her more Japchae and she eats it diligently.

After finishing the Japchae, Mum wants more chicken gangjeong. “I’m fine with that,” Dad says. She order one chicken gangjeong to Seo-Joon who passes them. She justifies the extra chicken as she has no idea when they can enjoy it again. “We should have ordered more. Five!” She says. Dad wipes the remnants of food on daughter’s face and hands.


The cooks are preparing hotteok while Seo-Jin is making lattes. He then brings them to the Taiwanese ladies. Seo-Joon brings two Hotteok to the family of three in the Hall and one to the Taiwanese ladies.

Jeffrey asks Stina to stop looking at phones. But then he looks up his phone for Korean words. Both soon focus on their phone and Jeffrey practice some Korean phrases. When Seo-Joon serves them two Hotteok, he says some words. “‘Nice to meet you?” Seo-Joon says. “Yeah!” Jeffrey says, happy that Seo-Joon understands his Korean.

The couple enjoy the desserts. Jeffrey tells Stina that there’s something in her face. She wipes it as directed until it’s gone. “You’re beautiful,” he says. She thanks him for the compliment.


Seo-Jin brings the extra chicken gangjeong to the chequered outfitted family. With that served, their food orders are completed. The little girl is very much taken with the white dog. “I like it,” she says repeatedly and pats the dog.

Two people approach Youn’s Kitchen. Seo-Jin directs them towards the extra table near the restaurant’s sign. They like the spot immediately. The older lady comments on the lovely wooden dolls nearby. She is the owner of the house, a 200 year old house with remarkable garden, next to the casts’ house, Ms Hilaria. She comes with her daughter. Some locals stop to greet her.

They decide on the menu, something suitable for elderly. Seo-Jin takes their order for two bibimbab. “No meat and no pepper,” the daughter says. Seo-Jin consults the kitchen about the order. The bibimbab will have to do without spinach — it’s seasoned with pepper — and get more zucchinis.

A group of girls approach Ms Hilaria’s table and greet her. They want to wait there for someone. Who? Someone has apparently captured their hearts. Is it Seo-Jin or Seo-Joon? It’s Seo-Joon, of course. But they are told that Seo-Joon rarely comes out for there are a lot of customers. “He may be cooking,” Ms Hilaria’s daughter says.

Who are you waiting for?

The girls still wait by the table. After sometime, Seo-Jin comes out to serve drinks. The girls decide to go. Then Seo-Joon comes out to serve Hotteok to the Taiwanese ladies. Another lady who stops by Ms Hilaria’s table tells them that A flashback shows the girls had passed by Youn’s Kitchen a couple of times just to see him.

Seo-Joon goes to Ms Hilaria’s table to set it up. The daughter comments on the table mats. “I like it.” Then she comments that she can’t possibly use chopstick, he teaches her how to use it.

Seo-Joon also serves their bibimbab and helps mix them properly. They both like it. Ms Hilaria tells everyone them that it’s good. She especially likes the soft texture and the vegetable cuts. They eat everything until the bowl’s empty.

The daughter then takes picture of her having finished the dish. Then they both takes a picture. A passerby offers to take their picture, to be sent to her niece in London. Some time later, they talk to tourists who has a Korean sister-in-law. They talk about Youn’s Kitchen being featured in the local newspaper and share the online article.

Two people step into the Hall. They have made reservation for three yesterday. Seo-Jin directs them to their table. Reading the menu, they comment that it’s pity the crews are leaving.

A family acquaintance step the Hall and they talk for a moment. And then a lady, called Mary, shows up, the third person in their party. She greets the other customers in the Hall and seems to know everyone there.

After some time, Seo-Joon approaches them to get their order. The seventh customers order kimchijeon, chicken gangjeong, japchae, and bulgogi bibimbab, galbi, and kimchi fried rice.

Seo-Joon goes to the kitchen and tells Boss Youn to start with kimchijeon, japchae, and chicken gangjeong. Yu-Mi prepares the chicken gangjeong and Boss Youn cooks the kimchijeon. Soon the two dishes are served to the seventh customers at the reserved table. The kimchijeon is a little spicy but they like it. After Yu-Mi finishes preparing Japchae, it’s also brought to their table. They enjoy the dishes silently.



A group of three walk towards the restaurant. They step into a full Hall. They have made reservation but all tables are occupied at the moment. Seo-Jin asks if they can wait. “Of course,” one of them says. She had expected a crowd at Youn’s Kitchen after reading the newspaper. A table and chairs are set outside and they sit there while waiting.

A man approaches Seo-Jin, who’s standing by the Hall’s door, and asks if they could dine here. He brings a party of four. Seo-Jin looks flabbergasted at the sight of the crowd waiting outside. Jeffrey tells Seo-Jin that it’s busier than expected because the food is great. “But I’m sorry for the customers,” Seo-Jin says. Jeffrey tells him to be positive about the situation.

One of the waiting customers approaches Jeffrey’s big dong and plays with it. The dog reminds her of her own dog.


In the kitchen, Boss Youn asks how many customers they have. “People are queuing,” Yu-Mi says. What to do? They may not be able to go home. “We will!” Boss Youn says.



Another group of three come and they take reserved table outside. It’s the local butcher shop owner, from whom Youn’s Kitchen gets all the meat, and his family.

Mum of the chequered outfit family asks how they get to know the place. The lady wife mentions Youn’s Kitchen’s meat coming from their shop. And since this is the last day they think they should come. “I’ve never tried the food though,” the lady wife says. Mum of the chequered outfit family endorses the food, especially the chicken gangjeong. “We ordered it again,” she says, “you will like it.”

The lady wife then listens to a voice message from someone who’s had dinner at Youn’s Kitchen — the lady of the family with a daughter who dined last night was impressed and even asked for the Hall team’s autographs.

They order chicken gangjeong, japchae, galbi, and bulgogi bibimbab. She wants a over-well egg, not the sunny side up. But, finding it hard to explain it, the egg is abandoned. “No egg,” she decides. After Seo-Jin leaves with their order, the son tells Dad that they should go to Korea and taste their food.

Seo-Jin informs the kitchen to not put egg on the order. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi talk about the restaurant attracting more customers. Is it because of the food or the publication? Boss Youn thinks it’s the newspaper’s doing. People come after reading the article.

Outside, the lady, who came with a baby and had coffee, passes by outside. The butcher shop owner’s wife thinks she is beautiful. Her husband thinks Garachico has the most beautiful women. “And who is the prettiest you have ever seen?” Son asks. “Your mum,” Dad says.
Seo-Joon comes and set the butcher’s family’s table and, after chicken gangjeong is ready, he returns to serve it. Galbi is served to the friends at the reserved table.

The butcher’s family like the chicken gangjeong. “Let’s order more,” the lady wife says. She asks about the amount of chicken bought from their shop. The butcher explains that the casts don’t buy in large bulk but they buy steadily from time to time.

There’s one cut left, and son goes to the restroom. The lady wife wants to share the last cut but the butcher lets her eat it. She cuts it in half, leaving the other for the son. But some time later, she eats the last half cut as well.

An injury…

In the kitchen, as they are preparing Japchae, Boss Youn has her arm touching the hot side of the pan. Yu-Mi immediately runs for ice. Yu-Mi offers to take over the Japchae but Boss Youn insists on finishing it. After the Japchae is done, Boss Youn reflects that she may overact on the injury. Still, she should see the doctor and get treated.


People are leaving. First, it’s Jeffrey and Stina and then Ms Hilaria and her daughter — the daughter tells Seo-Joon she will copy their dish at home. The family in chequered outfit also get up and leave and so do the two groups of customers in the Hall. After setting the tables, another three groups of customers are accommodated.


Seo-Jin serves the galbi to the butcher’s family and gets new order for chicken gangjeong. The enjoy the galbi, of which meat comes from their shop. “It’s really good,” they say. They also greet their neighbours who are passing by.


Seo-Jin tells the kitchen to make one more chicken ganjeong for the butcher and family. Seo-Joon updates the order sheet. Yu-Mi directs Boss Youn to cook egg first for the bibimbab. Seo-Joon brings one for the friends at the reserved table.

Seo-Jin brings the bibimbab without egg to the butcher’s family’s table. They like it a lot. The son then takes out yoyo, plays a bit, and comes to Mum for a hug and a kiss. While mum is away to restroom, Son shows Dad some yoyo moves. Dad hugs him and tries to kiss him but Son awkwardly breaks free. When Mum returns, Son gives her a kiss and easily cuddles up to her.

Son admits Dad is good-looking though. Dad agrees that he looked more handsome than the son when he was his son’s age. Son goes to Mum to play.


The kimchi fried rice is cooked and served to the friends of the reserved table, which makes their order complete. Seo-Joon warns them that it’ll be a little spicy. One of the ladies says she likes all the food they’d tried. They try the kimchi fried rice and like it as well. Even though it’s spicy, it’s delicious. They can drink more wine with it.

extra wine for the last customers…

Seo-Jin, who’s nearby, perks up at their mention of wine and offers them wine. “It’s on the house,” he says for they are the last customers. They cheer. One of them asks another customer to take picture. She wants to keep the memory of the place. She will miss Youn’s Kitchen because for a moment it has made the town livelier.

The butcher’s wife also thinks it’s a pity that Youn’s Kitchen is leaving town. She wonders about Korean words for “it’s good.” Son volunteers to look it up and consults the translator app in his phone. The lady wife also tries with an app for pronunciation. When Seo-Joon is near, the app speaks “it’s very nice” in Korean. Dad thinks he will surely miss them, he and the greengrocer’s.

Considering how Youn’s Kitchen has depended on the butcher’s, the feeling is mutual.



The Last Customers

The last customers, taking the extra four seater table outside, is the owner of the cafe that the casts pass by whenever they go home from work. It’s the white building with the dog occasionally seen at the roof. They decide to forget about money and try a lot of dishes. Seo-Joon takes their order for chicken gangjeong, japchae , galbi, kimchi fried rice, bulgogi bibimbab, beer, and white wine.

More ‘last customers’…

The younger lady shows the cafe owner a video of her daughter playing piano. It’s the star wars theme. She mentions crying at her daughter’s recital. The cafe owner thinks it’s normal for parents to cry at their children’s recital. He also thinks learning music is good for people. As the kitchen is preparing appetisers, the last customers talk about happiness. It’s definitely not money.

Seo-Jin serves Japchae and drinks. They like Japchae and are curious about it. More chicken gangjeong are served to various customers, and then two galbi are served to the last customers, as well as bibimbab. Seo-Joon brings chicken gangjeong and then kimchi fried rice and their order is completed. They comment on the uniformity of the sunny side up eggs on the dishes. Do they use cast? Or 3D printer? Or Is it because these eggs come from one chicken? That prompts laughter.

The Last Dish

Inside the Hall, one of the ladies by the window directly goes to the kitchen window to order dessert. For it’s the last hotteok, Yu-Mi takes extra care with the plating. After Seo-Jin serves it, they are all done.

Yu-Mi takes a couple of scoops of ice cream. “I’ve been craving this,” she says. Boss Youn asks her to count the dishes they’ve made today. In total they’ve made a record breaking 76 dishes today. In an interview Boss Youn thinks she and Yu-Mi has worked well together they can even compete in the ‘K-Chef Battlefield’ — that’s a stretch, she admits, but it’s to show how great Boss Youn and Yu-Mi are together.

While getting up, Boss Youn lets out moans, something her grandma used to do. She understands why now. She tries getting up without moaning this time, and ends up with a quiet ‘mmm’. Then, she asks the production crews what they’re doing. Filming, of course.

Seo-Jin enters the kitchen, “you’ve worked hard, Boss,” he says to Boss Youn. The casts are hungry now, since they haven’t eaten anything. Yu-Mi gives h im snack or candy.

The Last Walk Home

The customers are leaving. One of them greets Boss Youn via the kitchen window. “Thank you,” they say to each other. They also say goodbye to the Hall team.

An empty Hall…

Soon, the last customer walk out of the door and the Hall is empty. Seo-Joon brings the menu board inside. In the kitchen, Boss Youn removes her apron. “You’ve worked hard!” she says to the production crews. As Seo-Joon and Seo-Jin are wrapping up the outdoor settings, they notice a man, whom they’d seen him making pizza at the pizza house. Seo-Jin gives the man a thumb up for the great pizza.

Boss Youn spends time by the Hall doors, greeting passers-by as Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon bring the outside table inside. A flashback rolls on the locals who have graced Youn’s Kitchen, who have become regulars. In a voice over, more than the tourists, Boss Youn expresses gratitude towards the locals. She can feel how they live and grow old together.

A customer gives Boss Youn a kiss and bids goodbye. Some time later, Yu-Mi then calls her. They are going home. Seo-Joon locks the door for the last time. Youn’s Kitchen is finally closed.

They walk home, noting the chilly wind in their last afternoon in Garachico, the people who enjoy life and food, and the beautiful landscape of mountain and sea. They pass the restaurant they have been coming to. The restaurant crews come out to greet and send them off.

“It feels weird now we’ve become close to them,” Yu-Mi says. Seo-Jin thinks it’s because they’re in the same field.

A bittersweet goodbye…



In the last morning, they say goodbye and leave Garachico by bus.

Mary, the flower shop owner, tells the crews that she feels sad they are leaving since they’ve been like family to the locals. Jose, the souvenir shop owner, thanks them for coming. One of families who had dined in Youn’s Kitchen wish them a well and a merry Christmas. The train-car driver also bids them goodbye. Ms Nuria, the owner of the place, is overwhelmed with emotion that she can’t say a thing. One of ladies brings snack for them and tells them to come back to Tenerife on their vacation. The crews stop by the butcher’s, as busy as ever, and the restaurant by the town square, giving them present: Youn’s Kitchen’s apron.


As the casts are walking along a lane, they hear singing voices. “Is it Korean song?” Seo-Jin asks. It is. Who is singing KPOP songs in Garachico?


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