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Beautiful Mind, Fourth Week

Family. They can make or break you. So we learn more about families, and father figures, that have shaped these…

Beautiful Mind, Third Week

What is normal, anyway? Why it matters to you, Lee Young-Oh? As Beautiful Mind enters its third week, the tension…

Currently Watching: August 2016

What’s in store in august? At the moment, I don’t have anything specific in mind. There’s the usual catching up with korean dramas and japanese dramas I’d started some weeks ago. New dramas will start in august, but let’s see if any catches my attention.

Beautiful Mind, Second Week

How would you define “a good doctor”? And whose definition matters? Or does it matter as long as the doctor…

Beautiful Mind, First Week

This is another attempt to follow ‘Beautiful Mind’ while it’s still airing. As usual in Korean drama, ‘Beautiful Mind’‘s first…

Currently Watching: July 2016

A little note on what I’ve been watching in July 2016…

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