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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 2 (Part 1)

Even if the first day doesn’t go the way they’d wished, Youn’s Kitchen still has a long day to go. And there is still room for improvement. Perhaps a new menu will attract more customers tomorrow.

After waiting for a long time, Youn’s Kitchen gets its first customers, a couple from Denmark. As a token of gratitude, they shall prepare a serving of Hotteok for their first customers.

The First Day of Business Continues

Their second customers are a couple from Ukraine, stepping inside Youn’s Kitchen for coffee. After Seo-Jin gives them the menu, they read it meticulously. “Should we order something around €10?” They order a bulgogi bibimbab and two lattes.

Meanwhile, the kitchen gets ready to make hotteok for the first customers. Seo-Joon shapes the hotteok dough and Boss Youn prepares the frying pan. The dough doesn’t shape well after adding the filling (sugar and banana) so Seo-Joon makes another one.

After the fillings are nicely wrapped, the dough goes into the frying pan. Seo-Joon picks the pressing tool. “You can press it now,” Boss Youn tells Seo-Joon. Once it’s pressed into a flat circle, Boss Youn cooks it until it turns golden brown.

The Danish customers talk about the restaurant, worrying that it may go out of business in a week. “We can follow them online,” the lady says. The husband takes out his phone and searches online, “what is the name of this restaurant?” They cannot recall but they have taken its picture. The man starts with the keyword “Garachico Korea” but finds none that is related to Youn’s Kitchen. “Perhaps this is not yet online,” the lady says, “they’ve only just started.”

The Ukrainian lady takes pictures of the restaurant. “It’s cool that we’ve found a korean restaurant here in Canary Islands,” she says.

The Danish lady thinks the other table only orders coffee. That is too bad since “the bibimbab here is delicious,” the husband says. Moreover, they feel better after eating it, not just full.

A couple of passers-by take a look at the menu outside. From her seat, the first customer lady tells them that the restaurant is good. “This is indeed better than the one we had yesterday,” she tells her husband.

The Ukrainian lady notices the Danish lady’s promoting the restaurant to the passers-by. “I think she works here,” she says. The Dane has also promoted the restaurant to them and told them to come inside. (A caption reads “she is the honorary ambassador”)

The Danish customers wonder about the dessert while it is almost ready to explode in the kitchen since the sugar, now liquid, pushes upwards. “You should turn it around,” Seo-Joon says and Boss Youn does so. The hotteok turns out well.


After the heottok, they shall prepare bulgogi bibimbab. Boss Youn thinks they are in a much better shape than yesterday.

The hotteok is put on a flat plate. Seo-Joon scoops the frozen ice cream, visibly struggling, and puts it on top of the hotteok. Yu-Mi sprinkles sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate sauce.

Seo-Joon serves the dessert to the Danish couple. “Tak for det,” the man says. “I think I’ve just said ‘tak for det’,” he says. The lady wife confirms. The man says the Hall staff will find out it means something good (tak for det = thank you). They dig the hotteok, or the pancake as it looks like it, and declare it delicious. The man is curious about it. He can taste cinnamon in it. “Is it made of corn flour?” Regardless, it tastes delicious. The man finishes the hotteok, down to the last bit of ice cream on the cutlery. “Yummy, yummy!”

Outside two women stop by, walk inside, and greet the Hall in Korean. They are Koreans in Garachico.

Seo-Joon serves the lattes to the Ukrainian couple. He sets their table for the meal. One of them remarks on the steel chopsticks. “Steel chopstick is kinda cool.” It makes them want to travel to Asian countries. The man picks up the chopstick and notice that it can also be used as weapon. “You can kill someone with it,” the man says. The lady agrees, making stabbing gestures. (A caption reads “a great couple”)

Another great couple are in the kitchen, Yuh-Jung and Yu-Mi, preparing bulgogi bibimbab for the Ukrainians. Boss Youn gives it plenty of meat. After checking the bottom of the fried egg, Yu-Mi puts it on top of the bibimbab. Once it’s ready, Yu-Mi rings the bell and Seo-Joon brings it to the Ukrainian couple.



Seo-Joon serves the bibimbab and explains the dish and the sauce. The soy souce is savoury and sweet, the gochujang, korean red pepper sauce, spicy and sweet. He tells them to mix all together.

The Ukrainian lady thinks Seo-Joon tells them to mix all together. A bit confused about the mixing, she suggests they ask one of the hall staff to show them. Seo-Jin comes and clarifies that they can chose the sauce according to their liking. What about adding both? “You can do that but it will be too salty,” Seo-Jin says.

The couple try mixing it, and using smaller plate to modify the bits with the sauce. “This isn’t bad,” the man says. They both find the bibimbab delicious. The lady thinks they’ve come to the right place. The man comments that setting up a korean restaurant here is a good idea.


Seo-Joon brings the third customers’ order to the kitchen: a bulgogi bibimbab and the vegetarian version. For the vegetarian version, they will have to fry tofu. Boss Youn returns to the kitchen and fries the tofu with the sauce. In the Hall, Seo-Jin opens a bottle of wine and pours it on to two glasses for the third table’s customers. In the kitchen, Yu-Mi prepares rice for bibimbab, Boss Youn fries tofu, and Seo-Joon fries eggs.


After the vegetarian version is done and served, the bulgogi bibimbab is prepared. Seo-Joon brings it to the third table’s customers.

The huge ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ sign…

The first table’s customer is intrigued by the drawing of Boss Youn on the Youn’s Kitchen’s sign on the wall and seaches online. He finds Boss Youn’s information and tells his lady wife. “Born in 1947, she is a Korean film star,” he says. The lady wonders if Boss Youn decides to become a chef.

The man calls for Seo-Jin, who comes immediately . Asked about the dessert, the Danes say it’s good. After the bill is settled and tip put on the table, the Danes leave.

The Ukrainian couple finish the bibimbab. They also show interest in the Youn’s Kitchen’s sign on the wall. “It must be the owner’s picture.” When Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon comes to collect the dirty plates, the man asks if they can talk to the owner. They want to write about Youn’s Kitchen.

Boss Youn comes to meet them and they introduce themselves to each other. The Ukrainian lady is a blogger and wants to interview the Boss about the restaurant, its origin and raison d’etre. Boss Youn grants them interview.

In the kitchen, Seo-Joon explains to the crew about their Boss and restaurant being the objects of interest to their second customer, who is a food blogger. Yu-Mi laughs while washing dishes. “She is going to be a star,” Seo-Jin says.

While boss is being interviewed, the underlings are playing around in the kitchen. Yu-Mi puts two blobs under Seo-Joon’s eyes to create tears illusion. Outside, Boss Youn is talking about the huge responsibility that she bears since the restaurant is named after her.


The Great Kimchijeon Incident

In the kitchen, Seo-Jin checks the time and suggests they close the restaurant once all customers leave. He is hungry. He asks Yu-Mi to make kimchijeon. “A big one,” he says. Yu-Mi agrees to make it only if Seo-Jin claims responsibility and tells the boss that he made her do it. “Just make it big, now,” Seo-jin says, “a great kimchijeon.”

Yu-Mi prepares a huge pan and takes two large scoops of kimchijeon dough into it. She flattens the dough to cover the width of the pan. “I am really going to make it as large as possible,” Yu-Mi says.

In the Hall, the Korean customers order kimchijeon. Seo-Jin dashes to the kitchen and tells Yu-Mi that they must make kimchijeon for customers. “What are you talking about?! You made us do this!” Yu-Mi panics as the great kimchijeon is still in the making and she is having problem flipping it. Seo-Jin suggests they use the great kimchijeon by cutting it, an idea that Yu-Mi dismisses. While still cooking the great kimchijeon, she tries to reach for another pan underneath the stove. Seo-Joon helps her getting the pan and Seo-Jin walks out of the kitchen leaving them in a mess. “He just went away,” Seo-Joon comments as he starts cooking regular sized kimchijeon.

…an irresponsible party…

Seo-Jin returns to the kitchen to see them cooking. “I know I told you to make it big but I didn’t think it was going to be this big,” Seo-Jin comments on the great kimchijeon. Yu-Mi is just speechless. “Hurry up with new kinchijeon,” he says. Yu-Mi obliges.

Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon switch places. Seo-Joon tries to flip the great kimchijeon with a spatula but fails. He then flips it by a flick of the wrist. Outside, Seo-Jin joins the Ukrainian blogger and Boss Youn in a photo session.

Boss Youn returns to the kitchen and learns about the Korean customers’ order for kimchijeon. “Why is this so big?” She asks as she eyes the great kimchijeon Seo-Joon is in charge of. Seo-Joon looks at Yu-Mi for a moment, searching for words to tell Boss Youn. Yu-Mi is just as speechless. “We had an incident,” Seo-Joon says — in the Hall, said incident’s instigator wears his dimples cheerfully. “We were hungry,” Seo-Joon says. “It’s okay,” Boss Youn says. She was surprised because she thought it was for the customers.

Boss Youn misses the timing to flip the kimchijeon. It is scorched. They decide to use the great kimchijeon. While cutting it and preparing it for the customers Boss Youn speaks about why they need her around. “The boss should be around otherwise this would have been a mess.” Yes. They need her.

Boss Youn brings the kimchijeon to the Korean customers. Since her underlings ruin the kimchijeon meant for them, “this is on the house,” Boss Youn says. The shape may have been ruined but it still tastes good.


Their second customers settle the bill and leave. A while later, after exchanging well wishes with the casts their third customers also leave. Another long wait is in order.

No one is coming. They decide to close the restaurant. Seo-Jin brings in the menu and closes the door. Youn’s Kitchen’s first day in Garachico is over.

They have three tables occupied today. The Ukrainian couple praised the food for being simple and healthy. The Danish couple also praised the food. The gentleman recalled a dinner he’d had with the President in Korea and Youn’s Kitchen’s food tasted as good as the one he’d eaten in the Blue House.



Cooking Up New Menu

Seo-Jin takes care of the day’s balance. They decide to eat and Seo-Jin suggests Janchi-guksu, the banquet noodles. They will use the remaining ingredients and material.

Boss Youn makes broth with kelp and anchovies and seasons it with Korean soy sauce. She then boils noodles enough for four. After the noodles are ready, Yu-Mi rations them for each bowl. Boss Youn puts the leftover garnish on it and adds the warm broth to it.

The casts have late lunch of the day. “Why is this delicious?” Seo-Jin wonders about the noodles. Yu-Mi thinks it’s because he’s hungry. Seo-Jin thinks they can even sell it.

Boss Youn is glad the customers ate all the food. She thinks the Danish couple got the amount just right to be shared with each other. She wishes they had got four batches of customers instead of just three. Seo-jin mentions one couple who walked in but then walked out. “Why did they do that?” Boss Youn wonders.

A lot of people actually showed interest in Youn’s Kitchen. When they sat by the outdoor table, Seo-Jin thought they should add more to the menu. He suddenly asked Seo-Joon if Seo-Joon could cook Japchae. Seo-Joon gave him a blank look while scratching the side of his eye.

discussing baits and new menu

Seo-Jin uses the fishing analogy, throwing a bigger bait after the customers take the first bait so they come in. He throws in Japchae rice. “Or is Japchae better?” The other warms up to the idea. Boss Youn choses Japchae, which is Seo-Jin’s favourite food. Seo-Joon thinks they can prepare it in advance like his mum used to make during holidays. But before serving it, “it should be fried, ” Boss Youn says.

Then, they need to go to the market. Seo-Jin, Yu-Mi, and Seo-Joon go out to shop. On the way, Seo-Jin mentions the state of his hands smelling kimchi today — they smelled garlic yesterday. Seo-Joon thinks he washed his hands too many today.

Back in the house, Boss Youn try making Japchae.

It’s raining when the trio return from the market.

The Night of Japchae Tryout and An Exposé

“We’re back,” Seo-joon greets Boss Youn as they step inside the house. They should have dinner. “I heard you made Japchae,” Seo-Jin speaks to Boss Youn. They will have Japchae for dinner.

Seo-Jin fries the marinated meat cuts. Boss Youn adds the boiled glass noddles on top of the meat and the seasoning sauce. She adds leftover vegetables from the restaurant. Added with thinly sliced fried scramble egg, the Japchae is ready.

“We should try it for we’re going to sell it,” Boss Youn says. So they try it and like it. “Is it too bland?” Boss Youn asks. Seo-Jin thinks it is good. “It’s delicious,” Yu-Mi says.

A hearty dinner with the day’s leftover…

After dinner, Yu-Mi asks if they should cook less rice tomorrow. But Boss Youn poses the possibility of more customers. “We should eat any leftover for dinner,” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin wonders whether there will come a day when they should eat out for dinner because they have sold everything. “That would be a very good day,” Boss Youn says.

Boss Youn tells them that she was sad today for she wished they had got four group customers. Boss Youn hopes there will be more guests tomorrow. Na PD sets the goal to at least six.

Seo-Jin brings up the Sunday Mass at the Cathedral near their restaurant. “Are you going to pray?” Na PD asks. Seo-Jin thinks that after the mass, there will be a lot of people coming for lunch.

Boss Youn retires for the night while the rest continue talking. Yu-Mi brings up the great kimchijeon incident and voices her disappointment that Seo-jin just walked out without a word. “I sweated alot,” Seo-Joon says. Seo-Jin just bursts into laughter. Na PD mentions Seo-Joon even had his forehead sweating.

They usually sweat when they cook because of the heat and stop sweating afterwards. But today when they made the great kimchijeon, Seo-Joon sweated when the Boss walked in. Yu-Mi also recounts that they didn’t dare eating it even though they were hungry. She had thought Seo-Jin would have offered at least a few words of explanation to Boss Youn yet he didn’t. Na PD points at Seo-Jin, “he ran away, didn’t he!” Yu-Mi nods. “He suddenly vanished from the kitchen,” Yu-Mi says.

Exposing Director Lee’s disappointing ways…

Seo-Jin tries to defend himself. He tried to explain but Boss Youn was already in the kitchen when he walked in. It was Seo-Joon who owned up and told Boss Youn that he wanted to eat the great kimchijeon. “It was funny,” Seo-Joon says.

The day ends with their laughing at the incident.

The Morning of A New Day

Morning arrives and Seo-Joon is out exercising. He runs towards a ‘Hello Kitty’-themed playground. After stretching, he brings out an elastic band and uses it for weight training. He does push-ups. He also does pull-ups using the swings’ bar.


In the house, Yu-Mi collects the cleaned laundry items and folds them. She greets Boss Youn who has just woken up. Boss Youn immediately talks about Japchae and anticipating Seo-Jin’s analysis of more customers after the Sunday’s Noon Mass.

Seo-Joon tells Yu-Mi that he went to a bar last night. “You should have brought me along!” Yu-Mi complains. But Seo-Joon says she was fast asleep. He had spread the word about their restaurant at the bar.

Seo-Jin walks past them in the kitchen and goes straight to the front of Boss Youn’s room. He bows to greet the Boss (“a survival technique unbeknownst to others,” a caption reads).

A beautiful sky and a beautiful girl…

From the roof, Yu-Mi greets Seo-Joon who sits by the sidewalk. “Pollo, pollo,” Yu-Mi says. Pollo is chicken in Spanish. (So random! yours truly thought or did he look like chicken from the top?) Seo-Joon mentions that the sky looks beautiful today (“and so is Yu-Mi,” a caption says). Yu-Mi tells him to pose with a cat doll perched on his shoulder and takes his picture.

Seo-Jin comes towards the window. When his head is seen from the window Yu-Mi calls him. He looks up and Yu-Mi snaps a picture of him looking up from the window. Yu-Mi greets a neighbour. Seo-Jin reminds her that they should be going.

They walk to the restaurant. Seo-Joon mentions that the weather is nice. Boss Youn agrees that it is clearer than yesterday. Seo-Jin asks Yu-Mi where she went this morning. “The beach,” she says, for she woke up early this morning. Seo-Jin tells Yu-Mi not to set alarm and sleep well tonight. Boss Youn tells Seo-Jin to slice garlic. Seo-Joon takes a picture of them on the way, awed once more of the beautiful sky. “It’s clear and warm today,” Yu-Mi says.

They pass the restaurant in which they had dinner on their first night and greet the staff. Seo-Jin notices that the restaurant prepare so early. Is it to anticipate the crowd after the Sunday Noon Mass? Seo-Jin sounds excited. Seo-Joon once again comments on the beautiful sky.



Preparing for the Second Day of Business

They arrive at the restaurant and go inside. Lights are lit up, windows opened. Seo-Jin calls Seo-Joon to put the outdoor tables outside. Yu-Mi helps bringing out the chairs. In the kitchen, Boss Youn asks the crew about the restaurant nearby, whether it’s open. She doesn’t think they can compete with it since it is a professional restaurant. Once the outdoor tables and chairs are set, the door is closed again.

Setting up outdoor tables…

Yu-Mi prepares the broth and Boss Youn will season the meat. She tells Seo-Jin to cut the meat. Seo-Joon stir-fries the vegetables with more salt than yesterday. “It’s okay, it’s not salty,” Boss Youn says after she tries it. Yu-Mi gives Seo-Joon a kitchen towel to wipe his sweats. Seo-Jin does various slicing: kimchi and onions — plus tuna, they make for kimchijeon.

After preparation for the day is finished, they’ve got a break. It’s still eleven in the morning. Seo-Jin predicts people will go to the mass in around this time and go out for lunch after the mass.


Boss Youn tells Seo-Joon to rest for she and Yu-Mi will practice to make egg garnish for Japchae. This is a very delicate matter for the yolks should be yellow, “not brown!” Boss Youn says, and whites should be, well, white and “not brown.” They crack eggs and separate the yolks from the whites.

Boss Youn goes for frying the yolks first. It should be thin and “not be brown,” she says. Yu-Mi feels the heat is right and pours the yolks into the pan. Boss Youn moves the pan to get the yolks spead. The yolk sheet doesn’t look as round as it should be. “It’s all right. It’s going to be sliced anyway,” Boss Youn says.

Despite the haphazard shape, the yolk sheet is cooked all right.Boss Youn is relieved. “It’s not brown, un-brown,” she babbles. “‘Un-brown’? What does that mean?” Boss Youn comes to her senses. She offers an explanation for the lack of coherence: she got nervous and was mentally under pressure. “It is difficult since we’re not trained professionals,” she says.

Definitely ‘not brown’…

Boss Youn tells Yu-Mi to cook the egg whites — the difficulty level is higher. (A caption reads “this is Yu-Mi’s test”). “Don’t get it brown,” Boss Youn says. Yu-Mi takes over the frying pan and wipes it clean with kitchen towel.

Yu-Mi pour a little oil on the pan. “I’m nervous,” she says. She then our the egg whites and moves the pan to spread the liquid. The egg white sheet turns out fine, beautifully round and, well, white. Boss Youn compliments Yu-Mi. Yu-Mi shows her work to Seo-Joon, who also compliments the result. “I think you are good with eggs,” he says.

Now in the second season, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi have built an excellent rapport in the kitchen. She has become Boss Youn’s eyes and hands, a sturdy pillar that the Boss relies on. “We don’t even talk,” Boss Youn says in an interview. Yu-Mi does everything that is needed silently. “I’m going to pass on the business to her,” she says.

At 11:35 AM, the preparation for second day of business is almost ready. Yu-Mi suddenly mentions glass noodles. Boss Youn is shocked as they haven’t prepared it — it is pushed to last moments to avoid overcooking. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi immediately prepare the water with a bit of soy souce and boil the noodles in it for seven minutes. Once removed from the water, sesame oil is added to the noodles. Now they are ready. “Let’s open the business,” Boss Youn says.

Boss Youn goes to the entrance and sets the sign to open. Youn’s Kitchen’s second day of business is started.

Let’s open!

To be continued to the second part of episode 2 recap.


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