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Youn’s Kitchen, Season 2 Episode 9 (Part 2)

Youn’s Kitchen’s the last day of business is finally here. Thanks to a feature article (Un “reality” coreano en Garachico) on the oldest newspaper in Tenerife, Youn’s Kitchen becomes the hottest spot in town.

The Beginning of An End

It’s Sunday morning, when people wake up to sunshine, start their day, and enjoy the weekend. It’s also the morning of Youn’s Kitchen’s last business day.

‘Are we a couple today?’

At home, as Yu-Mi gets ready to go to work, Seo-Jin calls her. “Are you and I a couple today?” He says. “What?!” Yu-Mi finally realises they both wear vertically-striped shirt. She tells him to change. Seo-Jin remembers that she had worn the shirt before — “I wore this on the first day,” she says — so she should change into different outfit.

Some time later, Yu-Mi, in different t-shirt, collects aprons and ingredients to be taken to the restaurant. She and Seo-Joon leave first, greeting people they know along the way. “This is the last time opening this door,” Seo-Joon says as they arrive at the door of Youn’s Kitchen.

The Last Preparation for Business

Seo-Joon turns on the lights inside the Hall. He then takes out container boxes of ingredients from below the counter. He stacks all seven of them then removes one (a caption reads “reality-oriented type”) for easier carry to the kitchen. “I can do this now since this is for the last time,” Seo-Joon says.


After preparing rice, Yu-Mi stir-fries the sliced vegetables. She will make a lot of them since it’s their last day. “Don’t forget it should be un-brown,” Seo-Joon says, referencing Boss Youn’s term for the perfect garnish. She plays with the Korean zucchini slices, drawing a face on the pan while she is cooking them. Soon the garnish tray is filled by colourful vegetables.

Seo-Joon prepares chicken cuts, and cooks garlic flakes — “What a delicious smell!” Yu-Mi says as the garlic flakes are cooked. Then he deep-fries the batter-coated chicken cuts. He also slices kimchi for the kimchijeon dough and kimchi fried rice.

Then it’s PPL time for an energy drink supplement.


Seo-Jin also comes to the restaurant. After putting on an apron, helped by Yu-Mi, he asks her which knife is the better one. He goes on slicing and cutting meat for various dishes.



Along the way to the restaurant, Boss Youn wonders how far the preparation has gone. She hadn’t marinated meat for bibimbab and wonders if Yu-Mi did it. She comments on the gentle weather as she crosses the town-square. “It’s human-like (좀 인간 같네),” she says.

As she steps into the Hall, Seo-Jin greets her. “I’m late because of the interview,” she says. Yu-Mi helps her wear the apron and, in the kitchen, she puts on the gloves and wears a wrist brace.

Boss Youn eyes the prepared ingredients. “Good work!” She says. “There are more zucchinis today.” After marinating the meat for Galbi and various dishes, she works on seasoning the spinach. She recalls Chef Lee Won-Il’s advice to crush nuts to make it nuttier but “I don’t have the strength to do it,” she says.



There have been a lot of people stopping by the entrance and reading the menu while the casts are preparing for business. Some step into the Hall, only to be told by Seo-Jin that the restaurant isnt’t open yet. “We open at one o’clock and today is our last day,” he says to everyone’s dismay. “Why?” Those, who come to make reservation for later days, ask. Seo-Jin tells them that this is a ten day operation only. “Sorry,” he says.

In the kitchen, Seo-Joon comments that people are coming because Youn’s Kitchen has been featured on the sunday newspaper. “We’re on newspaper? What paper?” Yu-Mi asks. It’s the first and oldest newspaper on the region, El Día (The Day). Youn’s Kitchen is featured on the second page of Sunday 3 December 2017 publication.

featured in local paper…

The Youn’s Kitchen article is on the second page of Sunday 3 December 2017 publication. “A Korean Reality Show In Garachico… expected to boost the local tourism…,” it says. It certainly gives boost to Youn’s Kitchen’s last day as people are coming to the premises.


Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon prepare new layout for the tables but in the end, the Hall returns to the first day’s layout. Seo-Joon folds napkins, and puts one on his forehead to absorb sweats. He then sets the reserved tables. “Is preparation done?” Seo-Jin asks him. “Yes,” Seo-Joon says.

Seo-Jin checks the preparation in the kitchen, eating a bite of garnish. “Is it okay?” Yu-Mi asks. “It’s delicious,” he says. “You too look puffed up,” Boss Youn says, returning the compliment with a figurative punch to the face. He smiles a little then asks Boss Youn to put up the open sign. “This is the last day,” he says.

So Boss Youn goes out and puts up the open sign.


Youn’s Kitchen Eighth and Final Day of Business

As soon as the open sign is up, Youn’s Kitchen gets the first customers. Jeffrey and Stina, the Begian and Danish couple who came last night, come with their dogs. Seo-Jin directs them to the reserved outdoor table.

One o’clock sharp!

Boss Youn returns to the kitchen and calms herself presumably from the pressure of the large number of potential customers. She talk about people gathering around the premises. “Most of them are local elderlies, not tourists,” she says. What to do when they come tomorrow and we’re no longer here?

Outside, the first customers settle on the table. The lady thinks the should try a lot of dishes since she’s hungry. Seo-Joon gives them the menu cards.

Seo-Jin goes to the kitchen and reminds Boss Youn that this is their last day. “Oh, shut up!” Boss Youn says. Seo-Jin tells her that they are only going to accept reservations, which means the number of customers will be manageable. After he’s out of the kitchen, Boss Youn shares her worries that Seo-Jin will change his mind once he sees more people coming in.

Jeffrey asks Seo-Joon for recommendation. “The korean pancake kimchijeon. But it’s a bit spicy,” he says. Stina like spicy food so she’ll take it. The couple go for kimchijeon, chicken gangjeong, beers, kimchi fried rice for Stina, and Galbi for Jeffrey. “I’m really hungry. I hope they make it fast,” Stina says.

Seo-Joon brings the order to the kitchen and tells Boss Youn to start with kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong. Boss Youn prepares the pan and heat for kimchijeon. Yu-Mi deep-fries the chicken cuts.

When Yu-Mi goes out of the kitchen, Boss Youn tells the production crew that she’ll make the perfect kimchijeon today. She grits her teeth and gives the pan a twirl and a very hard stare. A moment later, she smiles. “Will I get food like that?” She is determined not to fail. “Is it one or two portions, Yu-Mi?” She asks Yu-Mi who isn’t there just as Seo-Jin comes and looks for Yu-Mi. So she asks Seo-Jin about the first order’s kimchijeon portion.


The sunny outdoor…

Apparently, two ladies from Taiwan have taken the seats by the farthest outdoor table around the opening time as well. Then, while Seo-Joon was taking the first customers’ order, three people stepped into the Hall. They are Youn’s Kitchen’s third customers of the day, a local family. They ask if they can take a four seater table. “It’s okay,” Seo-Jin says and then gives them the menu cards.

Seo-Joon brings beers and glasses but does a u-turn midway and returns to the counter. He wipes the glasses once more. He serves the beers to the first customers and learns that their black dog is called Tyson. They talk about how relaxing it is to go out.

In the Hall, the family of three discuss the menu. Someone has recommended Japchae to the family. So they will have Japchae, and with Seo-Jin’s help in the set menu selection, kimchijeon, chicken gangjeong, kimchi fried rice, vegetarian bibimbab, and hotteok. They also order red wine. The third customer ladies think Seo-Jin is handsome. “Well, they are all handsome,” Mum says.

Seo-Jin also takes the Taiwanese ladies’ order for chicken gangjeong, japchae, Galbi, sparkling water, and non-alcoholic beer. Within seven minutes after opening time, Youn’s Kitchen has got three orders.

Three orders in seven minutes…

The kitchen is updated with the new orders. Seo-Joon tells Yu-Mi to make all appetisers first. Seo-Jin also checks if Yu-Mi has seen the new orders. “Yes,” Yu-Mi says when the timer for chicken reheating rings. She puts more chickens to the deep-fryer and cooks the ready cuts with soy sauce. The first customers’ kimchijeon and chicken gangjeong are finished and served by Seo-Joon. They will move on to Japchae order.


The first customers enjoy the appetisers. Stina finds the kimchijeon not spicy. Jeffrey likes the chicken gangjeong. “That is awesome,” he says. Stina takes a bit of chicken gangjeong and agrees that it tastes great. She takes another one in a sudden move that alerts Jeffrey. She thinks it’s light although it’s a pity most Asian restaurants serve deep-fried food when she expects good Asian food. She takes another chicken bite. “No!” Jeffrey says but it’s too late. She offers her kimchijeon. “It’s full of vegetables,” she says while taking the chicken gangjeong bowl.

Jeffrey tells her she’s not allowed to pick up the bowl. “Why?” and Chinese do that. “Not Korean,” he says. He read it somewhere that it’s insulting to do so. He finishes the dish and decides to get more beers.



A lady steps into the Hall. She wants to make reservation for next Sunday. “We are closing today,” Seo-Jin says. That’s too bad. After she leaves, Seo-Jin tells Seo-Joon they’ve made enough today. Seo-Joon thinks more people will come today.


Outside, the lady who came for coffee a couple of days ago passes by her baby and son. She stops to greet a group of people. The group of three step into the Hall for they’ve made reservation. The fourth customers of the day take the seat by the window.

Seo-Jin brings drinks to the Taiwanese customers outside — The pair take a sip and then take pictures. He serves the red wine to the third customers in the Hall. Boss Youn and Yu-Mi finish cooking the Japchae and chicken gangjeong for the Taiwanese customers. They like the chicken gangjeong and applaud the peanut sprinkles. They also like the Japchae. One of them wonders if such noodles are also available back home.

Freshly made Japchae…

The first customers get their second beers. Jeffrey tells Seo-Jin that the food is awesome. “Glad you liked it,” Seo-Jin says. “I heard that you’re going to stay here forever then,” Jeffrey says, which draws chuckles from Seo-Jin and Seo-Joon, who are collecting empty plates and bottles.

Stina talks to the small dog, telling it that it needs a shower. Jeffrey tells the dogs to ‘hand shake’ with him and plays with them. “It’s a nice breeze,” he comments on the weather.


A brief clip shows the neighbourhood cute friends of various dogs, cats, birds, and chicken. It ends in the kitchen with Boss Youn and Yu-Mi preparing Galbi. (Don’t tell me the meat comes from one of the neighbourhood pig/cow friends, please)


A bystander to a battle…

The fourth customers are carefully reading the menu. Seo-Joon stands in silence waiting to take their order. The man suggests they try everything but one of the ladies thinks there will be too many dishes (a caption reads, “a battlefield of overeating party vs light-eating party”). They ask Seo-Joon if everything will be too much for the three of them. “(It will be) enough,” he says (“a victory for overeating party”). So, order Japchae, kimchijeon, Galbi, bulgogi bibimbab — “it’s too much,” the lady says — and beers.

Seo-Joon goes to the kitchen and updates the order consolidation sheet as Boss Youn and Yumi finish preparing the two Galbi.


Outside, a family of three, wearing matching chequered patterned outfits, wonder if they could take seats by the middle table. “Sure,” Seo-Jin says and brings an extra chair. Wit the arrival of the fifth customers of the day, the outdoor tables are fully occupied. Their cute little girl wins everyone around them, including Seo-Jin who comes with a lollipop gift. “Gracias,” the little girl says.

A family with matching outfits

“Hello, lovely girl,” Stina says to the little girl. The white dog gets restless, vying for her attention. “Are you jealous?” Stina pats the dog.


Seo-Joon brings the two Galbi to Jeffrey and the Taiwanese ladies. Jeffrey stops Stina from doing anything with his Galbi. He wonders if he should wait until she gets her food first. Stina, who snatches a bit of garnish, doesn’t mind if he goes first so he’ll eat first. He takes a bite. She asks if she can have a bite. “No,” he says. “Just a tiny bit,” she says. He gives her a bite anyway. “It’s good,” he says.

Seo-Jin picks up empty plates from the farthest outdoor table. One of the Taiwanese ladies asks for kimchi. “Sure,” he says. He goes to the kitchen, puts the kimchi on a small bowl and brings it to the ladies.

The ladies try out the kimchi. “It’s delicious,” they say. One of them eats Galbi with kimchi. She observes Seo-Joon serving the other table and comments that the waiters are handsome here. “We should come and eat here every day,” her company says. They laugh.


South Korean flag discussion…

The third customers in the Hall talk about their visiting Youn’s Kitchen after hearing good things about it, especially its food. The daughter asks about Korean flag, which Dad answers correctly. Dad knows a lot about flags from various countries.

In the kitchen, Yu-Mi tells Boss Youn that they are going to cook two portions of Japchae and one kimchi fried rice. Boss Youn cooks the Japchae and Yu-Mi cooks the fried rice. Mid-cooking, they switch places. And then they switch places again as the fire on one side is prefered for cooking egg. Seo-Joon serves the kimchi fried rice to Stina. The two Japchae go to the third and the fourth customers in the Hall.


“The egg looks nice,” Jeffrey says. While enjoying the kimchi fried rice, Stina tells him about how she is used to ordering fried rice in most places because that’s the only food she finds decent. “But the food is good here,” Jeffrey says. She agrees and offers to share the kimchi fried rice with him. She puts some on a plate and gives it to him. “It’s special,” he says after taking a spoonful, “but it’s spicy.” He likes his Galbi. And he is thinking of getting more. She ignores him.


It’s almost 1:30 PM. People are enjoying the calm and restful Sunday afternoon. “Come to Youn’s Kitchen. Today is our last day of business,” a caption says.

Today is our last day…


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