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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 3

Despite a shaky start, Youn’s Kitchen ends the second day in a better shape. What if another new menu is added? Will Youn’s Kitchen continue to bloom?

Youn’s Kitchen’s second day is looking great. Their second customers loved the food and one of them was even scouting Boss Youn to cook in the Alps. They are now serving their third and fourth customers and there are more to come.

Youn’s Kitchen’s Second Day Continues…

After ordering the drinks “without alcohol”, the neighbour customers discuss how to write such order in English. The lady consults her smartphone. On the next table, Seo-Jin takes the Russian couple’s order for Japchae, Bulgogi Bibimbab, hotteok, and red wine.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn gets ready to prepare the Russian couple’s order. She cooks japchae and then with Yu-Mi, decorates the dish with garnishes. Seo-Joon serves it to the Russian couple.

The Russian couple share the japchae and find it delicious. The man wonders about the plate, whether it’s made of steel. The woman wonders if they can use it for parties. They’ve got plans to get rid of some old plates to make way for new ones. The lady feeds her man some meat. And the man says, “No wonder there is a grandma here.” Grandma’s cooking is the best.

Boss Youn serves the bibimbab…

The kitchen works on the bibimbab for the Russian couple. It’s Boss Youn herself who serves the dish to the couple. She explains the bibimbab and how to eat it. The man tries the dish without mixing it as advised though. He wants to sample each ingredient. He seems to enjoy eating and tune out the lady’s voice, who is recounting a story of someone’s experience in Japan. The man thinks the bibimbab is so divine, he wants to eat it on regular basis. “She’s right. This is a healthy food.” The lady asks for a sample. After a while, the bibimbab bowl is empty. “We did order a dessert, didn’t we?”

Seo-Joon goes to the kitchen to make hotteok. Yu-Mi prepares the frying pan. After the hotteok is cooked, Yu-Mi puts ice cream and finishing touches. Seo-Joon serves the hotteok to the Russian couple. The lady orders a cafe latte. Seo-Jin steps in to make Latte. With that done, the Russian couple’s order is done.

The Russian lady thinks the hotteok is a korean pancake, and is delicious. “It tastes like cinnamon and apple.”

The neighbour lady passes the kitchen and stops to take a look. Boss Youn engages her in conversation about the food she’s had. She likes the bibimbab. She tells Boss Youn that she has been waiting for Youn’s Kitchen to open because she loves trying every kind of food. She lives nearby. She wishes all is working well for Boss Youn. Boss Youn.

Chats among neighbours…

As Seo-Jin is clearing the table, the lady asks Seo-Jin his name, which Seo-Jin explains. She wants to take picture with him but the man urges them leave right away. “Not now, Mariano, I want to take pictures first.” The man remarks she should also asks for Seo-Jin’s address so she can meet him in Korea. (A caption reads “the jealous type”)

Meanwhile, at the Russian couple’s table, the lady takes picture of her man and compliments him for his handsome features. (A caption reads “the loving couple. Thank you very much.”)

The lady with glasses asks Seo-Jin if they can take picture together. “Sure,” he says. Then the whole casts come near. The lady explains where she lives. They take group picture. The husband warmly shakes hands with each cast. The lady tells them that they will come again before Youn’s Kitchen closes. “Please do come again, ” Seo-Jin says, for there will be addition to the menu.

“Please come back. We’ll have more menus.”

Back in the kitchen, Boss Youn praises Seo-Jin for the quick uptake, ensuring their return with new menu. Seo-Jin smiles. “Let’s close now,” he says. After a moment of silence, Boss Youn asks to stay a little longer. She wants to sell more food. They decide to open until five o’clock in the afternoon. There are still a lot of ingredients and material. “I will wash more dishes,” Yu-Mi says.

The long waiting period begins again. ‘There is no one coming in, just flies,’ a caption reads. A couple of people stop to take a look at the menu and the interior but they don’t come in. In the kitchen, Boss Youn decides to get busy. At half past four, Boss Youn thinks they should close and puts aside the ingredients. Outside, a group of three ask if they can have coffee. Seo-Jin welcomes them. Youn’s Kitchen gets its fifth customers for the day.

Boss Youn and Yu-Mi begin to prepare for cooking but Seo-Jin says the customers, from Russia and Poland, come for coffee.

After placing order, one of the customers mentions some of his workers are North Korean. “They are really hard workers,” he says. He takes picture of the bar. After their drinks are served, he talks about the Koreans in Volgograd. He thinks they are great people and hard-workers. Koreans have been in Volgograd since Goryeo era and there have been many Korean immigrants as well. He recounts an experience of one of his acquaintance moving. A Korean helped out. “He was punctual,” he says, his company remarks that Koreans are smart. The man continues, “he doesn’t drink.” His company agrees. Koreans also respect their colleagues and employers. “They have got class system like the Germans.”

Bibimbab! In Canary Island! Miracle!

Outside a man looks through the window and gets interested in the menu. His company, a lady, agrees to try out Youn’s Kitchen’s food. The couple come from Slovenia, and they are Youn’s Kitchen’s sixth customers. In the kitchen, Boss Youn is visibly happy with the new customers. She and Yu-Mi expect they will get food order.

Without even looking at the menu, the man asks for bulgogi bibimbab. To Seo-Joon, he inquires if he can have a small serving of kimchi. The lady wonders how Seo-Joon, and Koreans in general, can have such a perfect skin. “Is it because of kimchi?” It must be.

Seo-Joon passes on the order to the kitchen — Boss Youn and Yu-Mi look happy — and mentions the kimchi request, guessing that the couple from Slovenia must have tried korean food before. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare the bulgogi bibimbab. They make it with everything in extra (the rice, vegetables, and meat) for it is for two.

Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon present the bulgogi bibimbab and kimchi to the couple. “Have you tried bibimbab before?” Seo-Jin asks. The man says he had had Korean food before and, “it’s great that we can eat bibimbab in Tenerife Spain,” he says. He also compliments the kimchi for looking authentic.

The couple from Slovenia try the kimchi and obviously love it, prompting the kitchen to serve them another bowl. “This one is better than the one we bought,” the lady says. Then they try the bibimbab. The man explains bibimbab to the lady, mentioning another kind, the dolsot bibimbab, that is served on hot stone. The man is obviously an expert in bibimbab.



Watching how they are enjoying the kimchi and bibimbab, Seo-Jin asks the couple about it. The man has a rich background. Born in Venezuela, he grew up in California and lived in Korean Town in LA, where he encountered korean food for the first time. The couple is staying for three days in Garachico. They live in Slovenia where they’ve got very little access to Asian food so when they read bibimbab in the menu, they just had to go in. Seo-Jin tells them that there will be additions to the menu for next week and they should come. Too bad, the couple is leaving tomorrow.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare to close. Yu-Mi is washing pans and kitchen utensils. Boss Youn cleans the frying pans before washing. Yu-Mi suggests they open the wine Seo-Joon bought, an idea which Boss Youn agrees. Boss Youn recalls the day’s happening, how they’d got a shaky start yet end the day well. “That’s life. Trials all the way, but we managed to go through it all,” she says. Seo-Jin suddenly joins them via the window frame remarking that their last customers even used up the gochujang sauce. “I wish they tried the Japchae,” Yu-Mi says.

Seo-Jin approaches their last customers. He offers them to try another dish from the menu. Since they are the last customers, “it’s on the house,” he says. They agree, of course.

The fifth and sixth customers of the day

The fifth customers leave after shaking hands with Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon. Meanwhile, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi finish making Japchae and Kimchijeon for their last customers. The man tries out the kimchijeon first. The lady finds the dishes delicious. “I still can’t believe we found these dishes here,” the man says. “And it’s your birthday!” The lady says. The man declares that this is the best birthday feast in his life. “Who would’ve guessed.”

In the kitchen, Yu-Mi shows the clean empty bowl of bibimbab of their last customers. In the Hall, the Slovenian lady suggest they tip more since they’ve got a lot of free meals. After the last couple leave, Seo-Jin finds their tip on the table. It’s quite a lot that Seo-Joon thinks it is as almost as much as the food they had.

Youn’s Kitchen is closed for the day. Yu-Mi gathers the clothes items that need washing. Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon clear the outside tables and chairs. After some time, everyone is ready to leave. Seo-Joon closes Youn’s Kitchen door. “Good work everyone.”

Afterhour Treat: Ice Cream

An ice cream heaven…

Boss Youn wants ice cream. So they go to the ice cream parlour while enjoying the sun setting and the landscape along the way. They feel good. Dinner time arrives in Garachico as the day breaks.

“Where is the ice cream parlour?” Boss Youn asks. Yu-Mi explains the location. It was spotted yesterday as she, Seo-Jin, and Seo-Joon returned from shopping. The words have it that it serves great ice cream.

They finally get there. The place has got various gelato flavours. Seo-Jin takes in the sight with a smile while Boss Youn is amazed, “there is Kiwi!”

Three scoops in a cup vs a scoop in a cone

Boss Youn wants vanilla flavour in cone. Seo-Joon looks at the display. Yu-Mi finds a watermelon flavour and decides to try it. Seo-Joon asks for the three flavour combo in cup and Seo-Jin has one in cone.

They walk home while eating ice cream. On the way, they greet people they meet and return their greetings.

A Late Night Chicken Party

At night, they return to the kitchen. Boss Youn wants to try chicken gangjeong, fried chicken with soy sauce.

Fried chicken is a dish Seo-Jin had suggested — it’s a dish his Mum used to make in his childhood — and was proved popular in Gili. ”No one hates chicken” is Lee Seo-Jin’s wise words. It’s been in his mind since they decided to add menu a couple of days ago. “Let’s try chicken gangjeong,” he had said. They would add seasoning and sauce to the tried and tested fried chicken dish.

During an after dinner discussion, Seo-Jin suggested that they streamlined the variety of sauce. “Let’s scrap gochujang,” he said for the customers didn’t like its spiciness. They should focus on the soy sauce. This would make adding chicken gangjeong easier as it uses the same base sauce.

Inspecting a deep-fryer

The kitchen is adjusted to make room for a deep-fryer. Unused utensils are thrown out.

After coating chicken cuts with batter, Boss Youn waits or the right heat to put them into the deep-fryer. They test the fryer by putting one cut. Seo-Joon uses his experience of working at a fried chicken joint — he’d handled 1,5 tons of chicken — to help out in understanding deep-frying chicken. “Fry at 190 degrees for ten minutes,” he says. He sets the temperature setup on the fryer.

Boss Youn makes the sauce, and reduces the amount of sugar from the recipe. She asks Yu-Mi to try it, whether it is too sweet. “It’s a little too salty,” she says. Seo-Jin also remarks that it’s salty. It needs to be more sweet. Boss Youn confesses that she told Seo-Joon to reduce the sugar.

A maxim: everbody loves chicken

On second try, adding more liquid sugar, Boss Youn alters the sauce and stir-fries the fried chicken with it. With a sprinkle of nuts, the dish is ready. Everyone tries it and comments that it is better.

Yu-Mi is concerned about the possibility of bulk orders for chicken gangjeong coming in at once. “We’ll be in trouble,” she says. Preparing the existing menu proved to be quite a task when there were a lot of orders.

A new menu: chicken gangjeong

Youn’s Kitchen undergoes changes in menu. The meat bibimbab, which hasn’t got any sales since opening day, is dropped and chicken gangjeong is added. The dish will be popular with future customers of Youn’s Kitchen. They’ve found the perfect formula for chicken gangjeong sauce, sweet and salty, and stocked a batch that should be enough until they leave town.


Another Morning, Another Preparation

Another day has come. The morning routine is repeated. Seo-Joon goes out to exercise. After going out for a walk, Yu-Mi takes care of the laundry. Boss Youn joins them for simple breakfast in the kitchen.

Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon leave for work, stopping by the greengrocer for the day’s supply.

They prepare the ingredients for today. Yu-Mi makes broth for rice and slices vegetables. Seo-Joon blanches spinach. Yu-Mi stir-fries mushrooms. Seo-Joon stir-fries carrots. Seo-Joon cooks sliced chayote squash. Yu-Mi cooks more mushrooms although Seo-Joon reminds her that she needs to light the fire first. They are sweating from the heat and work.

In uniform

Meanwhile, Boss Youn and Seo-Jin leave the house for work together. They both wear black and white outfits that Seo-Jin remarks it feels like they are in uniform. They walk leisurely to the restaurant.

Yu-Mi helps Boss Youn with the apron. Seo-Jin asks for the chicken and begins cutting them into bite sizes for the chicken gangjeong. Seo-Joon prepares the batter for chicken and soaks the cuts in it. Boss Youn checks the ingredients that have been prepared. She thinks they are enough for the day.

Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon clean tables, set the outdoor tables, and open windows. Seo-Jin puts on some music. “Everything’s ready,” Seo-Joon says to Seo-Jin, who has armed himself with a fly-swatter.

Today, Youn’s Kitchen opens an hour later than yesterday at one o’clock in the afternoon.



Youn’s Kitchen’s Third Day of Business

Just moments after opening, a group of four approach. They ask Seo-Joon, who is adjusting his apron, if the restaurant is open and go in without hesitation. Among them are three Korean exchange students. The casts are excited for they’ve already got customers within a minute.

The first customers of the day

Seo-Joon hands them the menu. One of the women explains the dish to their company, a man, in Spanish. The man has seen a lot of Korean food on TV but has never tried it. In the kitchen, Boss Youn wonders, and is clearly excited, about what they will order. Seo-Joon passes the first order to the kitchen. They order one kimchijeon, one Japchae, one bulgogi bibimbab, and one chicken gangjeong.

Boss Youn and Yu-Mi make the appetisers first. Yu-Mi cooks the kimchijeon and Boss Youn prepares Japchae.

While the first customers are talking, a honeymooning Korean couple step inside. Seo-Jin gives them the menu and explains that there is no Korean for the description in the menu. “There is English though,” he says.

Within ten minutes, Youn’s Kitchen get two customers. Seo-Jin passes on the second customers’ order for two bibimbab and one chicken gangjeong.

A two-hand skill

Boss Youn, who’s attending the Japchae, asks Yu-Mi for plate. Yu-Mi extends one hand with the Japchae plate around Boss Youn while her other hand while cooking Kimchijeon with her other hand. Soon, the Japchae and kimchijeon are ready to serve. “Why do they come out so fast?” Seo-Jin asks. “For there are a lot of orders,” Yu-Mi says.

Seo-Jin brings the appetisers to the first customers. The Spanish man tries out the kimchijeon. “It’s spicy but delicious,” he says. He then tries the Japchae. With hand gestures, he signals that the dish is perfect.

In the kitchen, Seo-Jin asks when the bibimbab come out. Since cooking chicken gangjeong takes time, he’ll tell customers that bibimbab will be served first. Seo-Joon prepares the deep-fryer. “We have to prepare sixteen cuts of chicken,” Yu-Mi says. Seo-Joon puts the batter coated chicken cuts into the deep-fryer and sets a timer to nine minutes.
In the mean time, bibimbabs are served to the two tables.


A man in black shirt comes in and takes the table by the counter. From his seat, he greets the staff in the kitchen. Seo-Joon recognises him as the owner of the bar he and Yu-Mi went to last night. The man calls for recommendation. Seo-Jin recommends their bulgogi bibimbab. “It’s the best,” he says. The third customer orders one bulgogi bibimbab. After telling the kitchen about it, Seo-Jin sets the table for their third customer.

In the kitchen, the timer rings, marking the end of deep-frying. Seo-Joon prepares the sauce for chicken gangjeong on the frying pan. Soon, two servings of chicken gangjeong are ready. Seo-Joon sprinkles nuts on top of them. He brings the chicken gangjeong to the students’ table and the honeymoon couple’s table.

The third customers asks the first customers, who are enjoying the food, if it’s any good. “It is,” they say. His food hasn’t come out yet as Boss Youn and Yu-Mi is still preparing his bibimbab. Once it’s ready, Seo-Joon brings it to his table.

Seo-Jin explains the dish to the bar owner, “put in the soy sauce and mix them together.” Seo-Jin volunteers to do the mixing and tells the bar owner to add more sauce if he wants more. The bar owner tries the bibimbab and he seems to like it. “This is my first time eating Korean food. It’s nice,” he says. He continues eating until the bowl’s empty. He then engages in a phone call telling about his experience eating Korean food. “All these delicious vegetables for €12. It’s cheap,” he says.

Boss Youn’s inspecting the Hall

Boss Youn comes to the Hall. Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon tell her about the bar owner and his first time eating Korean food. Boss Youn greets the bar owner. “Did you like it?” She asks. He gestures that the food is great and says that she is the best chef from Korea. “Thank you very much,” Boss Youn says. She also thanks the bar owner for coming. Boss Youn also greets the first customers’ table and the honeymoon couple before returning to the kitchen.

The bar owner is leaving. “Please come again,” Seo-Jin says.


The casts do cleaning and washing. Seo-Jin washes the cutlery. In the kitchen, Yu-Mi asks Boss Youn to leave the dish-washing and rest. Boss Youn remarks that the customers ate up the food for they haven’t got food waste. While Yu-Mi is washing dishes, Boss Youn stretches her legs. She takes a look at the Hall and stops herself from calling Seo-Jin. She wants to know about their sales so far but restrains herself. “We still have customers,” she says. She then crouches, complains about her legs but sounds happy.


Inspecting the glass

An hour and ten minutes after opening, Youn’s Kitchen’s fourth customers, two people, take the seats outside. Seo-Joon takes their order for red wine and beer. They ask to see the menu.

While waiting for order, Seo-Joon prepares scoops of ice creams. It’s a strategy Yu-Mi had come up to make serving Hotteok faster for scooping ice creams is a hard task. (A caption reads “Seo-Joon exercise in the mornings to scoop ice cream.”) He does scooping ice creams every day whenever he has free time. In his free time, Seo-Jin does dish-washing, arranges and cleans the cutlery.

Seo-Joon takes order from their fourth customers: Japchae and chicken gangjeong. They just want light meal.

The fourth customers of the day

As Seo-Joon attends the fourth customers, another couple study the menu outside. The couple then come inside, becoming Youn’s Kitchen’s fifth customers. The lady seems to know the man at the first table. The man introduces his company, a group of Korean students. “They speak Spanish a little,” he says.

The fifth customer lady, Mary, is the owner of a flower shop which is just fifty steps away from Youn’s Kitchen. She looks around the Hall and thinks it’s really pretty. Seo-Jin gives them the menu. Yu-Mi notices they’ve got more customers.

Seo-Joon brings in the fourth customers’ order. Boss Youn tells Yu-Mi to prepare the chicken gangjeong as Boss Youn prepares the Japchae. She cooks the meat and then the glass noodles. Yu-Mi pours the mother sauce on to the pan. Yu-Mi deep-fries the chicken cuts.

Outside, Seo-Joon sets the fourth customers’ table. The man asks for more beer. He also asks for chopsticks. Seo-Joon serves their requests immediately.

Inside, after the first customers leave, the fifth customers make their order. Seo-Jin take their order for bibimbab and beer. The husband asks Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon if have Korean drinks too. Too bad, they haven’t got any. Seo-Jin asks if they need extra plate to share the food. “No,” the lady says. As Seo-Jin leaves, she comments that he is kind. Seo-Joon serves the beer to the fifth customers’ table.

The fifth customers of the day

Seo-Jin brings the order to the kitchen. But Yu-Mi holds it back for Boss Youn is still preoccupied with Japchae. Once it’s finished, Seo-Joon brings it to the fourth customers outside. The couple love it, especially since it’s rich in vegetables. The man continues putting more food on the lady’s plate. He also asks her to take picture of him eating the food with chopsticks. They eat while the kitchen is preparing their chicken gangjeong.

Yu-Mi suggests Seo-Joon takes care of the chicken order and Boss Youn prepares bibimbab. Boss Youn cooks meat. Yu-Mi prepares the rice bowl and then cooks egg. Seo-Joon takes the chicken from the deep-fryer into a pan, adds sauce, moves to the stove, and cooks it. The chicken gangjeong is ready and served to the fourth customers. The man asks for spicy sauce.

Seo-Joon gets him gochujang sauce. He warns the customer that it is very spicy. But the man loves it. They like the chicken gangjeong, and the man loves it especially with the spicy sauce.

Boss Youn and the fourth customers

Boss Youn comes out to greet the fourth customers. The man says the food is great and asks is she is the owner of the restaurant or the chef. She introduces herself as the chef for a TV programme. “We are filming it right now,” she says. The customer lady introduces her husband. “He was a film director,” she says. They come from Norway. The man has produced films in Hollywood and Norway.

Boss Youn explains the reality programme they are filming. The place was a Spanish restaurant and remodelled to accommodate Youn’s Kitchen.

The couple praise the food. Boss Youn humbly says that even though she and the casts are not professionals they try their best in cooking. The man says the sincerity is felt in their food. She thanks the couple for coming to Youn’s Kitchen.


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