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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 8 (Part 1)

Youn’s Kitchen plans to open for dinner tomorrow, which leaves the morning a perfect time to go out and enjoy the country. Finally!

A look at the last customers of the sixth day of business…

The Last Customers of Youn’s Kitchen’s Sixth Day

Borja, the bar owner, made reservation earlier and now comes with some friends. Seo-Jin takes their order for kimchijeon, chicken gangjeong, japchae, two galbi, bulgogi bibimbab, kimchi fried rice. Seo-Jin hands the order to Yu-Mi. “This is the last one,” he says.

Yu-Mi is glad this is the last order. She works on the kimchijeon order while talking to the production crews and learning about Borja and friends. She continues with chicken gangjeong and hands over the pan to Boss Youn, who has returned from the break, when the cuts are ready to be cooked.

The kimchijeon is ready and Seo-Jin serves it to Borja and friends. “It’s a bit spicy,” one of them comments.

a Japchae song…

The kitchen gets Japchae and the chickens, three portions at once, ready. Seo-Jin brings one Japchae and one chicken gangjeong to Borja and friends. “It’s delicious,” one of them says of the chicken gangjeong. Borja enjoys the Japchae and even composes a song about it.

Two galbi are ready and to be served to Borja and friends. Seo-Joon finds there are only three knives when there should be four. Seo-Jin steals one of used knives from the get-together party table, and cleans it. Seo-Joon goes out first with one galbi and cutlery. He clears the table, sets it, and serves the first galbi. Seo-Jin follows with the galbi and the accompanying rice.

As the friends enjoy Galbi — Borja takes the rice — a round of “delicious!” is heard. They still have two more dishes left.

Bibimbab is ready and served to Borja and friends, who now welcome another friend, Bony and his dog Balthor. “Get a chair and order a coffee,” one of the friends says. So Bony takes a chair and order espresso. Once Seo-Jin finishes making the drink, Seo-Joon serves it to the friend.

The dog, Balthor, seems to recognise Seo-Joon and is eager to be recognised. They met when Seo-Joon and Yu-Mi went to the bar. After Seo-Joon gives the dog a friendly ruffles and pats, the dog sits on the floor in contentment.

a company of friends…

Borja shows his friends how to mix Bibimbab, just like how Seo-Jin had showed him. They enjoy the bibimbab. Another friend has joined them.

The kitchen is getting the last dish ready, the kimchi friend rice. “Let’s give them a lot, for this is the last one,” Boss Youn says. Yu-Mi gives it finishing touches. Seo-Joon serves the kimchi fried rice to Borja and friends. They share the dish. “It’s delicious,” one says. “The dishes all are delicious,” another says.


In the kitchen, Yu-Mi tells the production crews that they have been cooking non-stop since they opened at one o’clock. “I don’t remember ever sitting down today,” Yu-Mi says. Boss Youn agrees that they didn’t get to sit down at all.



Settling the the bill, Borja and friends look at the total amount for seven dishes they have eaten. “It’s cheap,” they say. They share the bill and each pays €16.5. Once the bill is paid, they leave.

As the get-together party leave, Youn’s Kitchen is closed for the day. They’ve earned €648 today. Seo-Jin asks Boss Youn to give the young ones incentives for today’s hard work, which Seo-Joon and Yu-Mi receive happily.

They are going out for dinner tonight, to a place which serves pasta and pizza.

A Night of Recuperation?

As the walk to the pizza house, Boss Youn remarks how the day had been nothing sort of incredible. “Yu-Mi and I made 60 dishes,” she says, “we wouldn’t have done it on a normal day.” She also remarks on the stones they walk on. “It’s beautiful,” she says.

They pass a building which Boss Youn mistakes for a private residence. “They must have been mighty rich,” she says. “It’s a hotel,” Yu-Mi says.

Whistles and cheers are heard as they get closer to a football field which currently holds a match. Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon approach to watch closer. Remarking at the beautiful football field, Seo-Jin also comments that the kids run well. (A caption reads, “because this is the country of football!”) On the field, a corner kick is granted to a team. “What a passing skill!” they praise the kids.

While the kids are running energetically on the field, the casts struggle to keep walking. Boss Youn feels disoriented even without alcohol. “Someone has taken my knees,” Seo-Joon says, “I’ve sold them for a cheap price.”

They finally get to the pizza-pasta house, which is not yet open until seven o’clock at night. There are already a sizable crowd waiting. Boss Youn applauds the way it handles business, opening at leisure pace, only on weekends at seven o’clock, even though there must be customers wanting. “One should let go of one’s greed to live happily,” Seo-Jin says. Boss Youn agrees and points out that she is currently happy and not greedy.

“It’s open!” Yu-Mi says. The house’s door is open and the waiting crowd go inside. The casts immediately follow. The pizza house opens from two doors, both bring in large crowd. “I fear we might not get a table,” Seo-Jin says. Inside, the house is full right from the opening time.

Luckily, they do get a table. A waiting staff recommends they have a special pizza, which is unlisted in the menu card. Seo-Jin asks his recommendation for starter: aubergines and sweet paprika, which is popular in Canary Islands.

To Youn’s Kitchen!

Soon the casts are enthralled by the pizza making, which plays out like a performance. Seo-Joon goes to the counter to see the ingredients, and records the processes on his smartphone. Boss Youn is impressed by the kitchen and Seo-Jin by the server holding a tray on one hand. “That’s something I haven’t been able to do yet,” he says. It’s a matter of getting the right balancing point.

Since their table is right next to the door, they notice people coming and going. The pizza house serves takeaways as well and many are waiting outside. The scent of food soon travels the room. “It smells good,” Seo-Jin says. They raise their glasses to a toast, for Youn’s Kitchen. “You’ve worked hard today.”

Their table is set — “I now notice these things,” Seo-Joon says of the knives and forks — and their dishes arrive, the tomato and mozarella caprese, the aubergine and sweet paprika dish that’s recommended by the house’s staff, tomato pasta, and the unlisted special pizza, which is topped with paprika.

The casts dig in. “It’s delicious,” everyone says. Seo-Jin persuades Boss Youn, who doesn’t like aubergine, to try the dish, “it’s really delicious!” She tries it and like it. “I don’t taste the aubergine.” Seo-Jin deems the restaurant the best in town for it manages to get Boss Youn, who dislike aubergine, to eat two now.

The pasta and pizza are also delicious. They share and enjoy them enormously. They have a great dinner. “I’ve never felt this good since a long time,” Seo-Joon says. Feeling good now, Boss Youn suggests they open for dinner tomorrow. Yu-Mi welcomes the idea, “I can sleep in late tonight,” she says.


The way home…

After their takeaway pizzas arrive, they leave the restaurant and go home. “Now my knees are weak because of the alcohol,” Boss Youn says. They walk past the football field, which is still crowded and full of cheers. They walk past faces they know now. “She was at our restaurant,” Seo-Joon says at one of them. Another greets Boss Youn, “master chef!” They continue walking home while recounting the long day they have had. “We’ve done well,” Boss Youn says.

At a corner, a light goes off. “Again! Look! It goes off whenever you walk past it,” Yu-Mi tells Seo-Jin. Boss Youn wonders if Seo-Jin emits strange energy. As if to prove the theory true, the light goes back on when Seo-Jin is already farther away. That must be it! “It went on as I went under it,” Boss Youn says.

They arrive home. Boss Youn takes some vitamins and stretches her leg. Yu-Mi, the laundry fairy, takes care of the laundry. She sits on the sofa and falls asleep a moment later. “Poor Yu-Mi,” Boss Youn says. The rest of the casts retire for the night. “Sleep well.”

The difficult but incredible day finally comes to an end.



A Morning of Freedom

The sun is up. Yu-Mi goes to the laundry room as soon as she wakes up, and goes to the rooftop to hang clothes to dry. The ropes are a little too high for her so she climbs a wall and stand on it to spread the clothes on the ropes.

Looking ready, Seo-Joon knocks on Boss Youn’s door to inform her that he is going out. “Have a nice day,” Boss Youn says. He is going to go to the mountain. Yesterday, one of customers of the get-together party recommended some places to go. One of them is Masca, a village of 90 houses at 650 metre altitude, to which Seo-Jin is going.

Enjoying a morning…

Let’s Go Out and Play!

Smiling while driving, Seo-jin goes along the highway. The smile vanishes as the road and terrain ahead get extreme. It’s a climb up through sharp twists and turns along a steep slope of the mountain. “This is scary,” Na PD’s voice is heard. But the scenery is spectacular. “I can see our town from here,” Seo-Jin says.

The sights of houses along the way are beautiful as well, which is sad in a way. “This fleeting moment may be my first and last opportunity ever seeing them,” Seo-Joon says as he drives past them. The scenery changes to trees, peaks, and clouds.


Back home, Yu-Mi also gets ready to go out. Last night, Seo-Jin asked her to think of new designs for the dessert. “Same dish, different presentation,” he said. Yu-Mi is going to the city today. But then rain comes, a threat to the clothes that were hanged earlier. She hurries to the rooftop takes them off the ropes, belatedly realises that she hasn’t zipped up her jeans.

I won’t be returning!

Yu-Mi then texts Seo-Jin, who is out to the greengrocer’s, the grocery list. She goes out and meets Seo-Jin as he leaves the greengrocer’s. He tells her to buy some ingredients that he couldn’t buy. “Red onions, right!” Yu-Mi says, “I’ll enjoy free time after getting onions.”

She gets on a taxi and bids Seo-Jin farewell. “Don’t forget red onion!” He shouts. “I won’t be returning!” She shouts back. The taxi drives away from Garachico. Yu-Mi notes a vast plátano plantation, a kind of banana which is the pride of Tenerife. She arrives at the city’s big shopping mall.

Yu-Mi enters a supermarket, eyeing the Jamon hanging on the wall. She picks onions — “It’s bigger in the city,” she says — and gets decorating ingredients for dessert. Now that shopping is done, she gets to enjoy the city, or at least, the city’s shopping mall.


Seo-Joon stops the car at a rest area. The view from there is gorgeous. “This is a nutrition for the eyes,” Seo-Joon says. He notices a house at a distance and wonders who lives there. He gets coffee and cake from a tavern truck nearby. He sits by a table, which he later shares with a fellow traveller.

After the brief break, the journey to the mountain continues. Now, it’s driving through the clouds at times. He arrives at Masca and enjoys walking around the village. He goes up the stairs, stops at a landing and sits on the low stone wall. “How did they make the road?” He wonders.


Seo-Joon then laughs as a traveller from England recognises him. She asks for a photo with him, which he obliges. “You look handsome,” the lady says, ”you look like Harrison Ford.” The comment makes Seo-Joon laughs. Did she mean a 77 years old Harrison Ford?

Another traveller asks Seo-Joon for a photo. This time, he is asked to take the man’s photo with the grand scenery on the background. “Sure,” Seo-Joon says. Later on, he laughs awkwardly. “I thought he asked for a photo with me,” he says. Seo-Joon then stands up and leaves hurriedly.



Back home, Boss Youn and Seo-Jin go to the seafront, going the way up away from the sea. “This way is faster,” Seo-Jin says. They walk along the sea towards a restaurant and then sit under the canopy by the seafront. They order french fries, salad, and spaghetti bolognese, and flounders. For the drink, they order beer.

Executives’ free time…

They enjoy the sight of the sea, impressed by the colour. The sea’s blue is darker here. At the natural pool, people jump freely to the sea. At a rock formation near the black sand beach, a Christmas-related decor is staged. The picturesque landscape makes a great spot for photos.

Their food is served. They enjoy their lunch.


The country girl (Yu-Mi) returns and so does the 77 year-old Harrison Ford (Seo-Joon). They go back home to pick up cleaned tablecloths and aprons and then go straight to Youn’s Kitchen to prepare for the day’s business.

They walk across the town square and find Borja and company there. They open a stand, grilling chestnuts and spicy meat-veggies on skewers. A festival is going to be held in the town square tonight.

“What about our business? Will we sell well tonight?” Yu-Mi says. Seo-Joon gets a bad feeling about this. At least there will be one customer for they’ve got reservation at six.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Yu-Mi and Seo-Joon open the Hall’s door and begin the preparation for Youn’s Kitchen’s opening in two hours.

Prepare For Youn’s Kitchen’s First Dinner

Last Sunday, they miscalculated the crowd, expecting more turnouts for lunch. Was it because they stayed awake so late on Saturday night? We’ll see now as Youn’s Kitchen, for the first time, opens for dinner.

Yu-Mi prepares to cook rice with kelp. Seo-Jin appears in the kitchen to the busy Seo-Joon and Yu-Mi. He asks Seo-Joon where he has been. “Masca,” Seo-Joon says. Seo-Jin picks the background music for their preparation period.

Orange coloured…

Yu-Mi peels the carrots, noting their small sizes and how she wears t-shirt of the same colour as the carrots. A caption notes that Seo-Joon wears white, the same colour as the onions he slices. “I tear,” Seo-Joon says. Yu-Mi offers to do onion-slicing but he declines. “You’ve got a lot to do,” he says. Yu-Mi tells him to wear sunglasses.

At the counter, Seo-Jin takes out the meat and begins slicing them. In the kitchen, Seo-Joon now prepares chicken cuts, setting them to deep-frying for seven minutes. In the meantime, he blanches spinach. Yu-Mi stir-fries the sliced onions and mushrooms.


Boss Youn walks leisurely, greeting people she knows on the way to the Youn’s Kitchen. She arrives at the Hall. Seo-Jin thinks she comes too early. “I’ve got nothing to do,” Boss Youn says. She puts the door half closed as opposed to opening it, like other restaurants when they’re not yet open. “But it’s hot in here,” Seo-Jin says. Boss Youn opens the door again.

Yu-Mi notices Boss Youn coming earlier than expected. Boss Youn enters the kitchen, puts on her gloves. She gives seasoning to the spinach, boils the glass noodles, and prepares kimchijeon batter. In the Hall, Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon prepare the outdoor tables. Seo-Joon adjusts the lighting for the menu board.

Setting ambiance…

It’s ten minutes before opening and “all is set.” Seo-Jin brings a water container to the kitchen, and tells Yu-Mi to do this and that. (“He is nervous,” a caption reads).

Outside two people are wandering around the Hall’s door. They have made reservation for two at six o’clock in Youn’s Kitchen. Seo-Joon puts up the open sign. “Would you like to come inside?” Seo-Jin says. The two people walk into the Hall.

At six o’clock in Saturday afternoon, Youn’s Kitchen opens and already gets her first customers.

To be continued to the second part of episode 8 recap


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