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Tag: cinderella and four knights

Cinderella and Four Knights is a 2016 korean drama, aired from August 12 on cable channel tvN, starring Park So-Dam, Jung Il-woo, Ahn Jae-Hyun, Lee Jung-Sin, and Son Na-Eun.

Cinderella and Four Knights, Episode 3

Nothing really happens in episode three that hasn’t been featured in previous episode, recurring events like Ji-Woon being Hye-Ji’s pillar…

Cinderella and Four Knights, Episode 2

This episode talks strikingly about homes. Grandpa wishes a home for his grandsons though he goes about it in unusual…

Cinderella and Four Knights, Episode 1

Bravely putting on the “Cinderella” label without pretension definitely deserves an applause. Some may have been dismayed by the familiar…

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