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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 6 (Part 1)

Youn’s Kitchen introduces better system today and scores new record sales on its fifth day.

Measures are taken to avoid yesterday’s unfortunate events. Everyone is determined to do better.

More Preparation and Improvements

With music — ‘Bawling’ by Primary and Hyuk Oh, a song Seo-Joon always listens to — playing on the background, Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon do preparation for the day. Vegetables are fried, chicken cuts are coated with flour and deep-fried, and rice are cooked. ”Today’s rice turns out so well,” Yu-Mi says.

Going to work…

As they are walking to work, Boss Youn comments that the alleyways going up and down the slopes feel like the old Korea neighbourhoods. “Like Bukchon,” Seo-Jin says. Boss Youn agrees and notes that the neighbourhoods in which she’d lived, Changsin-dong and Sungin-dong, were the same. “Gahoe-dong had them too,” she says.

Due to Garachico’s unique location, buildings and houses are built on a slope of a mountain with a main road sitting on the coastal plain between the mountain slope and the sea . People walk through alleyways and staircases to go everywhere.

Boss Youn and Seo-Jin enter the restaurant and begin preparing as well. Seo-Jin opens the window and checks the preparation in the kitchen. Boss Youn then finishes the remaining to-do list. Helped by Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon, Boss Youn continues with cooking glass noodles, making kimchijeon and hotteok dough, and seasoning spinach.

Boss Youn observes the countertop and applauds Yu-Mi for having done a lot, including the garlic flakes. “Seo-Joon helped,” Yu-Mi says and explains the easier way to make garlic flakes with the deep-fryer. “So, we even learned new tricks,” Boss Youn says. Today also sees new organisation to the ingredients, which are grouped into vegetables and bibimbab, appetiser and dessert, and meat and sauce.



In the Hall, Seo-Jin dons a sunglasses and takes money out of the cash box. He suspiciously goes out — a caption says, “the real Lupin” — and walks passing a forbidden sign to a store to buy lollipops. When Yu-Mi asks about these lollipops on display in the Hall, “It’s for the children,” Seo-Jin says. Famous places provide either meal or toys for children so Seo-Jin prepares lollipops for children who come to Youn’s Kitchen.

Introducing ‘Set Menu A’

Seo-Jin also thought of ways to enhance sales, such as lunch sets. It’ll make choosing menu and sharing food easier. It’s also cheaper than ordering individual items. Thus, Set Menu A is born from which customers can have full course meal and beverage and save €4 .


Outdoor tables are set, stains are wiped clean. Then Seo-Jin sees Yu-Mi eating a lollipop. “I bought them for the kids! How dare you! You are just a section chief,” he chastises her.

Yu-Mi goes to the kitchen, hurt by the words. “Just a section chief, huh?” Boss Youn tells her to go outside for air. So Yu-Mi goes out. “It’s cool,” she says and runs towards the ocean. She returns and shows Seo-Jin that the lollipop has turned into a chewing gum.

Boss Youn is out to set the open sign although Seo-Jin says there is still five minutes to go. “Let’s open and close five minutes early,” Seo-Jin says. So Youn’s Kitchen is open around 1 o’clock.

Youn’s Kitchen’s Fifth Day

As they wait for customers, Seo-Joon remarks on a passing train car and its driver whom he sees every morning whenever he goes out to exercise at the ‘Hello Kitty’-themed playground. Then they see a man, who came to Youn’s Kitchen a couple of days a go, passing them. The man stops to show Seo-Jin some meat to cook. From a balcony of the opposite building, a woman inquires if they are open. “We are,” Seo-Joon says.

Set Menu A is popular…

Then they get, not just one or two, three groups of Korean customers. From the get-go, the Set Menu is a hit. Boss Youn goes from doubt to being impressed by the Seo-Jin’s Set Menu strategy. “He’s got great business sense,” Boss Youn says. The kitchen smoothly fulfils customers’ orders. The Hall too gives good service, including serving omija-ade.


A sizable crowd look interested in Youn’s Kitchen but it’s the next-door neighbours, a family of three, who become Youn’s Kitchen’s fourth customers. After scrutinising the menu — Dad wants Japchae so Son goes for the chicken — they order one Japchae, one chicken gangjeong, one bulgogi bibimbab. “Water for me, one beer for him,” and after the teenager consults Mum, “one beer for her,” he concludes.

Seo-Joon relays the order to the kitchen and tells Yu-Mi to start with Japchae and chicken. They make new fried chicken cuts for they ran out of prepared ones after set menu orders.

Seo-Jin serves the drinks. Mum and Dad go for a cheer, cajoling Son to join them. “I can’t do it with water,” he says. But he does it anyway. Seo-Joon sets their table and they talk about using chopsticks to eat noodles. “You should teach me,” Mum says to her son.

Cheers to families!

Boss Youn prepares Japchae, which soon goes out to the fourth customers’ table. They share the dish and like it. When Mum sees noodle dangling, she tells Dad to slurp it. Son comments that in China, making noises like slurping noodles is considered a praise for the food. He asks for more Japchae.

Their chicken gangjeong is now ready. After Seo-Jin serves it, Dad picks chopsticks and shows Seo-Jin that he finds them difficult to use. But Seo-Jin gives an encouraging thumb-up. Dad picks fork instead. The son enjoys the chicken gangjeong. They think it’s better than the ones from nearby Chinese restaurant. After telling the others to finish the dish Son gets to eat the last cut. Dad wonders if they can make the dish at home. Mum thinks the restaurant has its secret recipe.

The secret is the soy sauce, which is also used in bibimbab. In the kitchen, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare the neighbours’ bibimbab. and Seo-Joon serves it. He explains how to enjoy it. They pour the sauce unto the bibimbab and mix it while taking notes of the ingredients. They compliment the bibimbab.

The son takes the chopsticks and he’s good at using it. He teaches Dad how to use it. Mum and Dad need practice. Dad asks if Youn’s Kitchen has dessert. Mum relays information from Mari, the florist who had visited Youn’s Kitchen, that Youn’s Kitchen has dessert and coffees. They order two espressos and one latte.

The Korean customers leave one by one and after enjoying their coffee, so do the neighbours.



Break time…

Boss Youn notes that she and Yu-Mi work like pros today. They read each other’s mind. To celebrate their teamwork, she tells Yu-Mi to stop chopping and enjoy the cool world outside together. They go to sit by the outdoor table. “The air is different,” Yu-Mi says. They enjoy the breeze and watching passers-by.

In the Hall, Seo-Jin washes the cutlery dishes and Seo-Joon wipes them dry. The cutlery are put back in place. They then join Boss Youn and Yu-Mi outside. “Let’s close after one more customer,” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin thinks they can just close if no one comes. Yu-Mi tells him to eat the leftover Japchae then.

At four o’clock, two men, the fifth customers, come to Youn’s Kitchen. They order one kimchijeon, one chicken gangjeong, one galbi, and one vegetarian bibimbab. Asked about their order, Seo-Joon thinks it’s too much so they cancel the Galbi. “We can order later.”

Seo-Jin criticises Seo-Joon’s ‘meddling’ in their order. “They are men, they must eat a lot!” Which will happen later.

Order for two men…

After receiving the order, Boss Youn does the kimchijeon and Yu-Mi prepares chicken gangjeong. One chicken cut slips as she moves it to the fryer. Yu-Mi closes her mouth, holding back from making noises that may give her mistake away, and continues moving chicken cuts. After deep-frying them, she puts the cuts on a pan, which is handed over to Boss Youn who hands over the kimchijeon pan to Yu-Mi for finishing touches.

The fifth customers decide to try Korean alcohol and ask Seo-Jin for soju. Seo-Jin serves it with squeezed lemon juice, in time with the kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong — ”We did well silently, didn’t we?” Boss Youn says. The men taste the soju with lemon and deem it delicious. Seo-Jin then serves them pure soju in small glasses.

Galbi is ready…

The two friends enjoy the kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong until there is one last bite of each dish. They play ‘you-should-finish-it’ game for a moment before they finish the dishes. When Seo-Joon brings the bibimbab, they re-order Galbi. They enjoy the bibimbab as well. “I’m going on a diet today,” one of them says although his actions speak otherwise.

Seo-Joon tells the kitchen to do Galbi — ”I’ve told you so!” Seo-Jin says. Boss Youn cooks the meat and Yu-Mi grills the onion. She uses kitchen towel as a fan to chase away the smoke, finally figuring out why galbi restaurants use fans. Moments later, she uses real fan.

The Galbi dish is ready. Seo-Joon then serves it to the two friends who are talking about general concerns in life, like the accumulated stress from work and boredom that sometimes strikes. They stop talking to enjoy Galbi. “Let’s order more,” one man says. “We must have been very hungry,” the other says.


Fan dance…

In the kitchen, Seo-Jin feeds Boss Youn a bite of Jamón (Spanish dry-cured ham) on bread, stuffs it to Yu-Mi’s mouth, and gives some to Seo-Joon. It’s a light snack to ease the casts’ hunger. He then finds the fan, jokingly says that he thought Boss Youn brought it to dance the flamenco. Seo-Jin flicks the fan and poses to make his points.


As one of the friends goes out for a smoke, the other orders two Hotteok and coffees. He returns to their table, when Seo-Joon sets their table, and the two friends talk about medical check-ups. One recounts how his doctor was angry when he did check-up in January and returned for the result in April. Seo-Joon serves the coffee and then the Hotteoks, in which they immediately indulge. (A caption reads, “worrying about health, yet enjoying Hotteok….”) The Hotteoks are soon gone and the two friends talk about Youn’s Kitchen’s sign on the wall.



It’s almost five o’clock. Outside, a couple with a baby stroller stop at a table. The Germans become the sixth customers of the day. The man goes inside asking for two menu cards. As Seo-Jin hands them the menu, a lady with a baby stroller stops and sits by another table. The seventh customer lady, a local resident, immediately orders a Café con leche. “Latte?” Seo-Jin asks. Yes, if you says so…. She then plays and talks with her baby.

Outdoor tables, popular spot for babies…


Boss Youn and Yu-Mi wonder about the new customers, whether they will order food or are here for coffee. “They have yet to order,” Seo-Joon says when Yu-Mi goes to the Hall to ask. She takes a bit of sweets and go back to the kitchen.

Seo-Joon serves the latte to the lady outside. Seo-Jin serves beer to the German couple. In the kitchen Boss Youn stands ready. “I have nothing to fear,” she says. Yu-Mi makes order predictions, which prove correct.

Seo-Jin returns to Hall with the German couple’s order — “We should start serving dinner,” he says. After waiting and watching him on tenterhook, Yu-Mi approaches Seo-Jin to inquire. The couple order two Set Menu As: one kimchijeon and one chicken gangjeong for appetisers, and two bibimbab for main dish. “And where is Seo-Joon?” Yu-Mi asks.

Seo-Joon is talking with the Canarian lady outside. She had heard tell of Youn’s Kitchen having good food and great vibes. She likes what the crews have done to the building. “We’re glad that you are here,” she says. Seo-Joon thanks her for the compliments and goes inside.

Smile! No matter what… But go back asap!

Seo-Joon is needed to make chicken gangjeong. Seo-Jin serves white wine to the German couple. The couple observe the Canarian mother and baby, and find the baby cute. Meanwhile, the two friends leave after leaving a generous tip.

While The kitchen is preparing the appetisers, Seo-Joon tells Seo-Jin about the conversation with the Canarian lady, about the word of mouth for Youn’s Kitchen. “Really? Oh no, we can’t have too many customers,” Seo-Jin says while smiling. Outside, the baby begins crying so the lady finishes the coffee fast and then leaves.

Seo-Joon serves the kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong to the German couple. The lady tells her husband to try the chicken and see if the baby can have it too. She tries hers and gives a bit of kimchijeon to the baby, who responds with an energetic “whoo!” Dad thinks he can have chicken as well so the baby enjoys the appetisers with his parent.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi get the bibimbab ready. They start with cooking eggs. Yu-Mi is pleasantly surprised that there won’t be leftover rice. With the two bibimbab left, “we will have sold all,” she says. Boss Youn cooks the meat.

The Hall is also in good spirit. It has been a good day. “I think we’ve got more today,” Seo-Jin says. He goes to the kitchen to inform that they are closing now, which everyone agrees for there is no rice left, and that they earn more than yesterday. Yu-Mi is excited. “Let’s do these last ones calmly and sincerely,” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin goes outside and puts on the ‘closed’ sign. The Hall team goes on with washing cutlery and organising them in place for use tomorrow.

The last bibimbab of the day!

Boss Youn and Yu-Mi put ingredients, down to the last bits, on the two bibimbab. Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon serve the bibimbab to the German couple. The lady wonders about the ingredients. While the man is eating, the lady tends to their baby. “You eat first. I’ll eat later,” she says, “take your time.” After the man is done, he takes care of the baby while the lady is eating. “This is delicious,” she says. She wonders if she can cook bibimbab at home.

After gauging how much the couple have eaten the main dish, Seo-Joon then tells the kitchen to start making Hotteok. Yu-Mi shapes the filled Hotteok dough. Seo-Joon compliments her shaping skill. “I got better at this,” Yu-Mi says. The two Hotteok doughs are put on a pan to be cooked by Boss Youn. Boss Youn cooks them slowly and thoroughly, using just little oil. “It’s not good for your health,” she says.

Seo-Joon cleans the couple’s table and asks their choice of beverage. They will have espresso and Cortado. Seo-Jin wonders if they have eaten a lot since they must take care of the baby. Seo-Joon tells him that the couple ate all. “The lady said it was really good,” Seo-Joon says.

Mission accomplished!

They serve the coffees and Hotteok at the same time. Seo-Jin then returns to the couple with a lollipop for their boy — ”Seo-Jin has a great sense of service,” Boss Youn says in the kitchen. Even though their baby cannot have sugar yet, the lady appreciates his gift. “He can play with it,” Seo-Jin says.

After Seo-Jin is gone, the lady compliments his poise. “He has that air of sophistication,” the lady says. (That sophisticated man is currently sharpening a blade at the counter and then cutting meat for tomorrow.) The couple enjoy the Hotteok and their boy plays with the lollipop.

Boss Youn asks if they are in the ‘mission accomplished’ state. Seo-Jin assures her they did better today than yesterday. Seo-Joon does the day’s balancing account. “We earned €264 today,” he says. “That’s higher than yesterday,” Seo-Jin says. So far, they’ve earned €70, €120, €150, €240, and today, €264.

Up and up we go!

Seo-Joon tells Boss Youn about today’s €264 earning. “Seo-Jin will want to get €300 tomorrow,” she says in grave tone.

It’s 6:15 PM, and the sun is going down. The last customers get ready to leave. They express their enjoying the food to Seo-Jin. “I hope to see you again,” he says. The German couple then leave.

To be continued to the second part of episode 6 recap.


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