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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 2 (Part 2)

Anticipating the crowd after the Sunday Noon Mass, Youn’s Kitchen prepares early. People must be hungry and want lunch, right?

almost noon…

It’s five minutes to twelve o’clock and the open sign is up. Youn’s Kitchen is ready to serve lunch. With Japchae added to the menu, Youn’s Kitchen hopes it will get more customers.

Youn’s Kitchen’s Second Day of Business

Standing by the entrance, Seo-Joon observes people passing by on the street. There are a group of bycicle riders. More people in nice dresses, including babies, pass by. “She looks like an angel,” Seo-Jin comments on a baby on the arm of one of her family members.

The mass is over. People are out on the streets. Seo-Joon notices the difference in fashion from yesterday’s scene. People dress up nicely today. He also recognises some people: the lady from the vegetable store, the girl from the butcher’s shop. A man passing by calls his name.

Fifteen minutes pass by. Seo-Jin gets busy snapping passing flies. Yu-Mi crouches in the kitchen. Boss Youn stands anxiously in silence. She then asks the crew to go to fortune teller to have their fortune read, find out whether they will get customers today.

The Long Wait for Customers

As everyone gathers in the kitchen, a couple come near and read the menu. But when Seo-Joon approaches and greets them, they say hello and walk out of the casts’ sight — ”they just waved and left,” Boss Youn sounds disappointed. The couple hang around outside for a while, asking the crew whether Youn’s Kitchen is a bar and chatting with Seo-Joon. But they leave.

A proud owner expecting the first customers…

In the kitchen, Boss Youn talks to the crews that she will not look outside. She has to preserve her pride. But she listens carefully to the conversations at the entrance for any indication of customers coming in. At the entrance, Seo-Joon talks with a couple of women who ask questions and seem interested in dining inside. But they also leave. Boss Youn regrets them asking questions and reading the menu but not courageous enough to step in. If only they come inside, “they wouldn’t be disappointed,” she says. Boss Youn keeps her ears open carefully, commenting on people chatting then saying goodbyes, people saying “Korea”.

There are more people passing by but they don’t go in. Then there are two men asking if they can have lunch in Youn’s Kitchen. Seo-Jin welcomes them enthusiastically. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi get excited for a possible customer coming in. But the two men say “later,” after they get around the town for a couple of hours. The casts is visibly disappointed even though the men say they will come back.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn expresses her frustration. What’s with these people! “They like asking questions,” she says. Yu-Mi laughs off their situation. Seo-Jin comes to the kitchen and brings up closing the shop early. Boss Youn chastises him for the remark . They have prepared a lot and perfectly. She tells the crews that she has also prepared herself for the day by taking various supplements: vitamins C, D, and calcium. These are expensive supplements. They can’t close early.



An hour has passed and they still haven’t got customers. The street even gets a bit emptier. The casts remark that opening earlier doesn’t work.

Seo-Joon decides to go outside and look around the neighbourhood. He sees the restaurant, where they dined before, barely has guests. A couple of shops are still empty and closed. Do people get up later on Sundays after spending Saturday nights in abandon? He goes to the beach and see that there are sizable crowd at the restaurants by the sea and around the natural pool. There are people drinking under a shade.

Yu-Mi also goes outside and finds the town square empty.

Discussing pretty uniforms and cuffs…

Seo-Jin joins Boss Youn in the kitchen and they share pessimistic view of their day. From a window, Seo-Jin notices a restaurant nearby has opened. They talk about the employee’s dark-coloured uniform — “we’re not less successful because of uniforms,” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin likes the cut and accent of the uniform’s cuffs. He thinks they should have one in white with a lined accent at the front and cuffs. “Like pyjamas,” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin agrees.

The two employees of that nearby restaurant stop at Youn’s Kitchen entrance and check the menu. They think the dishes are well-priced. Yu-Mi, who returns from the little walk, sees them and greets them. They leave.

Seo-Joon has also returned and tells Boss Youn about the drinking crowd by the sea. “Why don’t they eat?” Boss Youn wonders. She also wonders if they should have lunch now because the casts need to eat if they are to keep going. Seo-Jin asks the crews for instant cup noodles. “Let’s eat now and wait,” the Boss says.

Instant cup Ramyeon for lunch

They have cup noodles ready in the kitchen. When they see people looking interested in the restaurant, Yu-Mi tells Seo-Joon to meet them. Like previous encounters, they ask questions and leave. “They think the interior is pretty,” Seo-Joon says with a resigned smile.

They eat the ramyeon undisturbed — Seo-Jin thinks it will be more profitable if they sell ramyeon. They finish their lunch and get ready to face the day once more.



The neighbourhood is empty. Restaurants and shops are closed. Seo-Joon stands by the entrance.

A man in electric wheelchair comes near. He reads the menu board and asks Seo-Joon if Youn’s Kitchen has coffee. Seo-Joon shows him their coffee offering. The man ordres espresso with sugar and then sits by the table outside. Youn’s Kitchen finally gets its first customer of the day. Seo-Jin gets the espresso ready and Seo-Joon serves it with sugar to their first customer.

Finally! The first customer of the day…

There are more people passing by now, some stop by Youn’s Kitchen to read the menu. Seo-Jin thinks people become interested when there is customer sitting outside.

A group of four come to Youn’s Kitchen, among them are the two men who earlier had promised to come back. One of the men comes with his wife and daughter. They are from nearby town La Laguna. The other man is from Switzerland. Youn’s Kitchen gets its second customers of the day.

The kitchen gets ready as the second customers observe the menu. They order one of each dish to share among them. The girl asks for dessert but her father tells her to eat meal first.

Boss Youn prepares Japchae and Yu-Mi cooks kimchijeon. One of the customer passes by the kitchen and observes them cooking before he returns to his seat and takes some pictures with his company.

The first Japchae is ready. Boss Youn add a sprite of sesame oil on top of it and then rings the bell. “I pressed it hard because Yu-Mi said it may not work if it was pressed lighter,” Boss Youn says — the customers think it sounds cute. The kimchijeon is also ready. Seo-Joon brings the kimchijeon and Japchae to the second customers’ table.

The customers like the dishes. The lady asks about the white garnish, whether it’s tofu. They are surprised when Seo-Jin explains that it is egg white. Separating the yolk and the white to keep the colour is a good idea. “Color is important in cooking,” the man from Switzerland says. They think the cook is amazing and a famous figure in the culinary world.

Seo-Jin tells the kitchen that the customers love the Japchae, they empty the plate. The kitchen prepares their main dish orders: a bulgogi bibimbab and vegetarian bibimbab. Boss Youn cooks the meat, Seo-Joon cooks tofu and egg while Yu-Mi prepares the special rice and decorates them with garnish. The eggs are added and the bibimbabs are ready. Seo-Jin serves them to the customers along with the sauce.

Boss Youn and the second customers…

Boss Youn comes out to greet the second customers and explains the dish, making sure they are informed to mix bibimbab. They ask her to take a group photo. Seo-Jin takes the picture. They like the bibimbab, especially with soy sauce, and consider € 12 for a serving of bibimbab generous. They will order another serving.

Outside a couple show interest in the menu. They inquire how many times Youn’s Kitchen open. “Until next Sunday,” Seo-Jin says. That is not the answer they are looking for. A lady with glasses joins the conversation and explains that Youn’s Kitchen has been opened for two days. The couple leave but the lady who answered stays and studies the menu.

An hour before, the lady with glasses had asked about Youn’s Kitchen because she has been waiting for Youn’s Kitchen to open. She came on Friday but the restaurant wasn’t open. “We opened yesterday,” Seo-Joon had said. The lady left after promising to come back. She does come back and she brings her husband along. “You pick the food,” the husband says. They are Youn’s Kitchen’s third customers.

And the third customers…

Boss Youn taps Yu-Mi and tells her about the new customers. Yu-Mi recognises the lady with glasses. “She’s the one who came inquiring earlier,” she says. They are local residents who live nearby.

The third customers take the table near the counter and look around the Hall. The lady remarks on the interior. The husband thinks it looks bigger. “It looks nice,” the lady says. Seo-Jin brings them the menu. The husband once again asks the wife to choose the food. “I’ll just pretend to read it,” he says.

Seo-Joon takes the third customers’ order. The lady orders one Japchae and one bulgogi bibimbab to share with her husband. She picks red wine for her husband and non-alcoholic beer for herself.



Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare the Japchae first. The smell seems to intrigue another couple outside. They approach the entrance and read the menu. “Let’s go in,” the lady says. Youn’s Kitchen gets its fourth customers, a couple from Russia.

Seo-Joon sets the third table. The lady asks about the cook, whether she is a famous in Korea and good enough to earn a michelin star. For the latter, Seo-Joon says no with a smile. Their drinks are served.

The Russian couple study the menu. The man will order bibimbab. “Then I’ll order Japchae,” the lady says. They’ll order dessert too. Seo-Jin takes their order. The lady thinks Seo-Jin is handsome and so is Seo-Joon. The lady thinks they’ve got great facial features.

And the fourth customers…

Seo-Joon serves the red wine to their fourth customers. After he leaves, the Russian lady remarks that Koreans are good looking. “Not always,” the man says. He is not jealous. “You don’t need to,” the lady says.


Seo-Joon serves the Japchae to the third customers. The lady with glasses asks for spicy sauce. She takes picture of the dish. “They put mango on it,” she comments on the garnish. They share the Japchae. The husband puts the spicy sauce on his plate and eats the Japchae.

The kitchen prepares the bibimbab. Boss Youn cooks the meat and Yu-Mi arranges the garnish on top of rice. Before it is served, Yu-Mi adds sesame oil. “Do you sprinkle sesame seed too?” She asks Boss Youn. “Sometimes,” Boss Youn says. Boss Youn sprinkles sesame seeds whenever she wants to.

The bibimbab is brought to the third table. While distributing it on two smaller plates, the lady observes the ingredients. They are all ingredients she is familiar with and uses at home. She eats the bibimbab with soy sauce. Her husband eats it with spicy gochujang sauce.

The man likes the food and thinks the rice is special. “How is the spiciness?” the wife inquires. “Not right away,” the husband says, “but it’s getting spicier with time.” The spiciness doesn’t burn the mouth. It’s deliciously spicy.


The second customers are ready for dessert. Seo-Jin asks them about the meal, which they compliment. “It was a great experience,” the man from Switzerland says. He has been on the Canary Island for six weeks and eating the local food. Having Korean food is a pleasant change. They order two portions of Hotteok and coffees.

Double Hotteok…

Seo-Jon prepare the Hotteok in the kitchen. Yu-Mi sprinkles cinnamon and chocolate sauce. Seo-Jin serves the Hotteok to the second customers’ table. They like it. “It’s delicious,” the girl says and the others agree. She also tastes a little bit of coffee after her father gives her permission.

Afterwards, the man from Switzerland comes to the kitchen window and talks to Boss Youn. He shows her photos of a hotel where he lives in the Alps. Boss Youn is welcome to cook there. “Film the third season here,” he says. Boss Youn thanks him for the invitation.

“He scouted me,” Boss Youn says with a smile to the crews.

After settling the bill and saying goodbyes, their second customers leave.


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