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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 9 (Part 1)

Youn’s Kitchen opens for dinner tonight while a town festival is going on at the town square. How will their night fare?

One thing for sure, it’s already a full Hall…

Youn’s Kitchen’s Seventh Day of Business Continues….

The Austrian couple, sitting outdoor, are talking about the festive atmosphere. The lady thinks Garachico is a lovely town. The festival reminds her of a village festival in Lithuania. The man shares her view. “Sharing memories and moments with you is a lovely feeling,” she says.

The festival is still very much alive at town square with music and dancing. Youn’s Kitchen’s kitchen is also alive but in different ways. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi is busy cooking. Yu-Mi cooks the kimchi fried rice and Boss Youn will cook Japchae. At one point they switch places.

Synchronised combo: switch places…


In the Hall, the customers by the window are perusing the menu. One of them is Jose, the owner of a souvenir shop in Garachico. He and his friends decide to order one kimchijeon, japchae, galbi, bulgogi bibimbab, and drinks.

The other group of customers in the Hall are Kikko, the former mayor’s friend — “You should bring your lady wife here for dinner,” the former mayor had told him — his lady wife and friends. A family of three wait by the door and, after Seo-Jin brings in an extra chair, then take the seats by the table next to the flower shop owners’.

Seo-Joon updates the kitchen and directs them on what to cook next. After Japchae is done Seo-Joon serves it to the flower shop owners. The other customers ask them about it, for it looks delicious. “All we’ve tried, the first three dishes on the menu, taste good,” Mary’s husband says. Mary also endorses the chicken gangjeong. “The food is great. We’ve been here before,” he adds, “tomorrow is Youn’s Kitchen’s last day.” “Good thing we come here tonight,” the lady customer at the next table says.

A lively Hall…

The flower shop owner also mentions that he’s been practising eating with chopsticks, “to come eating here again,” Mary says. She’d tried eating bibimbab with chopsticks but given up. “It took time,” the husband says, “but I ate all.” With chopsticks.

The other customer notes that having Youn’s Kitchen in the town is a nice change. They get to meet everyone. “They are so polite as well,” the flower shop owner says. At another table, Kikko and friends decide on the menu. The former mayor had recommended some dish to share.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn is looking for egg. “Here,” Yu-Mi says. It takes a while for Boss Youn to understand what she means and notices Yu-Mi, who is squatting, putting her hand up with it. They are preparing the complimentary kimchi fried rice for the flower shop owners.

Seo-Joon serves Kimchi fried rice, which also draws ‘delicious’ remarks. “It’s a bit spicy,” Mary says. The husband says he’ll continue eating with chopsticks even after Youn’s Kitchen closes.

Seo-Jin takes Kikko and friends’ order for Japchae, bulgogi bibimbab, and beers. Seo-Joon takes the the family of three’s order for Japchae, chicken gangjeong, and Hotteok for their little girl. “It is delicious,” the flower shop owner says and they have picture to prove it.



In the kitchen, Yu-Mi tells Boss Youn that they should make Kimchijeon and Japchae. Yu-Mi will do the kimchijeon and Boss Youn will do the Japchae. While they’re cooking, Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon put the new orders on the order board.

Seo-Joon serves the kimchijeon and japchae to Jose and friends. They share the kimchijeon first so Jose, who wants to try the Japchae, should wait. They try to discern the ingredients in kimchijeon. “There is something else,” one of them says. One of the ladies tells the others about the Aristides’ crews eating out in Youn’s Kitchen.

While the others are talking, Jose takes a bit of Japchae onto his plate and eats it. “It’s like spaghetti made with gelatin,” he says, even though the menu says it’s made of starch. The others try Japchae as well and like it. “This is not something I can easily make at home,” one of them says.

They then talk about far eastern cuisines and differences in Korean and Chinese food that they have yet to discern. “Perhaps it’s like them calling us all European,” Jose says, “they may not be able to pinpoint one is Spanish and the other Portuguese specifically.” Most people would call an Asian looking person Chinese, when he or she may be from other part of Asia.


Have a good night!

Outside, the Austrian couple is leaving. Seo-Joon sends them off and then clears the tables. He then goes to the kitchen to check order status and updates the order consolidation sheet. Yu-Mi checks the sheet and decides they shall proceed with two Japchae.

Boss Youn cooks two portions of meat and glass noodles. “We should divide this evenly,” Boss Youn says. Yu-Mi finishes the plating with the egg garnishes, sesame seeds, and oil.

Seo-Joon serves one of them to Kikko and friends, who share the dish to four plates. They think it’s delicious although Kikko would prefer it saltier.

Seo-Jin brings the Japchae to the family of three. The mother tells the daughter she should try various food. The daughter eyes it cautiously, perhaps disliking it because of the vegetables. “It’s Spaghetti,” Mary says. The father tries it and likes it. The daughter asks for chopsticks.


The kitchen prepares chicken gangjeong, which Seo-Joon serves to the family of three along with chopsticks. The father asks him how to use chopsticks. “It’s like how you use tweezers,” the mother says.

Acquiring new skill: using chopsticks…

The daughter says she can use chopsticks and eats Japchae with it to prove it. “I can do it!” She says proudly, “look! I can pick chicken with it.” The parents applaud and mum takes the phone out to take picture of her using chopsticks. The daughter continues eating using chopsticks while mum and dad use forks and spoons. They like the chicken gangjeong.


Seo-Joon gives a desperate look to the kitchen. When Yu-Mi asks what he is up to, he tells her to “hurry up!”

The flower shop couple decide to splurge and have dessert, one Hotteok for each.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn takes a look at the Hall and is surprised that they’ve got a full house. “It must be because of word of mouth,” Yu-Mi says. While they are cooking Galbi, Seo-Joon enters the kitchen to update Hotteok order. “Make three hotteok,” Seo-Joon tells quietly, which makes Yu-Mi smile.


Seo-Jin clears the table while Seo-Joon is serving the Galbi to Jose and friends. They share the dish to each plate. They have discussion on food again. It’s sweet. “Is it soy sauce?” one of them says. The sweetness doesn’t overpower the taste and the meat is soft. “It’s delicious,” they say.

Sharing Galbi…

Jose is glad that they don’t have to go to Korea to eat Korean food, a feeling that is shared by the customers at other table. “We can claim we’ve eaten delicious Korean food without going to Korea,” one of Kikko’s friend says. She thinks the food are of good quality and well prepared.

While washing dishes, Seo-Jin scans the Hall for dirty plates. He goes to collect a few from Kikko and friends’ table. Seo-Joon, lurking in the kitchen, decides to prepare Hotteok doughs. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi are preparing two bibimbab.

Seo-Joon then brings one bibimbab to Jose and friends. He explains the dish and offers to mix it for them. He brings another bibimbab to Kikko and friends and shows them how to mix it. They share the bibimbab and taste it. They all like it.

Mixing bibimbab is service!



In the kitchen, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi make Hotteok for the flower shop couple and the family of three.

In the Hall they are talking about Dad of family of three suspected of having super power: he is an animal whisperer. Animals, birds and fish, flock to him when they won’t to others, his wife and daughter say. He recalls a case in which an aquatic bird was hurt and wouldn’t welcome human touch. “It pecked whomever was near it,” he says but it calmly allowed him to pick it up. He took it to the animal clinic where two carers were attacked when they tried to tend to it. “But it was well-behaved around me,” he says. No wonder there since he likes animals.

A Hotteok Party…

The three hotteok are ready and served, one to the family of three and two to the flower shop couple. The daughter of the family of three objects to Mum eating her hotteok — she wants to eat it all.


The ladies at Kikko and friends’ table comment on the bibimbab. They think it’s a healthy meal, the thinly julienned vegetables are also easier to eat. The men, after one of them checks his phone, talk about the Madrid vs Bilbao match which is starting in thirty minutes.

Outside, a little boy and his mother are observing the Hall. He is the grandson of Kikko. He gets inside to greet the grandparent and reports his buying animal-shaped snacks. His Mum, the lady with baby who ordered coffee latte a couple of days ago, is told to join them, which she declines as she is just stopping by. They discuss the Hall’s interior, how it feels bigger. “It’s beautiful. I like it,” she says. Her son, ready with his small bike, then calls Mum — they are going to the town festival.


In the kitchen, Boss Youn and Yu-Mi take a small break. Boss Youn remarks that the Hall is full of the local people.

In the Hall, inter-table conversations are going on about the delicious meal they just had. “We may not be able to get out of here,” one of them says. Mum of the family of three really likes the chicken gangjeong, which Jose and friends didn’t eat. Upon the recommendation, Jose and friends order chicken gangjeong. Seo-Jin takes the order and passes it on to the kitchen.

Jose’s friends talk about recent cat funeral, from tombstone to cremation, which was covered by insurance. Cat insurance? “Yes. It covers funeral fees,” one of them says. The poor cat had been sick for quite some time and hospitalised.

‘It’s ready!’

Boss Youn and Yu-Mi prepare the chicken gangjeong. Yu-Mi presses the bell weakly and then gestures towards it to tell the Hall team that the chicken gangjeong is ready. “I thought the customers would be bothered if the bell was too loud,” she says.

Seo-Joon serves the chicken gangjeong, which gets scrutinised by Jose and friends immediately. “This is unique,” Jose says, “and delicious.” They recognise the peanut sprinkles and guess that the sweetness comes from honey.


At Kikko and friends’ table, the men are still following the match, and decide to leave now to watch the match. “La dolorosa!” one of them says to the Hall staff. It’s Spanish for ‘pain’ literally, and for ‘the bill’ figuratively. Seo-Jin prepares it and gives it to them while Seo-Joon is collecting the plates and clearing their table. Each couple pays €20. They compliment the food, say goodbye to the rest of the locals in the Hall, share their thoughts on the food — “It was great, wasn’t it?” — and then leave.

The flower shop couple also get up to leave. The man shakes Seo-Jin’s hand.


A Korean lady comes into the Hall and takes a table. Two more Koreans come and take the outdoor table near the Youn’s Kitchen sign. Boss Youn gives all out for they are their last customers of the day.

Korean customers…

Outside, another couple come and sit by an outdoor table — The lady thinks the restaurant is pretty. They are from Belgium and Denmark. Seo-Joon takes their order for red wine. The lady takes a look at the menu and thinks it good, a modern Asian cuisine. “Let’s have lunch here tomorrow,” she says.

Seo-Joon brings their wine and engages in a talk about the programme they are filming. “Is it famous?” The man asks. Seo-Joon directs them to search ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ in Youtube. The man inquires about Seo-Joon’s presence in social media and is amazed that he’s got four million followers. “I’m from Denmark and we have five million people living there,” the lady says.

“He’s the most famous person I’ve ever met,” the Belgian man says. One post bears an astounding number of likes and the fact that Seo-Joon only follows 78 people makes it even more impressive. “He’s got more (likes and followers) than Kevin de Bruyne!” The man says. De Bruyne is a Belgian footballer and the most expensive player in Manchester City FC, which currently ranks first in the English Premier League. “A guy who’s got 4.4 million followers has just served us wine,” the man is amazed.

Book a table for tomorrow!

The lady is more impressed by Youn’s Kitchen’s existence in the small town of Garachico. They will have lunch here tomorrow.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn stretches her legs. When Seo-Jin joins them, she mentions about going for the Michelin evaluation. “Should we notify the Michelin team?” Seo-Jin follows the logic. Boss Youn chuckles. The evaluation isn’t done by request. “They do it in random,” Boss Youn says. “What if they have already visited us?” Yu-Mi says.

They’ve got a full house. Boss Youn thinks they are doing fine.



The Belgian and Danish couple inquire if Youn’s Kitchen opens tomorrow. The lady asks about the rest of the casts, “the chef is a real chef, right?” Seo-Joon tells her that their chef is an actor. They make reservation for lunch tomorrow and will take the outdoor table for they’ll be bringing their dogs as well, a big black dog called ‘Small Dog’ and a small white dog called ‘Big Dog’. They ask Seo-Joon his name and tell him theirs.


In the kitchen, Boss Youn asks if they still have things to do. “We’re done,” Yu-Mi says. They also have no ingredients left. “We don’t sell if the ingredients are not fresh,” Boss Youn says, pitching to the invisible production crews who are heard chuckling, “I’m serious!”

Seo-Jin brings more wine to the Belgian and Danish couple. The man comments that he is good-looking. The lady feels like he is from another world.

The town festival is still going at the town square as the night is getting late. “I like Garachico,” the Belgian man says. He then stands up, walks to the lady, and kisses her.

In the kitchen, Boss Youn comments about their situation. “People are singing and dancing outside while I am…,” she doesn’t finish the sentence as she wipes the pans clean. Na PD’s heard laughing. “I envy them,” Boss Youn says later on. Adding salts to injury, Seo-Joon comes to the kitchen and points out that the dancing also takes place right around the corner.

Can’t dance outside? Just dance in the kitchen!


It’s 9:30 PM. The Danish lady tells her man that they should go, which he obliges as she is in command. “I have the money,” she says. Seo-Jin brings them the bill. They ask the Korean for ‘hello’ and learn to pronounce it. “Annyeonghaseyo,” Seo-Jin says. “I’ll remember that for tomorrow,” the man says. Then the couple leave. “See you tomorrow.”

Youn’s Kitchen’s night, which has been a success, is over. After the door is closed, Seo-Jin sits outside, enjoying a glass of wine alone.

They wrap up for the night and go home. On the way, Boss Youn asks if they have enough ingredients for tomorrow. As they cross the town square, now clean and empty without traces of the night’s festivities, Seo-Jin recalls the word ‘amazing’ he heard all night. “I want to keep hearing people saying it,” he says. He feels tired though and finally understands why people work five days a week and have two days off.

empty town square

An empty town square…

Tonight sees a full moon. Boss Youn stops for a moment to enjoy it. Yu-Mi takes picture of it.

They finally get home.

Soon a new morning comes. Youn’s Kitchen’s last day of business in Garachico has finally arrived.

To be continued to the second part of episode 9 recap.


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